The Akashii are the beings who form an order known as the Akashic Court. Each Akashii is a judge and the Court watches over the order of the entire Verse, ensuring its continuance and punishing those who interfere with time and the order of all the worlds. The powers they possess are immense and largely unseen but include the ability to annihilate any being or thing from existence including deities and the ability to manipulate time and reality to their will as well as the ability to travel to any world at any moment. Each member is also believed to be omniscient if not omnipotent. The identities of each member is unknown as all wear dark, cosmic patterned robes that obscure most or all physical attributes.

They are the guardians of the Akashic Library which holds all memories of all beings from every world in the Verse as well as all historical records, time anomalies, and every timeline that has ever existed. The exact number of Akashii is unknown although four have been reported standing together at once before and some make more appearances than others and call themselves by titles rather than names. They inhabit the realm known as the Nexus. It is said that the Akashii are capable of creating life, deities, and even entire universes in a place known as the Hall of Creation. Each verse also has a representative Akashii who resides within its hyperverse to protect their world. These Akashii can bargain, trade, destroy, or steal other verses or their own and will do so with other Akashii. These Akashii originate from the Nexus and are led by the Akashic Court.