Actions & Maneuvers

Combat Maneuvers allow characters to perform actions and maneuvers during combat outside of attacking or casting a spell. In order to perform such a maneuver the character must make a successful CMB check against the target’s CMD. Below are types of Combat Maneuvers and actions that can be performed during combat. All CMB attacks provoke an attack of opportunity. If any CMB fails, they lose any remaining actions for the turn. Combat Actions are various types of actions that Characters can take during combat that perform special tasks. Rides also have their own types of Maneuvers and Actions they can make during combat that use their CMB. Characters and Rides have access to all relevant Maneuvers and Actions at all times that they have the ability to make a CMB or action.

Combat Maneuvers

Grapple allows the character to grab hold of a target to constrain them. Both the target and the character are considered Flat Footed while grappled. However, the target cannot flee, move, or perform any Skills that require Dexterity while grappled unless they perform either a successful Escape Artist against the grappler’s CMD or a CMB against them to get free. Attempting a Grapple provokes an AoO.

Take Hostage allows the character to make a grappled opponent a hostage, gaining concealment behind the target. Any attack that misses them due to the concealment hits the hostage instead.

Pin allows the character to make a grappled opponent Helpless as they cannot move in any way while pinned making the target Helpless.

Move allows the character to move a grappled target to a new square, moving at 5 feet per round. This can also be done if the target has been taken hostage.

Tie Up allows the character to tie up a grappled target with any binding material they have, making the target Helpless. They must perform an Escape Artist to get out and are considered Helpless.

Dirty Trick allows the character to hinder one target for one round by inflicting blinded, deafened, sickened, shaken, or entangled on them.

Disarm allows the character to knocking an item out of a single target’s hand. By successfully attacking them, the item falls to the ground in an adjacent square next to the target. If the character is unarmed, they may pick the item up immediately but doing so provokes an attack of opportunity.

Bull Rush allows the character to run up to an enemy and push them back by 5 feet.
This can be performed as a Standard Action or as a part of a charge.

Charge allows the character to run at an enemy while attacking, with a -2 to attack and a +2 to damage. They must move through 10 feet of movement at minimum to do so.

Drag allows the character to drag a target behind them at a rate of 5 feet per round. The character must maintain the drag each new round with a successful CMB.

Reposition allows the character to move one target to an adjacent square within reach.

Steal allows the character to take one apparent item by force from a target without their permission. Objects tied to the target have a +5 bonus to their CMD.

Trip allows the character to knock a target Prone for 1 round.

Slam allows the character to slam a grappled target into a surface dealing them 2UD damage to them. This also knocks the target and character Prone for 1 round.

Consume allows a creature the ability to consume a target that it has grappled by either using an extendable mouth, a gelatinous body, or other form of enveloping physical trait (such as extreme sizes) as the Verse Master determines. Consumed target receives 2UD of damage depending on the elemental affinity of the creature otherwise it receives bludgeoning or piercing depending on the creature. The creature is considered Prone against the consumed target. The creature and target share the same space unless determined otherwise. Piercing damage done against the creature also deals half damage to the consumed target unless a Called Shot is used to avoid them.

Combat Actions

Evade allows the character to move through a threatened area without provoking an Attack of Opportunity by making an Acrobatics Check against the target’s Perception. If they fail while doing so, they can make a Dexterity Save against any Attack of Opportunity made to take half damage instead but must stop moving.

Dodge allows the character to move out of the way of a single attack while they are not Distracted by making a Dexterity Save against the attack in order to take half damage. Characters with a Hold Action can also perform this outside of their turn.

Called-Shot allows the character to attack a specific item or limb when making an attack. When doing so, the character has a -2 penalty to their attack but deal x.5 more damage (an attack and a half more worth of damage).

Coup de Graces allows the character to end the suffering of a single Helpless target. As a Standard Action, the Character can use any lethal weapon to kill a Helpless target regardless of its HP. An Attack Roll is unnecessary unless the Verse Master requires it and performing a successful coup de graces immediately ends the target’s life. Although a sleeping target or to heal any ally with a life attack is technically Helpless for AC calculation purposes, attacks made against them are considered Sneak Attacks and not coup de graces unless the Verse Master deems otherwise.

