In the very center of all the Verse is the remnants of the Core World known as Agartha. According to lore, long ago before the Verse was shattered and split into the infinite worlds that now exist, all the worlds were once one world. This singular World was the original creation of the Akashic Court before the calamity. Now, the remaining remnant of that Core World remains only as Agartha and is the world of origin for the core races. Because Agartha is the original world, all of the native races of Agartha can be found on every other world within the Verse. However, none of the races that are native to the other worlds can be found in Agartha. The connection between Agartha and the Nexus itself is unknown but it is believed that the Nexus can somehow be accessed through this world.

Setting: Unknown
Time Era: Unknown
Major Settlements: Unknown
Native Races: Android, Aos Si, Human, Kobold, Orc, P’rra, Shajem, Szilitz
Native Languages: Agarthan