Mana Tornado

Spell Access Level: Abnormal
Mana Cost: >2 + See Size Chart
Potion / Rune / Scroll / Wand: No / Yes / Yes / Yes
Cast Time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Medium
Duration: 1 round / level

The caster creates a tornado of mana that deals 1 SD per 2 MC of damage to anything it touches as a destructive force. The tornado is strong enough to blow back anything that tries to cross through it making it impassable in the square it is in. Projectiles launched at it are redirected in a random direction and travels a distance equal to the caster’s Base Movement Speed. The tornado is strong enough to destroy Small or Weak structures. Any loose objects within 5 feet of the tornado whose weight category is Petite or lower are lifted into the air and circle the tornado and move with it. The size of the tornado depends on the amount of MC used to create it using the Size Chart. The tornado stays where it is made but can be moved by the caster up to the caster’s Base Movement Speed and doing is considered a Move Action.  The tornado type of damage the tornado deals varies if the caster has a Mana Affinity or Emotion Affinity.

  • Fire – The attack deals fire damage.
  • Earth – The attack deals earth damage.
  • Water – The attack deals water damage.
  • Air – The attack deals air damage.
  • Electricity – The attack deals shock damage.
  • Cold: –The attack deals cold damage.
  • Acid – The attack deals acid damage.
  • Light – The attack deals light damage.
  • Shadow – The attack deals shadow damage.
  • Ethereal – The attack deals ethereal damage.
  • Divine – The attack deals divine damage.
  • Psychic – The attack deals psychic damage.
  • Qi – The attack deals qi damage.
  • Life – The attack heals the target’s HP instead of damage.
  • Death – The attack deals death damage.
  • Time – The attack deals time damage.
  • Gravity – The attack deals gravity damage.
  • Null – The attack deals damage to the target’s MP instead of HP.
  • Joy – The natural attacks deal joy damage.
  • Sorrow – The natural attacks deal sorrow damage.
  • Fear – The natural attacks deal fear damage.
  • Anger – The natural attacks deal anger damage.
  • Love – The natural attacks deal love damage.
  • Hate – The natural attacks deal hate damage.
  • Neutral – The natural attacks deal neutral damage.
Size CategoryMana Cost
< Tiny0