Spell Access Level: Common
Mana Cost: >1
Potion/Rune/Scroll/Wand: No / Yes / Yes / No
Cast Time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Touch Duration: 1 hour / caster level

Set up an invisible alarm on a solid surface that when touched creates sets off an alert to the caster either as an audible or mental alarm. If audible, a Loud ringing sound that can be heard by targets within hearing range is set off and does not stop until Nullified or stopped by the caster. If mental, only the caster can can hear the alarm within their mind and it informs them of which alarm was set off the exact moment it is activated. A password may be set by the caster so that any who speaks the password may pass through without activating the alarm so long they speak it one space before the alarm. The alarm covers one 5 foot square per 1 MC used to create it.