Astrological Signs

A character’s Astrological Sign determines what time of the year the character was born and provides an optional guide to common Ideals, Personality Traits, and Relationship Types that those born under that sign share. This is meant to help be a guide for players on how their characters may act especially for new players or for those who are uncertain about how they may interact with or treat others. Since it is only a guide, the player may only choose some of the listed traits or none at all. However, the Verse Master may make this mandatory for story purpose or may have a method for players either choosing or rolling for traits for their characters. This is only meant to provide more options for play styles and for character creation.
Additionally, the Verse Master may optionally provide a chance for the Character to gain a Bloodline of the affinity associated with the chosen Sign. Characters born under each sign also gain a Mana Color in which all spells they cast gain the color of regardless of the affinity. For example, those born under the Sign of Water have all spells cast be blue and the magic aura of all of their spells are also blue, even if the spells are fire or earth affinities.

Sign of Water

Birth Season: Early Spring leaving Winter
Mana Color: Blue

Ideals: Individuals born under the Sign of Water value the Deep & profound above all else. They are always trying to find the deeper, hidden meaning behind things whether that is found in works of art, ancient texts, or even the actions of others. Because of this, they are extremely Creative and are constantly making works of art in some fashion, either through visual arts, written arts, or musical arts. It is how the express their emotions in meaningful ways. However, they are also very Indecisive in where they are going or what they want in life as the meaning of life seems to always be shifting for them. They often keep to themselves and, because they are fascinated with the past and ancient ways, they tend to hold Conservative beliefs as they respect and even admire the traditions of old. In fact, they can be so conservative that they often practice ancient religions that few to none believe anymore and enjoy learning to read and speak dead languages, but only for personal reasons or as a hobby.

Personality Traits: Those born of the Sign of Water are very Flexible individuals who tend to simply go with the flow. Because of this, they are not very concerned about the future or where they are going, giving them a Relaxed demeanor as if little bothers or effects them. Since they go where destiny seems to guide them (or their party), they are Patient and are able to appreciate every moment they are in especially since they find meaning in everything around them. However, these traits can have a negative influence of making them Slow to React as they are too relaxed or indecisive about situations even if they shouldn’t be. This can also be good though as they always have time to consider the scenario they are in and make thought out decisions. And once a decision is made, they are always Persistent in achieving their goal and leave no task or hobby incomplete and always follow through. When it comes to others they are often described as Giving especially when it comes to assisting those in need or giving gifts to those close to them, and the gifts tend to be exotic and unique and probably created by them personally such as a knitted shirt, a drawing, or their favorite food cooked by them.

Relationships: When it comes to the relationships of those under the Sign of Water, they are considered very Nurturing to those around them, but also to those they do not know. They are also very Fluid, both in their friendships and romantic relationships, but also when it comes to conflict. They are extremely Sympathetic and try to see the point of views of others and to understand how they are feeling, and also why they are feeling this way. This makes them amazing Listeners that others find easy to vent to and to approach, but it also makes them always want to find a Middle Ground in conflict and resolve issues by coming together instead of clashing, especially since their indecisive nature makes it very difficult for them to take a side. As they want others to come together, they are very Communal, care about everyone, wants everybody to get along, and they can be quite persistent on this.


  1. Creative
  2. Conservative
  3. Deep
  4. Indecisive

Personality Traits:

  1. Relaxed
  2. Flexible
  3. Patient
  4. Slow to React
  5. Persistent
  6. Giving


  1. Fluid
  2. Nurturing
  3. Communal
  4. Good listeners
  5. Sympathetic
  6. Middle Ground
Sign of Air

Birth Season: Mid Spring
Mana Color: Pink

Ideals: Individuals born under the Sign of Air place their Freedom above all else and aspire to explore the world due to their Adventurous nature. They tend to align with Liberal philosophies and mindsets, extremely Extroverted, love to meet new people, and make new friends. The idea of finding a long-lost civilization or going somewhere they’ve never been excites them and they always look for the next, new thing, both in their life and in technology.

