Careers are how Characters make money, gain Skills, and obtain Knowledge. Any Skill can be used by a character but Skills granted from Careers gain a Competence Bonus of +3 to the total score. Ranks added to Skills are considered training put into them and is done when leveling up at a Rest spot. Knowledge is what players have learned from studying intensely. The only exception to this is the Common Knowledge which is basic understanding and common sense. If a player is not trained in a Knowledge, they can instead use Common to see what generic and basic understanding they have gained from life experience. However, this can provide misleading or even wrong information at times if the Common Knowledge on the topic is based in myth or word of mouth.
Every Career has three Career Abilities unique to the career that cannot be gained in any other way. These are automatically granted to a Character who has the Career. Along with this, each Career comes with a Career Kit that has one Tool and one Outfit, which are used with their Abilities. Many of the bonuses granted by abilities are in conjunction with the Tool or Outfit, and are circumstantial. Outfits only grant bonuses outlined by the Career Bonuses and grant a +0 to Melee Reduction and Spell Reduction. Armor cannot be worn with the Outfit as it covers the entire body unless stated otherwise. The player must decide on whether they are wearing their Outfit or Armor, and takes a Full Round Action to change between.
All Careers are capable of making money and is the primary source of income for all Characters. In order to make money the Character can conduct a Perform (Career) check, can be substituted with a check of one of the skills or knowledges that are associated with the characters chosen career, to attempt to gain wealth. All Characters have a Starting Wealth that depends on the career. This cannot be changed once rolled except by performing a Perform (Career) check to gain money. What this performance does depends on the career and is treated as if a service has been done for someone or goods have been sold. It is up to the Verse Master as to whether a Performance check can be conducted and if clients are available. How much money the Character gains depends on their Wealth Die (WD), which is set by their Starting Wealth. The amount of success they gain depends on the DC that is overcome as shown on the Performance Chart. Failure to meet the minimum means that no wealth is gained, the Performance failed, or the job was either left incomplete or canceled by the client. All Wealth received is paid in the form of the campaign setting’s base currency pieces (p).

Perform (Career) DCWealth (p)
25WD x100
30WD x200
35WD x300
40WD x400
45WD x500
50WD x600
55WD x700
60WD x800
65WD x900
70WD x1,000

The Adventurer has no career except that of exploring, adventuring, and raiding dungeons. Their life typically is spent outdoors in nature and they care little for proper society, having careers, or even starting families. They take any job that requires them to slaughter the unwanted monsters of the world and only care for wealth in order to upgrade their weapons, armor, and gear.

Starting Wealth: 1d4 x 500 p

Skills: Athletic (1 chosen by Player), Insight, First Aid, Perception (1 Chosen by Player), Pilot, Survival

Knowledge: Arcana, Common, Nature, 1 Chosen by Player

Adventurer Kit: Adventuring Outfit, Survival Tools

Career Abilities

Survivor: Whenever in the wild the Adventurer can use their Survival Tools to gain a +10 circumstance bonus to Survival to create a proper Camp Site with shelter and fire for the night.

Well-Traveled: Because of the amount of dungeons, ancient crypts, and lands the Adventurer has traveled to they have greater insight on how the world works due to all they have seen. As a result, the Adventurer can use Insight in place of any Knowledge, calling on their experience instead of book learning.

Vagabond: While in their Adventuring Outfit, others view the Adventurer as being aligned to no nation and having no loyalty to any specific group or organization. Therefore, nations in conflict, and their military, will leave the Adventurer alone and not consider them an enemy. However, they will also not consider them an ally until the Adventurer proves such, but is otherwise considered neutral.


The Alchemist has the single goal of transmuting elements by natural means in order to discover the hidden secrets of the universe. They believe that by unlocking such secrets they can then discover the ultimate truth that will unlock the unlimited potential of the Verse. Some see them as fools and others as heretics but they see themselves as enlightened.

Starting Wealth: 1d6 x 500 p

Skills: Alchemy, Appraise, First Aid, Identify, Precision

Knowledge: Nature, Science, Technology, 1 Chosen by Player

Alchemist Kit: Alchemical Set, Alchemist Outfit

Career Abilities

Alchemist’s Lab: While the Alchemist is making potions, elixirs, or poisons and is using their Alchemical Set to do so they gain a +10 bonus to Alchemy.

