Counter Scry

Spell Access Level: Abnormal
Mana Cost: 10
Potion / Rune / Scroll / Wand: No / Yes / No / No
Cast Time: 1 Standard Action
Range: See Description
Duration: >1 round

While the caster is aware that they are under the effects of a Scry, such as by using Detect Scry, they can counter the Scry and view the origin of the target caster or rune that is casting it. The caster can make it known that they are casting the Counter Scry and even communicate with the Scry caster or they can try to either mislead or ignore the original Scry caster. The Counter Scry costs 10 MC for the initial casting and for each round to continue the Counter Scry is 1 MC per round but instantly ends if the original Scry ends.