Personality Traits: Those born under the Sign of Air are free-spirited individuals who many find to be Uncontrollable and at times a little too Carefree. Because of their adventurous spirits, they are extremely Outgoing, never shying away from new things and from new people, and therefore are always open for exploring never before seen lands. However, this free spirit also makes them vulnerable to being Gullible and easily swayed by the notion of what’s new or never seen before, meaning they may fall for scams more easily or take on contracts that are suspicious if it means they can go somewhere new. They can also tend to be seen as Ditsy as they are always fantasizing about the next adventure they will go on, but when they get to talking, others find them to be Boisterous about their past experiences.

Relationships: For those born under the Sign of Air, relationships are meant to be Open, which although often is a good thing, can equally be a bad thing. Because they are Talkers, they tend to share more than they should about themselves and even about their plans, whether they were asked or not. Because of their equally boisterous and talkative natures, they are also very big Gossipers and like to tell everyone everything, even if it is not theirs to tell. They do not necessarily plan on gossiping, but because of their Whimsical attitudes, they end up accidentally sharing information without putting thought behind it. When it comes to romantic personal relationships, they come and go just like the wind and are rarely held down by one person or place, especially with their desire for freedom and adventuring coupled with their whimsical ways. However, because of their extroverted desires, those who are not close to them will often describe them as Pranksters who are always telling tall-tales and always trying to get those around them to like them.


  1. Freedom
  2. Extrovert
  3. Liberal
  4. Adventurous

Personality Traits:

  1. Uncontrollable
  2. Carefree
  3. Boisterous
  4. Outgoing
  5. Gullible
  6. Ditsy


  1. Open
  2. Talker
  3. Gossiper
  4. Whimsical
  5. Prankster
Sign of Acid

Birth Season: Late Spring approaching Summer
Mana Color: Green

Ideals: Individuals born under the Sign of Acid value Success above all else. They are extremely Ambitious and only value hard work, respecting those who share the same views as them. They will achieve their goals and they are certain of this. They must have Control over everything in their lives, which makes them very methodical and organized at home, work, and in their personal lives. They are aggressively Extroverted, making them brash and willing to push boundaries, even if it means invading others personal spaces or disrespecting others, so long they have their way in the end to achieve their goals. Because of this, they put high value in Power, and therefore strength and position. It is not enough for them to succeed, they must also be the one in charge with no one telling them what to do.

Personality Traits: Those born under the Sign of Acid are very Selfish which is good for them and why they are so successful, but also bad for those around them, especially those they are close to. Because of their desire for success, they have a reputation for being Cheaters and Compulsive Liars, as they are willing to do anything to be number one and to make others respect them. They always know what they want and are very Decisive about situations. They know what they want, who they want, and what they are willing to do to get it. However, they are also very Reactive to others and situations. They do not stand idly by in situations and instead take charge. This makes them very Complex individuals that others find difficult to understand and predict, especially when it comes to their intentions and emotions.

Relationships: When it comes to others, an individual under the Sign of Acid is very Communicative. They do not play games, bottle up emotions, and will press an issue even if the other person does not want it pressed. Their Responsive attitudes makes them explosive and unwilling to let others walk over them. Others come to them when they need a decision made or when they need to hear the blunt truth about a matter. However, if someone wrongs them or does something they do not like, they know it immediately and respond instantly to let them know. Because they are Self Centered, they have a very small circle of true friends, but a very large circle of partners to be used. Everyone they know has a purpose to them that can be used to better themselves. They are often Narcissists who use others for their own gain and because of this, those who meet them tend to describe them as Toxic individuals. Those born under the Sign of Acid will make new people they meet believe they are true friends, only to get burned by them when their true selfish intentions are revealed.


  1. Success
  2. Power
  3. Control
  4. Extroverts
  5. Ambitious

Personality Traits:

  1. Compulsive Liar
  2. Cheaters
  3. Selfish
  4. Decisive
  5. Complex
  6. Reactive


  1. Toxic
  2. Narcissists
  3. Self Centered
  4. Responsive
  5. Communicative
Sign of Electricity

Birth Season: Early Summer leaving Spring
Mana Color: Yellow

Ideals: Individuals born under the Sign of Electricity value Seeking above all else. They are extremely curious individuals who are always seeking someone to follow or something to do as they easily get bored. They are naturally Followers and need guidance, which makes them great Team Players. They do very well under pressure and are fantastic Improvisers, in fact they prefer to make in the moment decisions. Although they prefer being members of a team and not the leader, they are also Extroverts who keep the energy high and motivate their fellow members and always ask “What’s next?”