Sneak Attack allows the character to attack an unaware target. If the character attacks a target or performs a CMB while successfully in Stealth against them, the target is considered Flat Footed. If they attack and it hits, the attack is considered a critical hit and the target takes the damage as such. If the attack made against the target is a Natural 20, the target is killed as a coup de graces. If the attack misses, the target is alerted of the character’s presence and gains an Attack of Opportunity against them if in range. Sleeping targets are granted a single Perception (Hearing) Check against a Stealthed target. If the Perception Check fails, any attack made against them is a Sneak Attack, otherwise they are considered Prone and Initiatives are required.

Parry allows the character to counter an attack while in the Defensive Stance. When being attacked while in the Defensive Stance and while the character as a held action, the character can make a Dexterity Save a confirmed hit from an attack. If successful, the attack is prevented.

Study Target allows the character to watch a target’s actions and movements extremely carefully. While studying a target, the character can make no actions except for their Move Action including Swift or Standard Actions. For every round the character studies a target, they gain a +1 bonus to a single attack against the target or a +1 bonus to S/AC against a single attack of the opponents if in a Defensive Stance. Certain abilities or spells may also require a Study Target to be performed. If being used for such abilities, the character does not gain the bonus to attack or S/AC since they are studying them for reasons other than attacking or defense.

Throw allows the character to toss or throw a grappled target. The DC required to do this is based off of the targets Weight and must be done by making a Strength check, following the Throw attack rules.

Throw DC [10 lbs or more] = (Weight/10) + 10 [+5 for every additional 5 feet]

Throw DC [Below 10 lbs] = Weight [+5 for every additional 5 feet]

Throw Strength Check = Strength Score – Weight Penalty + 1d20

Strength ScoreWeight Penalty
1 – 2-25
3 – 4-18
5 – 6-15
7 – 9-5
Ride Combat Maneuvers

Ride Grapple allows a Ride that is Humanoid or that has Appendages or Limbs to grab hold of a target to constrain them. Both the target and the character are considered Flat Footed while grappled. However, the target cannot flee, move, or perform any abilities that require Dexterity while grappled unless they perform either a successful Power Check against the grappler’s CMD or a CMB against them to get free. Attempting a Grapple provokes an Attack of Opportunity from adjacent targets.

Docking allows Rides that have a Dock to attach itself to another Ride that has a Dock. Once docked, the Ride is considered Prone and no longer has Move Actions except to end the Dock. Docking only needs to be rolled if the target is unwilling to being docked.

Ride Combat Actions

Evasive Maneuvers allows any Ride the ability to dodge ranged attacks made against it by making a Dexterity Save with any Held Actions the Ride has. The Ride must have an available adjacent space to reposition itself into otherwise it cannot perform this action. If it overcomes the Attack from the other Ride then they successfully dodge the attack and reposition themselves. If they are only 2 off of the Attack, they take half damage instead. If they fail by more than 2, the Ride still takes the full damage but may reposition themselves. If they critically fail (Natural 1), they take the damage being received as critical damage instead, as they have repositioned the Ride incorrectly causing vulnerable parts of the Ride to be hit instead, and does not reposition into the adjacent space.

Vital Targeting allows any Ride to attack the vitals of another ride, disabling the system they target. At a -5 to Attack, a Ride can attack their Propulsion, Weapons, or their Vitals. The opposing Ride must made a Constitution Save against the Attack which if successful withstands the attack and takes no damage. If it is not successful, they take damage to either their Mobility Score, Weapons, or Vitals. If their Mobility reaches 0, the target cannot make any move actions and may fall if in flight. If the Vitals are attacked, the Ride takes the damage as Critical Damage instead. If the Weapons are attacked then the individual Turret, Mounted Weapon, or Ion Canon that was being targeted is destroyed.

Kamikaze allows any non-living Ride to turn itself into a weapon by sacrificing itself. The opposing Ride makes a Dexterity Save against their x2 Movement Speed (either Run, Swim, or Fly). If successful, the opposing Ride dodges and the Ride misses and continues their movement past the intended target. Any other Rides in their way must also make Dexterity Saves to avoid being hit. If any other obstacles are in the way, such as a mountain behind the intended target, then the Ride slams into the obstacle instead instantly destroying it. If the kamikaze target is stationary (such as an enemy base or immobilized Ride) then the attack automatically succeeds. The amount of damage the Ride deals is equal to the Ride’s Mobility and Power combined times it’s Size Bonus.