Element Expert: Alchemists use various natural resources and dangerous items requiring them to wear special protective outfits. Due to their extensive knowledge of potions, elixirs, and poisons they are capable of reverse engineering these liquids and learn their properties. While wearing the Alchemist Outfit, the Alchemist has a +10 bonus to Identify to not only identify potions, elixirs, and poisons but also any materials used to make them.

For What It’s Worth: Alchemists are intimately aware of just how expensive natural goods are and especially of the technology used to turn them into potions, elixirs, and poisons. Therefore, Alchemists have a +10 bonus to Appraise while determining the value of raw natural minerals and goods as well as the value of identified potions, elixirs, and poisons and of the materials that were used to make them.


Athletes are in peak physical condition and make money by participating in professional sports or other athletic events.

Starting Wealth: 1d10 x 500 p

Skills: Acrobatics, Climb, Run, Swim, Perception (Any)

Knowledge: Common, Xenosocial, Urban, 1 Chosen by Player

Athlete Kit: Sports Equipment Tools, Athlete Uniform Outfit

Career Abilities

In the Zone: Whenever in a high stress situation, an Athlete becomes more focused, gaining a +10 circumstance to Perception.

Favorite Team: While wearing their Athletic Uniform Outfit, fans of the team they are a part of will be friendly towards the Athlete, while fans of opposing teams will be unfriendly towards them.

Sports Trick: An Athlete can do tricks with their Sports Equipment Tools to draw crowds or individuals to Distract them with. This is done by making a Perform (Career) against an individual target. The target must make a Sense Motive against it and if it fails then the target is distracted. If made against a crowd then the Performance Chart is used.


Bards are singers of lore who pass down legends for the sake of entertainment alone. A bard can often be found on the corner street telling a fantastic tale or in bars speaking of forbidden history, but regardless the point is to amaze those around them with stories, whether they be true or false.

Starting Wealth: 1d4 x 500 p

Skills: Perform (Dance, Oratory, Song, or Instrument), Wordsmith (Diplomacy or Bluff), Insight, Linguistics, Perception (Hearing)

Knowledge: History, Xenosocial, Common, 1 Chosen by Player

Bard Kit: Bardic Performance Tools, Bard Outfit

Career Abilities

Bardic Performance: A Bard chooses one form of Performance in the form of Dance, Oratory, Song, or Instrument. Once chosen it cannot be changed. Upon doing so, they gain either a musical instrument, dancing shingles, a poem book, or a music pamphlet as their Bardic Performance Tool. Bards have a +10 circumstance bonus to their Perform when using their Bardic Performance Tool, which can be used to draw a crowd either as a distraction or to get money. It can also be used against an individual who makes a Sense Motive check which if fails then the target becomes Distracted.

Lore Keeper: A Bard’s knowledge is extensive due to the nature of their career. As a result, Bards can use Insight in place of a Knowledge they are untrained in to see if they have heard a story related to the knowledge. Whether the knowledge is useful or accurate is up to the Verse Master, as the tales a Bard knows are not always historically accurate.

Bard’s Word: A Bard is considered sarcastic and as a result is either a great diplomat or a great liar. A Bard can use either Bluff or Diplomacy for Wordsmith and gain a +10 circumstance bonus to this while in their Bardic Outfit, switching between the two depending on the situation and how sarcastic they are being.


Blacksmiths forge and craft weapons or armor that they make from ores. Specifically, they craft metal items that can then be used or sold for money.

Starting Wealth: 1d6 x 500 p

Skills: Precision, Craft (Metal Weapon or Armor), Perception (Visual), Appraise, First Aid

Knowledge: Technology, Nature, Science 1 Chosen by Player

Blacksmith Kit: Metal Working Tools, Blacksmith Outfit

Career Abilities

Master Smith: While Crafting a metal weapon or armor, a Blacksmith gains a +10 circumstance bonus while using their Metal Working Tools.

Metal’s Worth: As an expert on metals, a Blacksmith gains a +10 circumstance bonus to Appraise on metal objects while wearing their Blacksmith Outfit.

Metal Familiarity: A Blacksmith is so familiar with metal that they can identify weakness in metal armor or weapons by making a Perception (Visual) check on them, granting them Sunder on a critical attack made after performing a successful Perception check to identify the weakness.


The Beggar is a poor person who asks others, or begs, for money or food. Another word for a beggar is a “panhandler.” No one wants to be a beggar. Many people who are beggars are also homeless and haven’t been able to find another career.