Personality Traits: Those born under the Sign of Electricity are extremely Spontaneous and never sit still. They get bored extremely easily, therefore they are always wanting to be active and doing something. This is because of how Energetic they are both physically and socially. They tend to be very Impulsive and make in the moment decisions, but are Quick Witted so their decisions are rarely bad ones. However, they are Impatient and coupled with their other traits, they also make plenty of bad decisions as they will rush into scenarios without consideration or without enough information, which can put them into plenty of bad spots or cause them to say the wrong thing in the wrong moment. Others often describe them as Fickle, restless, and they are always fidgeting. Some can be Scattered Brained, making them easily distracted, which coupled with their impatience and impulsiveness makes them high risk for addiction and poor in the moment decisions.

Relationships: Relationships for those born under the Sign of Electricity are often Fleeting as they come and go out of the lives of those around them. Many of the bonds they make form quickly, but also break just as quickly because of their Sporadic and fast paced life styles. Most, if not all, of their relationships are Short Term as they have Commitment Problems. They are quick to make promises or to say they are committed to something, and they always mean it however, they rarely follow through. This makes them Undependable as they overburden themselves with too many tasks to take on at one time, as they want to help and know everyone and see everything but cannot be everywhere at once. However, every one who ever comes into contact with them, regardless of how brief the interaction is, always say the interactions were Memorable, as they leave a lasting impact on them for better or worse. For many, such individuals are remembered as important people in their lives, who either energized as friends or who were sparks in their life, but were often catalysts of change.


  2. Extroverts
  3. Team Player
  4. Improviser
  5. Seeking

Personality Traits:

  1. Spontaneous
  2. Energetic
  3. Fickle
  4. Impulsive
  5. Quick Witted
  6. Scatter Brained
  7. Impatient


  1. Fleeting
  2. Sporadic
  3. Short Term Relationships
  4. Memorable
  5. Commitment Problems
  6. Undependable
Sign of Divine

Birth Season: Mid Summer
Mana Color: Gold

Ideals: Individuals born under the Sign of Divine value Courage above all else. They always overcome their fears and will dive into the darkness without hesitation. They desire to become Renowned for their deeds and want to be seen as knights in shining armor. They are very Gallant and want to be respected among their peers, even to a fault.

Personality Traits: Those born under the Sign of Divine are very Bold in their actions and will do what is necessary, even when others are not. They enjoy being the Center of Attention, especially in social circles and even in media. This makes them willing to do things that get them in the Spotlight, which can be dangerous as they might be willing to do things that they know they should not, so long it places them center stage or in a lead position. They are always Eager to show off and performs acts of courage. In doing so, they become more and more Confident, which drives them forward, even if it should not. Since they have such Predictable goals and intentions, others can often predict what such an individual is going to do. They tend to always eat the same things, perform the same tasks, and perform the same habits, which is good when friends want to do something for them, but bad when their enemies scheme against them.

Relationships: Despite their very extroverted and confident ways, those born under the Sign of Divine are actually very Uplifting individuals. When speaking to those around them, they encourage them to be courageous, and they do this by leading by example making their bravery an inspiration to others. However, this can make them have expectations in others that are unrealistic, as they believe if they can do it, then so can everyone else. Their confidence makes them at times Brash and a little Overly Social, especially when in a group of people. This makes them Exclusive of others, as they desire to be the focus, even if it means others get spoken over, pushed aside, or excluded from an activity. This can have the negative side effect of them not being team players, as they do not interact with others and include them, but instead lead head long, whether others can keep up or not.


  1. Extroverts
  2. Renowned
  3. Courage
  4. Gallant

Personality Traits:

  1. Center of Attention
  2. Spotlight
  3. Predictable
  4. Bold
  5. Confident
  6. Eager


  1. Uplifting
  2. Exclusive
  3. Overly social
  4. Brash
Sign of Fire

Birth Season: Late Summer approaching Autumn
Mana Color: Red

Ideals: Individuals born under the Sign of Fire value Power above all else. They are driven by their emotions and desire to Lead others to bring them together. They are Willing to say and do what is necessary, as long as everyone works in unity. This makes them Community Driven, as they desire what is best for everyone. These Extroverts speak with emotion behind their words, which are said with conviction to the masses. They lead with words rather than action and therefore work often behind the scenes as the ignition that begins a movement that spreads.

