The God of Knowledge, Iimaril, is a fairly new god of the Verse. Having only attained the position a few thousand years ago, this futuristic Android earned being called the God of Knowledge by winning a game with the previous bearer of that title. When they won, Iimaril was granted all the powers of their predecessor and the strips of light that ran across their androgynous platinum body turned a stark velvety purple.

Mostly found thumbing through the Eternal Tome, a large book that is constantly filled with all new information in the Verse and was a gift from the Scribe, Iimaril has an affable and energetic personality. Legends tell of many mortals who upon earning a way to stand within their presence ended up engaged in such lengthy conversations with Iimaril that they perished. One of the few mortals who survived recounted that speaking with them is so overwhelming that any scholar could spend an entire lifetime with them and die happy.

The Librarians Of The Tome

The Librarians Of The Tome are scholar-monks who have dedicated their lives to gathering knowledge. Offering praises to Iimaril, these scholar-monks will seek out any form of knowledge. They have been known to wander whatever world they live on to gather every book, scroll, tablet, engraving, or oral tale that exists so that they can add it to their orders collections.