Inflict Insanity

Spell Access Level: Abnormal
Mana Cost: See Insanity Chart
Potion / Rune / Scroll / Wand: Yes / Yes / Yes / Yes
Cast Time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Close
Duration: 1 round / level

The caster causes a target to become inflicted with an insanity which s determined by the amount of MC put into the spell. The target’s Sanity Score does not drop as the insanity inflicted is temporary and magically induced. The insanity inflicted follows the Insanity rules for the chosen insanity.

InsanityMana Cist
Dissociative Identity Disorder50
Insanity Rules

A character that is manic becomes completely obsessed with a chosen random person, place, or thing. Whenever in the presence of the obsession, the character becomes Distracted by them regardless of what is happening around them. When not around their obsession, they become obsessed with finding it even if it means putting themselves or others in danger.
A character that is phobic becomes completely terrified with a chosen random person, place or thing. Whenever in the presence of the obsession, the character becomes Shaken by them regardless of what is happening around them. If they must interact further than being near or around the fear, they become frightened and will attempt to flee from its presence even if it means putting themselves or others in danger.

A character that is paranoid are constantly Shaken regardless of their environment. They are obsessed with either stopping an unknown fear or saving an unknown thing. The character feels as if they are constantly in danger and therefore are constantly on guard. They automatically distrust new comers and believe they are actively working against them and begin to distrust those they already know making them antisocial and withdrawn.

A character that is schizophrenic has lost their grasp on what is true and false. The character begins to have hallucinations and therefore may see or hear things that are not actually there. During combat, the character may see enemies that are not present and therefore attack targets that do not exist. They may also see things and chase things that are not present leading them off correct paths. Hearing things not present may convince them of conversations that were never spoken or give them false information. The character is considered Distracted while having a hallucination. This also makes the character constantly paranoid about the reality around them and therefore constantly Shaken.

A character that is psychotic has lost all grasps on reality and views all others as hostile. They are constantly Shaken with paranoia and Distracted by hallucinations and obsessed with ending anything that is out to get them. Reality may not look the same to a psychotic character and creatures, objects, and locations will be distorted in a constant hallucination. Their friends and family will also no longer appear to be themselves and conversations had with others will be distorted, nonsensical, and even hostile to them making them prone to attack even innocent creatures or characters.

A character with amnesia has forgotten all of their memories including friends, family, enemies, and locations. As a result, they will no longer actively remember their feats and spells but still have them. When attempting to use a spell, a spell is chosen at random from their spell list. All current quests, goals, and purpose are entirely forgotten as the character becomes unmotivated and entirely introverted. The character now also auto fails all Will Saves and Sanity Checks.