Personality Traits: Those born under the Sign of Fire are Passionate above all else. When they have a goal and idea, they put everything they have into it and with such passion that it sways and influences others to believe it as well. They are also Emotional and feeling individuals, which is good for inspiring others, but bad when in turmoil. This makes them Warm-Hearted when they are calm and are wanting to help others, but also Hot-Headed when angry or when things do not go their way. Because of how emotional they are, they are often seen as Unpredictable, both in temper and in actions. Since they are Goal Orientated & Driven, they will do whatever is necessary to achieve their goals, even if it means taking extreme and drastic measures, but do so with emotional and passionate responses, which means many of their reactions and plans may not be thought out or properly planned.

Relationships: When it comes to their relationships, those born under the Sign of Fire are very Inclusive of those around them on an emotional level. They want to insure that everyone is doing alright, even if it means they become Invasive in the process. Such individuals may pry into situations they have no business in and make themselves a part of a situation that does not involve them, making them oblivious to boundaries. They often want to take Control of a situation, especially if they see that others are having a difficult time. When they want a situation to go a certain way, they do everything they can to help it go that way, even if it means that those involved are not entirely willing or board, but the passion of the individual is so convincing that they may believe them, even if they logically know they should not. This often causes those around them to be Burned by them, but it is never intentional, as they are only doing what they believe is best. However, whenever someone hurts those born under the Sign of Fire, they intentionally become try to hurt that person, as they become Spiteful and even vengeful.


  1. Power
  2. Leader
  3. Willing
  4. Community Driven
  5. Extroverts

Personality Traits:

  1. Hot-Headed
  2. Unpredictable
  3. Passionate
  4. Warm-Hearted
  5. Goal Orientated & Driven
  6. Emotional


  1. Burn those close to them
  2. Invasive
  3. Inclusive
  4. Controlling
  5. Spiteful & Vengeful
Sign of Psychic

Birth Season: Early Autumn leaving Summer
Mana Color: Purple

Ideals: Individuals born under the Sign of Psychic value Logic above all else. They believe that emotions are trivial, and beliefs, decisions, and actions should only be performed or believed once thought out and considered using logic. Intelligence is extremely important to them, and learning for the sake of knowledge is a necessity to better themselves and the world, and they believe that knowledge is true power. They also despise sporadic and spontaneous behavior as they desire Order in their lives, just as they believe exists in the universe. Everything has its place and all of their plans are thought out in extreme detail. They are Introverts but only because they have a hard time relating to others, and often live alone or only with immediate family or a spouse. They prefer studying and reading books, but will go out adventuring if it means they can learn new things that cannot be found in books. But they prefer to only do so if they are accompanied by those they trust. When at home they desire to be alone, but in order to leave their home they prefer to be with at least one person they know, even if it’s just going to market.

Personality Traits: Those born under the Sign of Psychic are very Analytical, which is great for making discoveries and learning, but can be bad as they will over analyze situations and others to an unnecessary degree. They are very Observant of others and their environments, and rarely miss a clue. Much of their time is spent being Contemplative, as they try to plan for every possible outcome and scenario, so that they are always prepared. This makes them very Precise in every action they do, every word they say, and every item they possess, as nothing they own is without utility or value. However, they are also very Candid, as they believe the truth should never be with held, even if it is harmful, as the goal should always be to learn, grow, and better yourself. This means they will always correct someone who misspeaks, is misinformed, or ignorant on a matter. This gives others the impression that they are Arrogant, and although many may be, as they view their intellect superior (whether it actually is or not), most are not and simply value logic, truth, and knowledge above social norms and ignorance.

Relationships: Many of those born under the Sign of Psychic are Shy when it comes to meeting new people and making friends. They almost never initiate conversation, unless it is on a topic they know or to correct someone who is wrong and prefer to keep to themselves, but once they get to talking about something they are knowledgeable about, they cannot be stopped. They keep a Small Circle of friends around them, for although they are often secluded and alone, they do not necessarily want to be alone, and in fact prefer to be with others when leaving their home. Many are Strict in their ways, making anyone who does not fit their ideals unwelcoming to them and often give the impression of being a Know It All, and truthfully they tend to be in their relationships. Because they believe they are rarely wrong, they become Overly Confident in their relationships, but often to a fault.