Starting Wealth: 500 p

Skills: Athletic (1 chosen by Player), Insight, Perception (1 Chosen by Player), Sense Motive, Survival, Wordsmith (Diplomacy)

Knowledge: Urban, Common, Nature, 1 Chosen by Player

Beggar Kit: Beggar Outfit, Beggar Sign

Career Abilities

Help Please!: While brandishing the Beggar Sign, gain a +10 bonus to Wordsmith (Diplomacy) to request assistance either with a task or to gain money/donated items for free.

Rock Bottom: While in the Beggar Outfit, gain a temporary +5 bonus to Corruption. All interactions require a Sense Motive check made against your Wordsmith (Diplomacy). If failed, they will refuse to continue speaking with you.

Street Rats: While speaking to other Beggars while in the Beggar Outfit, gain a +10 bonus to Insight to learn secrets or information that travels through the beggars grapevine.

Bounty Hunter

A Bounty Hunter is a private agent working for clients who captures fugitive, criminals, or other individuals for a commission commonly referred to as a bounty. Bounty Hunters traditionally operate outside the legal constraints that govern law enforcement or other agents of the state.

Starting Wealth: 1d8 x 500 p

Skills: Athletic (1 chosen by Player), Investigate, Precision, Sense Motive, Survival, Wordsmith (Intimidate)

Knowledge: Common, Urban, Xenosocial, 1 Chosen by Player

Bounty Hunter Kit: Bounty Hunter Outfit, Branding Tools

Career Abilities

Branded: This allows a Bounty Hunter to brand any armor, weapons, clothing, or Rides to have those objects act as part of their Bounty Hunters Outfit. Living or dead creatures can also be branded to mark them as your collected bounty targets. Branding can only be done as a Full Round Action preformed with the Branding Tools.

The Easy Way or The Hard Way: When collecting a bounty target, gain +10 bonus to Wordsmith (Intimidate) while wearing the Bounty Hunter Outfit to have the target surrender and willingly accompany you. Once the target has surrendered, they can be branded as your collected bounty. If the target has no bounty on them and is unarmed, the bonus is increased to +20. If the target is armed and does not have a bounty, this bonus is decreased to +5.

Middle Man: While in their Bounty Hunter Outfit, others view the Bounty Hunter as being aligned to no nation, having no loyalty to any specific group or organization, having no Purity or Corruption, and can be hired by anyone.


Cavaliers are specialized militants who are experts in Ride combat. All Cavaliers have a trusted Ride that they summon using unique summoning tools. Their unique banners signal them as being expert cavaliers that only they can waive.

Starting Wealth: 1d8 x 500 p

Skills: Concentrate, Identify, Survival, Pilot, Perception (Any)

Knowledge: Common, Nature, Technology, Xenosocial, 1 Chosen by Player

Soldier Kit: Cavalier Banner Outfit, Cavalier Summoning Tool

Career Abilities

Summon Ride:The Cavalier can use their Cavalier Summoning Tool to summon a Ride. The Player selects one creature from the Bestiary or one Ride from the Rides to be their companion. If the creature selected is too small to be a Ride then increase the creature’s size category to one category larger than their Characters (use the Advanced Creature Rules from Alter Size appropriately). The chosen creature permanently becomes the Cavalier’s Animal Companion and Mount (see Adventuring). The CR of the creature or Ride is always the same as the Cavalier’s. The UD and SD of the Creature and the damage outfit of the Rides are based off of the UD and SD of the Cavalier. If the Ride dies, is lost, or is inoperable then they may choose a new one following the same rules and summon it. All Rides exist in a pocket dimension accessible only to the Cavalier it is bonded to and it can only be used to store the chosen Ride and is only accessible by the Cavalier using the Cavalier Summoning Tool. Summoning the Ride from the Summoning Tool or banishing them back into the Summoning Tool is a Swift Action.

Commune With Ride: The Cavalier shares a secret language with their Ride summoned from the Summoning Tool. Only the Ride and the Cavalier can understand each other and it cannot be taught to other creatures regardless of their Linguistics. This language is only a verbal or sign language and cannot be written.

Charge!!: While waving their inspiring banner while in their Cavalier Banner Outfit, the Cavalier can guide their Ride to perform special tasks in combat including the ability to perform Combat Feats, Combat Maneuvers, and flee using their Ride even when the Ride naturally may not be able to. The Cavalier also gains a +10 inspiration bonus to Pilot while wearing their Cavalier Banner Outfit.


Celebrities are Characters that have achieved a level of fame or infamy due to factors such as wealth, entertainment, political power, or having preformed notable deeds. Some celebrities are even famous/infamous do to familial attachments. Celebrities tend to have two personas; their celebrity persona and their commoner persona.

