Magic Field

Spell Access Level: Cantrip
Mana Cost: 0 + Spell MC [See Description]
Potion / Rune / Scroll / Wand: No / No / No / No
Cast Time: Full Round Action
Range: Self
Duration: Concentration

Any spell that can be made into a Rune can be turned into an area of effect spell. This includes any spell that does not have “Mana” listed in it’s name and that is not an Orison. The magic field extends from the caster in 15 cubic feet by 15 cubic feet increments with the caster in the center. All applicable targets within the field become affected by the spell chosen by the caster. A Full Round Action is required to initially cast the spell and is maintained so long the caster keeps Concentration.
The amount of mana required to cast this spell depends on the spell effect and requirements. If the spell is meant for a single target, then the amount of mana required is the MC required per 5 cubic foot square affected. Touch target spells and range spells are considered to automatically succeed on any target that enters the magic field. Spells that deal damage or have status effects take place on the effected target’s turn. The mana used to cast the spell remains continuously depleted from the caster’s Mana Pool until they no longer maintain Concentration and the spell ends.