  1. Logic
  2. Intelligence
  3. Order
  4. Introvert

Personality Traits:

  1. Analytical
  2. Observant
  3. Arrogant
  4. Precise
  5. Candid
  6. Contemplative


  1. Small Circles
  2. Shy
  3. Know It All
  4. Strict
  5. Over Confident
Sign of Earth

Birth Season: Mid Autumn
Mana Color: Brown

Ideals: Individuals born under the Sign of Earth value Integrity above all else. They are down to earth people who tend to live simpler lives. They are very Honest people and blunt in their words, and straightforward in their actions. In the end, they believe in Perseverance and stand the test of time with their simplistic ways and views. As Introverts, they often keep to themselves and do not care about glamour or fame, but only preserving their lives and the lives of others and making a living the best they can.

Personality Traits: Those born under the Sign of Earth are very Down to Earth and simplistic. This makes them Grounded in their beliefs, actions, and intentions, as they always have their heads on their shoulders. They always remain Calm, even in the most intense and hostile of situations. This makes them very Guarded and wary of outsiders, but therefore difficult to sway or convince as they very Iron Willed. When they intend to do something, they will do it and nothing will stop them. When they make a promise, it is held and when they make a contract, it is up held to the letter. But they are also very Stubborn and unwilling to change their ways, they therefore tend to only use the tried and true, and do not trust new and experimental.

Relationships: If nothing else, those born of the Sign of Earth are Loyal. Once they have committed to something or someone, they stay loyal to them for ever, regardless of whether they are equally loyal or not. However, they are no push overs, as they tend to be Dominant in any situation they are in, whether it is their personal, romantic, or business relationships. This makes them also very Defensive about themselves and others, and they will always stand their ground and stand up for others, especially those they care about, whether they are around to defend themselves or not. But becoming Overly Protective is often a problem, as their dominant attitudes rarely allows others to speak for themselves or to even make decisions for themselves, as it is their way or no way. Despite this, they are very Dependable people and their friends always know they can rely on them for help or advice, as they will go out of their way to ensure those they are close to are protected and safe.


  1. Honesty
  2. Perseverance
  3. Integrity
  4. Introverts

Personality Traits:

  1. Down to Earth
  2. Stubborn
  3. Guarded
  4. Calm
  5. Grounded
  6. Iron Willed


  1. Loyal
  2. Dependable
  3. Dominant
  4. Defensive
  5. Overly Protective
Sign of Null

Birth Season: Late Autumn approaching Winter
Mana Color: Black

Ideals: Individuals born under the Sign of Null value Obscurity above all else. They do not want their names to be known or even their faces if they can help it. If they can, they prefer to work from home and tend to keep to themselves. However, they also desire to achieve a Mythical status. They want their actions to be known, while remaining entirely anonymous. They believe causes and ideals have more meaning than those behind them. This makes their beliefs and opinions more Progressive than most, reaching a point of radical and extreme that even other liberal minds find too progressive. Some lean towards anarchy, while others simply believe in change for the better, but both tend to do so from the shadows. They are Introverts, preferring to be alone, not only at home, but also in public. They want to work alone, be alone, and remain alone, and often find relationships pointless or even hindrances, but will work with others if it is mutually beneficial.

Personality Traits: Those born under the Sign of Null are typically Quiet and keep to themselves. They find conversations taxing, especially when talkative people ramble on, and prefer to get to the point with no flavor text or useless filler words. This also makes them very Secretive, as they keep to themselves and never reveal their true intentions or plans to others. What they do remains behind closed doors, but this also makes them very reliable people to keep top secret information from leaking or for others to tell their personal problems to, as they know it will not spread. Because of this others often view them as Mysterious, which can be off putting to some, while making others curious. The air around them has a sense of mystery and those who try to pry always fail. Since they are often quiet, they tend to be Brooding, which can be good and bad for themselves and those around them. They often dwell on the past and hurt themselves by imaging false scenarios. This often makes them Anxious, especially around new people or when in new places, or at least when outside of their comfort zone. Others often describe them as Weird, as they hold atypical beliefs, wear clothing styles that is odd for the culture they belong in, have strange quirks, and radically progressive ideals.

