Jack of All Worlds

According to legend, long ago in eons past when all the worlds were one, Jack was a mortal human who strove to learn all he could about the universe, magic, and combat. He set out on a journey that would lead him to gaining knowledge of the deities which eventually lead to even him attaining godhood. Now, in his pursuit of all knowledge and worlds, he consistently reincarnates as a mortal to live a new life that he never would have experienced otherwise. Jack is one of the few beings to survive the splitting of worlds and as a result is considered the first Verse Strider outside of the Akashii. This also makes him the most worshiped deity in the Verse as he has visited multiple worlds both as a mortal hero or deity and exists in almost every pantheon whether under his original name or not and whether the religion knows it or not.

While as a mortal he retains few if not no memories of his godhood and instead lives a life as a new race, gender, and life style each time. This has opened the potentiality to those who worship him that literally any mortal at any time could be Jack seeking new knowledge on his never ending quest. Once Jack dies as a mortal he returns to godhood with all the new memories, abilities, and lessons he gained in his time as a mortal. Jack also has the ability to traverse the Verse and between worlds meaning he could be in any world at any time living any life he desires.

Priesthood of All Worlds
The Priesthood of All Worlds is the primary religion of Jack of All Worlds. Two major schools of thought preside within the priesthood based around the actions and beliefs of Jack. Because Jack continuously reincarnates he has provided very little instruction to his followers that the priesthood is aware of however, many hold the belief that the founder of the religion was Jack in mortal form.
The first school of thought recognizes that literally any mortal being could be Jack at any time including friends, family, enemies, and even wildlife. As a result, the first school is passive with strict vegan dietary rules and restrictions against harming all other life forms for fear of harming their own deity except for self-defense. Those who take up adventuring therefore typically play the roles of Stalwart Knights, Clerics, and other support classes. Likewise, they spend much of their time studying books, science, and magic on the chance that they themselves are Jack and therefore contribute as much knowledge to Jack’s mind as possible.
The second school of thought accepts that anyone could be Jack but especially themselves. They believe that they must experience as much of life as possible, especially unique moments or historical events, so that Jack has the experience as well. Sometimes one takes the prospect of possibly being Jack just a little too far and becomes arrogant in such an idea. Although they recognize that other beings could be Jack as well, they do not share the same hindrances as the first school. Instead, this also excites them in the prospect of being a worthy opponent for Jack in order to make him greater with the extra bit that Jack will then forever have memory of them either in making Jack better or in ending a cycle for Jack by striking him down. Either scenario is acceptable to such a follower and therefore makes them always give their all in combat. Followers in the second school of thought are often Paladins but many other classes are found amongst their ranks including from among the Specialists and Mages.