Commune With Earth

Spell Access Level: Common
Mana Cost: >1
Potion / Rune / Scroll / Wand: No / No / No / No
Cast Time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Touch
Duration: Concentration

The caster can lay their hands on the ground to speak with the land and hear the sounds of the recent past. The earth is capable of giving directions and informing the caster of any recent travelers as the experience the sounds and tracks through their body as if they were the land but experience no pain from doing so. This can be treated as if making a successful Survival check to track a creature or vehicle. It can also provide knowledge of the area as if a Knowledge Nature check had been made to allow them to find their way when lost or to know what kind of natural resources or nearby including minerals or other resources underground. This spell effects only the area that the caster occupies. The amount of MC required depends on the Survival DC or Knowledge Nature DC that would be required to gain the information and the more mana used the more detailed and successful the information gained is and is maintained while holding Concentration.
Alternatively, the caster can use this to learn where a specific mineral came from such as knowing what cave a diamond in their possession is from but they only receive the sensation of which direction to begin traveling in and nothing more. They must be touching the mineral to gain this sensation and is maintained while holding Concentration. This is also treated as a Knowledge Nature check for the purpose of MC calculation.