Relationships: The most common theme between all those born under the Sign of Null is that of being Antisocial in their relationships. Their circle of friends and associates is extremely small, to the point of sometimes only including a spouse or a best friend. Most are just antisocial because they are content being alone, not because they do not want friends (they just do not need them). Being Picky about who and what is in their life does not help this either, but also protects them from having manipulative or abusive people in their lives. They can be Timid, especially when around new people or when outside of their places of comfort, which also makes them Submissive. In social groups, they keep to themselves or follow along in the shadows behind those they know. The brighter others shine in a room, the more they retreat to the back. Their submissiveness is out of social necessity, however, and not because they cannot stand up for themselves. This is especially true when they are in their comfort zone.


  1. Introverts
  2. Progressive
  3. Mythical
  4. Obscurity

Personality Traits:

  1. Mysterious
  2. Secretive
  3. Brooding
  4. Quiet
  5. Weird
  6. Anxious


  1. Antisocial
  2. Picky
  3. Submissive
  4. Timid
Sign of Qi

Birth Season: Early Winter leaving Autumn
Mana Color: Orange

Ideals: Individuals born under the Sign of Null value Chaos above all else. They are the kinds of people who burn the world down, just to watch it burn and do not believe in rules or regulations. They are Rebels through and through, and deny any system that would attempt to control them or tell them what to do. At the core, many believe in Anarchy, and would do almost anything to achieve it. In many societies, they are labeled rebels or even terrorists and pirates.

Personality Traits: Those born under the Sign of Null are entirely Chaotic, both in their work and at home. They rarely keep schedules, as they prefer doing things on their time. Because they are Erratic, they may or may not accomplish what they set out to do, and instead play everything by ear. This makes them entirely Careless in their actions and with how they deal with others. Many of their plans and intentions are Dubious, making others unwilling to go along with their ideas or listen to them. They are Irresponsible and disorderly, therefore others do not rely or depend on them. Their Non-conformative attitudes make them difficult to get along with and even more difficult to control.

Relationships: Others often view those born under the Sign of Null as Tricksters, as they are constantly causing problems or stirring the pot just because they can, while at the same time pulling pranks and tricks on others. This makes it difficult for others to trust them and although it is amusing at first, they often become Grating to others. Much of their humor and style is Self Deprecating, which only adds to other’s grating view of them. Their own actions are also self deprecating, as their tricks and behaviors often backfire on them and they end up burning bridges and shooting themselves in the foot, sometimes even intentionally. However, much of their social interactions are a facade, as they are very Manipulative. Many of these individuals have a greater plan or vision that others are unaware of, and their trickster persona is used as a deflection from their chaotic actions. People often underestimate them and view them as too chaotic, too irresponsible to actually be able to have a goal or plan. This Deceptive persona is too convincing and most people fall for it, especially those already prone to being gullible or too trusting. Those born under the Sign of Null are often dangerous and make perfect insurgents, capable of playing a theatrical role until their true intentions and plans become revealed. When backed into a corner, they are the most dangerous types to threaten, as they are very unpredictable.


  1. Rebellion
  2. Chaos
  3. Anarchy

Personality Traits:

  1. Chaotic
  2. Erratic
  3. Dubious
  4. Non-conformative
  5. Irresponsible
  6. Careless


  1. Deceptive
  2. Manipulative
  3. Trickster
  4. Self Deprecating
  5. Grating
Sign of Cold

Birth Season: Mid Winter
Mana Color: White

Ideals: Individuals born under the Sign of Cold value Independence above all else. They believe not only in their own personal independence, but also the independence of society and those around them. Even when it comes to others, they believe they should be completely self sufficient, and not need depend on anyone else to achieve their goals or be who they are. They will not change who they are for others either and remain true to themselves. This means they also value Prudence, are very cautious of others and their intentions, as well as in what they plan on doing with their lives. They must remain true to themselves at all times. However, they are also Inconspicuous and desire to be unnoticed and unseen, including their actions. They desire to be on their own or with only those they choose and to avoid attention at all costs. In social settings, they often are not present or if present, do as little as they can to draw attention to themselves. They are extreme Introverts, to the point of being as alone and unnoticed as possible.

