Commune With Spirits

Spell Access Level: Uncommon
Mana Cost:
Potion / Rune / Scroll / Wand: No / No / No / No
Cast Time: Full Round Action
Range: Self Duration: Concentration

The caster can speak with spirits by either entering a trance, using cards or boards, or using other talismans as a channeling device. The spirit can only answer within their knowledge base and can give misleading answers or even lie if they so desire and can only give one word answers such as “Yes” or “No” or a specific place or name. Wordsmith checks can be used to make them more favorable or more likely to answer truthfully if necessary but the spirit is immune to any other magical attempts without fully manifesting. The information provided and its accuracy is determined by the Verse Master. If the spirit channeled is an animal then the same rules for Commune With Beasts apply
If using channeling devices such as cards or boards, the spirit may manipulate the objects to provide and answer such as a specific card being drawn or a letters being selected on a board to spell a word. In the caster is in a trance to verbally hear the spirit then the caster is considered helpless. The spell lasts so long the caster is capable of maintaining Concentration but costs 5 MC per question that is answered by the spirit and is only spent if an answer is received. Otherwise, if no spirit answers or is available, the spell is treated as if failing. It takes a Full Round Action to perform the necessary channeling.