Alter Mass

Spell Access Level: Abnormal
Mana Cost: See Description
Potion / Rune / Scroll / Wand: Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
Cast Time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Long
Duration: 1 round / level

Increase or decrease one target’s mass category. In doing so, the target gains all the bonuses and negatives that come with any new categories. Only one target can be selected for this spell at a time and any items in contact with the target maintain their original mass. Individual items on a creature can be targeted as well. This does not affect the size of the target and only its weight category.
For every new category a creature increases its mass to, they gain a -5 to Dexterity and for every new category a creature decreases its mass to, they gain a +5 to Dexterity. Also, for every category the target increases or decreases its mass to it increases or decreases the damage the target deals by 2 (ex: If increased 1d4 becomes 1d4 + 2 while if decreased becomes 1d4 – 2). The amount of MC required is the difference in the MC from the starting mass to the new mass (ex: Regular to Light costs 15 MC while Regular to Heavy costs 50).

Mass CategoryMana Cost
Mass CategoryWeight Range
Minuscule0 up to 4.9 lbs.
Dainty5 up to 10.9 lbs.
Petite11 up to 30.9 lbs.
Slight31 up to 60.9 lbs.
Light61 up to 100.9 lbs.
Regular101 up to 160.9 lbs.
Heavy161 up to 220.9 lbs.
Substantial221 up to 300.9 lbs.
Massive301 up to 500 lbs.
PonderousOver 500 lbs.