Starting Wealth: 1d10 x 500 p

Skills: Appraise, Disguise, Linguistics, Sense Motive, Wordsmith (Bluff, Diplomacy, Flirt, Intimidate)

Knowledge: Urban, Xenosocial, Common, 1 Chosen by Player

Bard Kit: Celebrity Tools, Commoner Disguise Outfit

Career Abilities

Commoner Identity: The Celebrity views themselves as their celebrity persona and their commoner self as the disguise. As a result, their public image is that of the celebrity persona. Whenever they are not utilizing their celebrity persona, they are considered in their commoner identity. In order for someone not to recognize them as their celebrity self, the celebrity must make a Disguise check with a +10 circumstance bonus while in their Commoner Disguise.

Sense A Phony: A Celebrity is very good at ferreting out lies and falsehoods due to having people around them try it so often or the celebrity themselves being an accomplished liar. The Celebrity has a +10 to Sense Motive to determine if someone is being false with or around them.

Draw A Crowd: A Celebrity can do signature poses or actions with their Celebrity Tools to draw crowds or individuals to Distract them with. This is done by making a Perform (Career) against an individual target. The target must make a Sense Motive against it and if it fails then the target is distracted. If made against a crowd then the Performance Chart is used.


The Chef is a master of cooking and can make meals that grant bonuses to those who eat it. Although the Chef often makes food for the enjoyment of eating, they also make food to sell for profit.

Starting Wealth: 1d6 x 500 p

Skills: Precision, Appraise, Perception (Smell), First Aid, Craft (Food)

Knowledge: Nature, Technology, Science 1 Chosen by Player

Chef Kit: Cooking Spices & Tools, Chef Outfit

Career Abilities

Master Cook: All food cooked by the Chef has a +10 Craft (Food) circumstance bonus, if done using while Wearing the Chef Outfit.

Expert Smell: Chefs can identify smells far better than the average person and have a +10 Perception (Smell) circumstance bonus to identifying odors that originate from consumable or cooked materials.

Chef’s Choice: All meals successfully cooked by the Chef have a +5 bonus to any bonuses status effects granted by the food, including healing or lingering abilities if made while using the Chef’s cooking spices and tools.


The Courtesan is an expert in the emotional support of others whether escorting them to events or providing private services.

Starting Wealth: 1d10 x 500 p

Skills: Athletics, Disguise, Perform [Career, Dance, or Instrument], Sense Motive, Wordsmith (Flirt)

Knowledge: Common, Urban, Xenosocial, 1 Chosen by Player

Courtesan Kit: Courtesan Tools, Courtesan Outfit

Career Abilities

Dressed to Impress: While in the Courtesan Outfit the Courtesan gains a +10 to Wordsmith (Flirt).

Seductive Performance: The Courtesan can use the Courtesan Tools to gain a +10 to Perform while either using Perform [Career, Dance, or Instrument] and what the tool is depends on the performance being performed.

Keep It Professional: The Courtesan prefers to keep their professional and personal lives separate which is done by using cosmetics and accessories to keep their identities secret while working. As a result, the Courtesan has a +5 to Disguise while using the Courtesan Outfit.


Detectives investigate crimes and mysterious situations to find the truth. Often they are hired to hunt down unknown enemies or to find a missing person. Ultimately, their goal is to make money by helping others find what they cannot.

Starting Wealth: 1d6 x 500 p

Skills: Investigate, Insight, Perception (Any), Stealth, Wordsmith (Intimidate or Diplomacy)

Knowledge: History, Urban, Xenosocial 1 Chosen by Player

Detective Kit: Investigator Tools, Detective Outfit

Career Abilities

Badge of Honor: Whenever a Detective is investigating while in their Detective Outfit, they can flash their Badge to gain a +10 circumstance bonus to their Wordsmith to gain the information they need.

Expert Investigator: Whenever a Detective is investigating an area using their Investigator Tools, they gain a +10 Investigate circumstance bonus to find what they are looking for.

Good Cop, Bad Cop: Detectives are capable of switching between using Intimidate and Diplomacy on a whim, making the scores equivalent and interchangeable. They must choose which one they are using at a time and can switch the scores on them as an Immediate Action.


Interns are students who are either in college, a trade school, have an apprenticeship, or they are simply still students in school due to their young age and have taken an internship as part of a program to see the wider world, either as a squire or helpful aid.