Personality Traits: Those born under the Sign of Cold are often Cold-Hearted and care little for others or their feelings. This makes them very Rude and often unpleasant to many as they do not enjoy the company of others, especially in their private homes. Most are extremely Reserved in their actions and in social settings, which although is bad for those who care for them, can also be good to avoid getting into trouble or being in places they should not. This is because they are very Cautious, and therefore are careful about who is in their lives and where they go. Their Methodical thinking and planning helps them ensure that their plans go exactly as they intend, but they do not do well under pressure and make crack if things do not go their way. They are quite Fractious, which makes them easily irritable around others, but also difficult to control and therefore unwilling to submit to anyone who would try to take away their independence.

Relationships: Many born of the Sign of Cold are very Apathetic when it comes to the feelings, needs, and desires of other people. Some are so apathetic and dislike others so much that they become misanthropes. They are Loners first and foremost, but will work with others and even take positions of power, although begrudgingly, but they only do so if they truly believe in the cause and they believe it will bring more independence to the world. Most are very Distant, both with their emotions and physically as they prefer to not have to see others. Becoming close to such a person is very difficult and requires a lot of trust on their end. Finding out what they are feeling or thinking is even harder. The more “social” of those born under the Sign of Cold tend covertly work against systems they despise. They may even shelter outlaws, even especially in fascist societies or help free slaves, especially if they can do it completely anonymously, such as being hackers or cyber activists.


  1. Introvert
  2. Prudence
  3. Independence
  4. Inconspicuous

Personality Traits:

  1. Cold-Hearted
  2. Rude
  3. Fractious
  4. Reserved
  5. Cautious
  6. Methodical


  1. Distant
  2. Loner
  3. Apathetic
Sign of Ethereal

Birth Season: Late Winter approaching Spring
Mana Color: Silver

Ideals: Individuals born under the Sign of Ethereal value Uniqueness above all else. They do not believe in following the status quo, and instead want to be different and stand out. They are Unabashed about who they are and will not shy away from their unique styles and beliefs. Their Individuality is central and vital to them, as is the individuality of others and they do not understand those who prefer to be “normal”. This makes them very Idealistic, to an extreme sense, believing in fantastical tales and unbelievable scenarios.

Personality Traits: Those born under the Sign of Ethereal are very Eccentric in their personality and opinions. Many people view them Strange, especially when it comes to their clothing styles, opinions, and beliefs. Most wear clothing that is mismatched and will dye their hair colors that may not be socially acceptable or wear makeup that is bright and odd to others. They also like to make and wear jewelry or trinkets that are abnormal, perhaps made from nontraditional materials or with abstract designs. Society sees them as the Misfits who are reckless for no apparent reason. This is because they are Quirky and unapologetically so. However, many can also seem Aloof about those around them, or even about social norms and are not implicitly trying to be rebellious, but are simply being themselves. They can also be Naive and not understand why others may view them as odd or do not like them.

Relationships: Many of those born under the Sign of Ethereal are Lonely, but not by choice. Their natural social habits and styles often fall outside of what society considers normal, or even appropriate, which has the downfall of them being unable to easily find like-minded individuals. This makes them the Outcasts of many places they live, therefore many of their interactions are Awkward. Because of this, most of their relationships are Ephemeral, but they also view social norms and trends as ephemeral, and therefore do not try to fit in or even attempt to keep up with what is “in” and what isn’t. However, those who are their friends and those who they do care for experience Intense relationships since they tend to be clingy and do not want to let those relationships go. This also makes them want to please their friends, because they have so few, sometimes even to fault, making them easily walked over by those they care for.


  1. Uniqueness
  2. Unabashed
  3. Individuality
  4. Idealistic

Personality Traits:

  1. Strange
  2. Aloof
  3. Eccentric
  4. Naive
  5. Misfit
  6. Quirky


  1. Ephemeral
  2. Outcasts
  3. Lonely
  4. Intense
  5. Awkward
Special Days

If a Character is also born on a Special Day then they have an additional chance of gaining one of the following affinities.

Leap Day: Time

Solar Eclipse: Gravity

Spring Equinox: Life

Autumn Equinox: Death

Summer Solstice: Light

Winter Solstice: Shadow