Gojila are humanoids that resemble upright lizards. Different tribes of gojila prefer different environments including forests, deserts, mountains, islands, or urban cities. Their appearances largely depend on these environments as well with each resembling different kinds of lizards. Some even possess elemental bloodlines depending on where they are from. They claim to be descended of a mythical being known as the Lizard King. They believe he once warred with the Monkey King after rising from the sea and while the gojila claim he slayed the Monkey King, the kongians claim the Lizard King was thrown back into the sea and the gojila emerged from his dying body. The optional bloodlines available to the gojila include fire, water, electricity, air, acid, qi, and null.


Verse: Zongia
Health Die:
Mana Die: 1d8
Physical Traits: Humanoid, Reptile, Balancing Tail
Defensive Traits: Scales (+2 to Physical Reduction)
Offensive Traits: Claw (1UD slashing), Bite (2UD piercing), Slam (2UD bludgeoning), (Optional) Bloodline [Varies]
Size: Large
Age: Posthuman
Vision / Hearing / Smell: Minor / Medium / Major
Special: Heat Vision, Scent
Languages: Common, Zongian
Gender: 56% male, 40% female, 4% intersex