Starting Wealth: 1d4 x 500 p

Skills: Scribe, Athletics or Perform (Any) [Players choice], Concentrate, Perception (Any), Wordsmith (Any), Sense Motive

Knowledge: Common, History, Science, 1 Chosen by Player

Scientist Kit: School Outfit, Studying Tools

Book Smart: Interns are capable of using their vast knowledge against others. By using their Studying Tools, the Intern can gain a +10 to Wordsmith (Any) in order to get their way by proving to be right. This is done by fact checking, impressing, or correcting others, so long the category is in a Knowledge they have Ranks in.

After School Activities: Every student has extracurricular activities that they must commit to in the form of sports, clubs, or some type of athletic or arts program. Because of this, they become temporary experts of their field. While wearing their School Outfit, Interns gain a +10 to either Athletics or Perform (Any), whichever the player chose to be proficient in.

In the Know: Interns are always up to date on what is popular, and get information through the grapevine by gossiping. Because of this, they have an advantage in gaining any information they need and can use Knowledge Common in place of a Knowledge they do not have Ranks in.


Gamblers make their living by swindling others out of their money through bets, games, and riddles. A gambler is up to anything that is a challenge to be overcome, so long there is a reward for doing so. They rarely tell the truth and can hardly be considered trustworthy, but they are as loyal as can be if the price is right.

Starting Wealth: 1d8 x 500 p

Skills: Wordsmith (Bluff), Insight, Perception (Visual), Precision, Appraise

Knowledge: Technology, Xenosocial, Common, 1 Chosen by Player

Gambler Kit: Lucky Charm, Gambler Outfit

Career Abilities

Poker Face: While in the Gambler Outfit, the Gambler gains a +10 circumstance bonus to Bluff in order to keep a straight face and remain neutral, making anything they say unreadable as to whether it is the truth or a lie.

Addictive Personality: A Gambler is addicted to gambling and risk taking, as such they never turn down a bet, regardless of the odds, so long as the chance of reward is offered. If offered a bet the Gambler must accept, so long as there is a chance that the Gambler gets something beneficial from it. But, the Gambler gets to have one retry on each gamble taken. This can be used at any time during the gamble, even if the source is magical. This retry is granted by the Gambler rubbing their Lucky Charm.

Beginner’s Luck: Anytime a Gambler tries a new game or gamble that involves rolling dice for the first time, the Gambler rolls twice and takes the better of the two on their first roll.


Hunters are experts in tracking and identifying animals, setting traps, and harvesting resources from deceased creatures. They are typically quiet and secretive, unless they consider someone to be trustworthy, but they are fiercely loyal to those they trust.

Starting Wealth: 1d6 x 500 p

Skills: Athletics (Any), Investigate, Perception (Any), Survival, Craft (Trap making)

Knowledge: Nature, Common, Xenosocial, 1 Chosen by Player

Gambler Kit: Hunter Tools, Hunter Outfit

Career Abilities

Versatile Traps: Whenever making a Craft Check for trap making, the Hunter has a +10 to Craft (Trap making) while in their Hunter Outfit.

This Way!!:While wearing their Hunter Outfit, the Hunter gains a +10 to Perception (Any) or Investigate to find or track creatures in a none Urban environment. They also gain +10 to Stealth when tracking any creature the Hunter has preformed Study Target on while wearing the Hunter Outfit

Survivalist:Whenever in the wild, the Hunter can use their Hunter Tools to gain a +10 circumstance bonus to Survival to create a proper Camp Site with shelter and fire for the night as well as harvest resources from the environment.


Medics are experts in healing and first aid and are always willing to help those in need or in danger.

Starting Wealth: 1d8 x 500 p

Skills: First Aid, Precision, Perception (Any), Survival, Wordsmith (Bluff or Diplomacy)

Knowledge: Nature, Science, Xenosocial, 1 Chosen by Player

Medic Kit: Medical Tools, Medic Outfit

Surgeon Hands: Whenever making a Precision Check that requires extremely accurate or sensitive attention, the Medic has a +10 to Precision to perform the delicate procedure.

Medic!!!: While wearing their Medic Outfit, allies and strangers will request medical attention from them. The Medic gains a +10 to Perception (Any) while wearing their Medic Outfit to find creatures in need of medical assistance. Also, the Medic gains a +10 to Wordsmith (Bluff) or Wordsmith (Diplomacy) to calm injured creatures with bedside manners while wearing their Medic Outfit.

