Gnomes are about half the size of a human and sometimes smaller. They look nearly identical to humans except that they almost always have long pointy beards on their males and all are slightly pudgy. Gnomes often make their communities fruit-rich environments and make their homes out of hollow trees, large mushrooms, or other vegetation that they can crawl into including holes in the ground. Although mischievous, they are good natured and enjoy playing tricks and games.


Verse: Gardana
Health Die:
Mana Die: 1d10
Physical Traits: Humanoid, Mammal
Defensive Traits: Sweat (+2 vs heat)
Offensive Traits: Punch (1UD bludgeoning), Kick (1UD bludgeoning)
Size: Small
Age: Subfey
Vision / Hearing / Smell: Medium / Medium / Medium
Languages: Common, Gardenian
Genders: 54% male, 36% female, 10% intersex