Alter Size

Spell Access Level: Abnormal
Mana Cost: See Description
Potion / Rune / Scroll / Wand: Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
Cast Time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Long
Duration: 1 round / level

Grow or shrink one target’s size category In doing so, the target gains all the bonuses and negatives that come with it. This also increases or decreases the weight category by the same number of categories as the size category changed. All items currently in possession of the target also increase or decrease by the same category. The amount of MC required is the difference in the MC from the starting mass to the new mass (ex: Medium to Small costs 5 MC while Medium to Large costs 15).

Advanced Creature Rules

When a creature has its size altered, all of their physical traits are altered with them. These can be determined by scaling the creature’s physical Ability Scores. The physical Ability Scores are Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution. This means statistics, saves, skills, abilities, movement, and even damage based on these scores are also altered. Alternatively, if a Vehicle grows or shrinks, then their respective Power, Mobility, and Hardiness Scores are affected by the same amounts. The creature’s Natural Attack follow the same rules as weapons for their Unarmed Die.

Whenever a creature grows, their Strength and Constitution Scores increase with them based on the number of Size Categories they increase while their Dexterity Score decreases. To determine this, the player only needs to increase their Strength and Constitution Scores by 2.5 for every Size Category they grow, rounding down. However, their Dexterity Score decreases by 2.5 for every Size Category they grow. For example, if a Medium creature increases only to Large, then their Strength and Constitution only increase by 2 and the Dexterity decreases by 2. However, if they increase to the Huge category, their physical Ability Scores increase and decrease by 5. The same is true for Vehicles with their respective physical Ability Scores. Despite the Dexterity score of the creature decreasing, their Movement instead increases by 5 per Size Category they increase by and are not otherwise recalculated using the new Dexterity Score.

Whenever a character shrinks the reverse is true for their physical Ability Scores. For every Size Category the creature decreases, their Strength and Constitution decrease by 2.5 while their Dexterity increases by 2.5, rounding down. For example, if a Medium creature decreases to Small then their Strength and Constitution only decrease by 2 and their Dexterity increases by 2 while if they decrease to Tiny then their physical Ability Scores decrease and increase by 5. The same is true for Vehicles with their respective physical Ability Scores. Despite the Dexterity score of the creature increasing, their Movement instead decreases by 5 per Size Category they decrease by and are not otherwise recalculated using the new Dexterity Score.

Advanced Weapons, Armor, & Damage Rules

Whenever a weapon decreases in size, the amount of damage it deals decreases with it and the reverse is true when it grows in size. Once Armor has become smaller than Tiny, it no longer provides protection against physical attacks and their Physical Resistance bonus becomes 0 and their Max Dexterity no longer applies. Protection against any critical effects or damage types also no longer applies. Only spell, energy, and environmental protection still applies and maintain any bonuses to Spell Resistance and environmental and elemental Resists or Vulnerabilities.

Whenever a weapon becomes smaller than Tiny they automatically lose all critical effects they had at their normal size. For example, if a Pistol is decreased to a minuscule size, it no longer is Fatal upon critical hits. Weapons smaller than Tiny also lose their Attack Bonus as they are less effective at penetrating armor. Alternatively, weapons that grow in size greater than Large gain a +1 to attack per Size Category they increase by.

The amount of damage a weapon deals also increases or decreases with their size. For every size category a weapon increases or decreases, the Damage Die they deal increases and decreases with them. The Damage Die chart provide examples for this that can be used in most scenarios. To use, find the appropriate Damage Die at the weapon or Creature’s current size category. Then, go to the new size category in the same column to find out how much damage it now deals. For example, a Medium weapon that deals 1d6 damage that shrinks by two categories and is now Tiny will only deal 1d3 now. Alternatively, a Small CR 1/2 or ASA 1 creature’s Unarmed Die typically only deals 1d4 damage however, whenever they grow by two categories to be Large then their natural attack’s Unarmed Die will now deal 1d8. The same is true for the Spell Die of spells. For example, where a Large Level 6 Character’s Spell Die typically deals 1d6, if they decrease to be Medium sized then their Spell Die now only deals 1d4.

Size CategoryDamage Die
Size CategoryMana Cost
< Tiny0
Size CategorySize Range
Diminutive6” up to 1’
Tiny1’ up to 2’
Small2’ up to 4’
Medium4’ up to 8’
Large8’ up to16’
Huge17’ up to 32’
Gargantuan32’ up to 64’
Colossal64’ to 128’
Giant128’ to 512’
Kaiju512’ to 1,024’
Mountainous1,024’ to 4,096’
Colonial4,096’ to 16,384’
Harbinger> 16,384’ < Planet
UnfathomableGalaxy Cluster
Mass CategoryWeight Range
Minuscule0 up to 4.9 lbs.
Dainty5 up to 10.9 lbs.
Petite11 up to 30.9 lbs.
Slight31 up to 60.9 lbs.
Light61 up to 100.9 lbs.
Regular101 up to 160.9 lbs.
Heavy161 up to 220.9 lbs.
Substantial221 up to 300.9 lbs.
Massive301 up to 500 lbs.
PonderousOver 500 lbs.