Stay With Me: Whenever a creature needs medical attention, either from bleeding or being on the verge of death, the Medic gains a +10 to First Aid to stabilize the creature while using the Medical Tools on them. Also, Medics can restore 5 HP for every First Aid DC 30 check they pass on a target. Doing so takes a Standard Action.


Merchants are experts on buying and selling goods and knowing their worth.

Starting Wealth: 1d10 x 500 p

Skills: Appraise, Identify, Perception (Any), Sense Motive, Wordsmith (Any)

Knowledge: Urban, History, Xenosocial, 1 Chosen by Player

Merchant Kit: Merchant’s Tools, Merchant Outfit

Customer Service: Whenever attempting to buy or sell a product while wearing their Merchant Outfit the Merchant gains a +10 to Wordsmith (Any) and Sense Motive in order to make the deal.

Merchant’s Eye: The Merchant is able to know the worth of items by using their Merchant’s Tools on them granting them a +10 to Appraise to know the monetary value of the items. They can also use the Merchant’s Tools to recognize whether the item is a fake or genuine with a +10 to Identify.

I Know A Guy: The Merchant has connections in the markets to know where to acquire the goods they need. Due to these connections they have a +10 to Knowledge Urban for searching for wares or merchandise in cities.


Priests are religious leaders who preach the teachings and moral guidance of deities they worship. The goal of a priest is to spread the teachings of their religious order or deity. Although a priest does not directly make money from their lifestyle, they highly encourage and sometimes even expect donations while they preach.

Starting Wealth: 1d4 x 500 p

Skills: Perform (Oratory), Wordsmith (Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Bluff), Insight, First Aid, Perception (Visual or Hearing)

Knowledge: Divine, Cosmic, Xenosocial, 1 Chosen by Player

Priest Kit: Holy Symbol, Priest Outfit

Career Abilities

Preacher: A Priest knows their religion inside and out, and as a result is capable of preaching their dogma on the spot with a +10 circumstance bonus to Perform (Oratory) while wearing their Priest Outfit in order to spread their teachings or attempt to convert others.

Revelation: Priests can attempt to pray to their deity and gain a +10 circumstantial bonus to Insight to find inspiration and guidance when using their Holy Symbol to pray.

Holy Presence: Priests are seen as innocent and pure to those who see them, incapable of being corrupt as representatives of their deity. While a Priest is in their Priest Outfit, their Corruption is considered to be a 0, whether it really is or not and only affects people’s interactions with them. Those who worship the same deity automatically attribute them as having high Innocence, and always treat them favorably.


Any individual monarch, such as a king, queen, emperor, empress, or their immediate family is considered Royalty. They rely mainly on there wealth and status to convince others to follow them.

Starting Wealth: 1d12 x 500 p

Skills: Appraise, Insight, Linguistics, Perform (1 Chosen by Player), Sense Motive, Wordsmith (Any)

Knowledge: History, Xenosocial, Urban, 1 Chosen by Player

Royalty Kit: Royal Outfit, Royal Insignia

Career Abilities

Royal Decree: While brandishing the Royal Insignia or sealing letters with it, gain +10 bonus to Wordsmith (Any) to make the words more persuasive.

Birth Right: While wearing the Royal Outfit, allies will treat you as if your Purity is maxed and your enemies will treat you as if your Corruption is maxed.

Bend the Knee: While in the Royal Outfit, you can brandish the Royal Insignia to have allied sellswords and law enforcement/knights swear fealty to you. This makes them act as companions until a stated objective is achieved, though you can release them before then if you wish to.This also gives you the ability to have others knighted in your name to serve you loyally until released from your service.


The Sage has dedicated their lives to the study and art of magic, and spends their time learning all that they can about Mana and its various uses.

Starting Wealth: 1d8 x 500 p

Skills: Scribe, Enchant, Identify, Alchemy, Use Magic Device, Spell Craft

Knowledge: Arcana, Nature, Cosmic, 1 Chosen by Player

Sage Kit: Sage Outfit, Mana Manipulation Tools

Career Abilities

Arcane Artist: The Sage is proficient at the various arts and skills that manipulate Mana, and have a better understanding of it than others. While using their Mana Manipulation Tools, the Sage has a +10 to Scribe, Enchant, Alchemy, or Spell Craft when creating Runes, Wands, Scrolls, Potions, or using Spell Craft.

Arcana Master: The Sage is far more knowledgeable about the arcane arts than others, and therefore gain a +10 to Knowledge Arcana or Identify in order to understand magical sources or to identify magical items and Runes.

Honed Magic: The Sage Outfit has a specialized hood that focuses their attention when casting spells and using magical items. While wearing the Sage Outfit, the Sage has a +10 to Use Magic Device.


Scientists have a wide range of knowledge focused on studying the natural world and conduct experiments to learn more about it. They make their money by researching for labs or teaching their knowledge to others.

Starting Wealth: 1d6 x 500 p

Skills: Insight, Investigate, Perception (Any), Precision, Craft (Improvise), Survival

Knowledge: Cosmic, Nature, Science, 1 Chosen by Player

Scientist Kit: Scientist Outfit, Calculating Tools

Career Abilities

Calculator: A Scientist is capable of making multiple informed calculations, using their Calculating Tools, granting them a +10 circumstance bonus to Insight to figure out puzzles or solve difficult problems.

Knowledge is Power: Whenever relevant, a Scientist can use their Knowledge in order to give them the upper hand. With a successful Knowledge check, the Scientist can Craft an improvised weapon or item out of their environment or available materials with a +10 circumstance bonus. For example, an improvised lock pick or an axe could be created out of materials available to a Scientist.

Neutral Party: A Scientist is considered neutral in most respects and as a result, others treat Scientists neutrally. Potential foes are not considered unfriendly, but potential allies are not considered friendly unless the Scientist does something to make them think otherwise. When first meeting a stranger, regardless of the situation, they are treated as neutral until the Scientist acts otherwise.


Soldiers live a life on the battlefield. They know little else except how to survive and continue on either with a team or alone with only one goal in mind; defeat the enemy. Soldiers make their money by defeating enemies of their nation and helping citizens, plain and simple.

Starting Wealth: 1d8 x 500 p

Skills: First Aid, Survival, Pilot, Linguistics, Perception (Any)

Knowledge: Technology, Xenosocial, Common 1 Chosen by Player

Soldier Kit: Soldier Outfit, Military Tools

Career Abilities

Always Alert: Whenever trying to find their way, the Soldier can use their Military Tools to gain a +10 circumstance bonus to Survival to gain their baring and know exactly where they are while outdoors, preventing them from ever getting lost.

National Hero: While a Soldier is wearing their Soldier Outfit, commoners of the same nation will always be friendly towards them and respect them, while commoners of enemy nations may show hostility or disrespect.

Killer Instincts: While in combat, a Soldier has heightened senses and is more aware of their surroundings, gaining a +10 circumstance bonus to Perception.


The Therapist is an individual specializing in the conversational manipulation of anothers social or psychological state.

Starting Wealth: 1d8 x 500 p

Skills: Insight, Perception (1 Chosen by Player), Wordsmith (Bluff), Wordsmith (Diplomacy), Wordsmith (Intimidate), Sense Motive

Knowledge: Common, Science, Xenosocial, 1 Chosen by Player

Therapist Kit: Therapist Outfit, Therapy Tools

Career Abilities

How Did That Make You Feel: While in the Therapist Outfit, you can use a Wordsmith(Diplomacy) with a +10 bonus to make a hostile target non-hostile by talking them down.

Very Interesting: While in the Therapist Outfit, you can use Wordsmith (Bluff) to trick a target into giving information they normally wouldn’t or make them friendly without realizing it. This has a +10 bonus.

Go On: While using Therapy Tools, you gain +10 bonus to Wordsmith (Intimidate) to make a target avoid you or leave you alone regardless of whether they are friendly towards you or not. Additionally, you can use Therapy Tools to gain +10 bonus to Sense Motive while preforming Study Target on a target while talking to them.


Thieves are stalkers whose only goal is to gain wealth without others realizing it. Using a combination of stealth and precision, thieves move through cities, crowds, or homes and take what they want in order to make money.

Starting Wealth: 1d6 x 500 p

Skills: Precision, Stealth, Wordsmith (Bluff or Intimidate), Disguise, Perception (Any)

Knowledge: Urban, Technology, Xenosocial, 1 Chosen by Player

Thieves Kit: Lock Picking Tools, Thief’s Cloak Outfit

Career Abilities

Breaking and Entering: While using the Lock Picking tools, a Thief has a +10 circumstance bonus to Precision to disarm locks, whether they be doors or safes.

Faceless: While wearing the Thief’s Cloak Outfit, the Thief has a +10 circumstance bonus to Disguise to remain anonymous while in crowds, or for being spotted performing criminal acts. The cloak is so generic that any details about it would be useless in identifying the thief.

Smuggler: A Thief is capable of hiding stolen objects on themselves while wearing the Thief’s Cloak, using Stealth to hide the objects on them. While being investigated, Stealth is used to hide and move objects around without the person investigating them noticing, with a +10 circumstance bonus.


The Ventriloquist is typically an entertainer who can throw their voice, making it seem as if their voice is coming from another place or object.

Starting Wealth: 1d6 x 500 p

Skills: Concentrate, Insight, Linguistics, Precision, Stealth, Wordsmith (Bluff)

Knowledge: Common, Xenosocial, Urban, 1 Chosen by Player

Ventriloquist Kit: Ventriloquist Tools

Career Abilities

It’s Alive!: Using the Ventriloquist Tools, you gain a +10 bonus to Wordsmith (Bluff) to trick others into believing they heard your voice coming from another location or object.

Over Here: Ventriloquists can make their voice seem to come from any location or object within their base Movement Speed range. This can be used to Distract targets or even to send a message to a specific target that will only be heard by the intended target.

Jack of All Voices: A Ventriloquist can distort their natural voice to mimic that of any character or creature they have used Study Target on to gain a +10 bonus to Disguise or Wordsmith (Bluff) to imitate someone or something else, this can be used to disguise yourself or make it seem like the altered voice is coming from another location or object.


Vigilantes are individuals who take justice into their own hands by wearing a disguise and fighting crime with or without law enforcement’s approval. Typically they work alone, but some have side-kicks and partners and may even have villains who oppose them. Vigilantes also have secret hide outs that they use as their base of operations.

Starting Wealth: 1d6 x 500 p

Skills: Disguise, Escape Artist, Stealth, Investigate, Acrobatics

Knowledge: Urban, Technology, Common, 1 Chosen by Player

Vigilante Kit: Armor Modifying Tools, Commoner Disguise Outfit

Career Abilities

Secret Identity: The Vigilante views themselves as their vigilante persona and their secret identity or commoner self as the disguise. As a result, their public image is that of the vigilante persona. All armor and weapons a vigilante has can be modified to hide their identity, and have the color patterns and symbols the vigilante identifies with. Whenever they are not utilizing their vigilante persona, they are considered in their secret identity. In order for someone to not recognize them as their vigilante self, the vigilante must make a Disguise check with a +10 circumstance bonus while in their Commoner Disguise. Also, any and all property owned by the vigilante has secret lairs that only the vigilante knows about and can access, but the vigilante may tell others about it and grant them access. Once this is done, they can access the lair with or without the Vigilante.

Vigilance: The Vigilante is capable of gathering information while in their vigilante persona far more easily than others, this is due to their reputation as a crime fighter who views themselves as above the law. As a result, the Vigilante has a +10 circumstance bonus to Investigate while in their vigilante persona.

Split Ethics: The Vigilante holds different morals depending on their persona. As a result, their Purity and Corruption depends on the persona that is active. When the vigilante switches between one persona or the other, their Innocence and Corruption swaps. If the Vigilante is Corrupt, then the Commoner is Pure, and the two scores switch places depending on the active persona. The actions of one persona is opposite of the other as a result, further distancing the two in the public mind. A Vigilante with a Corruption of 5 and Purity of 2 while the vigilante persona is active, they will have a Corruption of 2 and Purity of 5 while wearing the Commoner disguise.


Witches use natural items from nature mixed with magic in order to make home remedies and better their lives and the lives of those they care about. They gain their knowledge of magic and it’s uses by observing the natural order of the universe.

Starting Wealth: 1d6 x 500 p

Skills: Alchemy, Enchant, Perception (Any), Survival, Use Magic Device

Knowledge: Arcana, Cosmic, Nature, 1 Chosen by Player

Witch Kit: Witch Outfit, Witch Tools

Career Abilities

Hexing: The Witch has special tools that they use in their hexing rituals that make them adept at their enchanting. While using their Witch’s Tools, the Witch gains a +10 bonus to Enchant.

Witches Brew: The Witch has special tools that they use in their hexing rituals that make them adept at their alchemy. While using their Witch’s Tools, the Witch gains a +10 bonus to Alchemy.

Green Witch: The Witch has keen eyes that allows them to find materials in nature used in their rituals. While wearing the Witch Outfit, they gain a +10 to Survival to stay focused while gathering materials from nature such as plants, bones, and rocks to use in their rituals.