Mana Web

Spell Access Level: Abnormal
Mana Cost: >2 +See Size Chart
Potion / Rune / Scroll / Wand: No / Yes / Yes / Yes
Cast Time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Close
Duration: 1 round /level

The caster creates a web that makes the target Helpless. The target must attempt a CMB to break out of the web each round and must beat the Spell DC to do so. The amount of MC required to make the web depends on the size of the target. If the web has an affinity then it can optionally deal 1 SD of damage per an additional 2 MC to the target along with any additional effects it provides depending on their Mana Affinity or Emotion Affinity.

  • Fire – The web deals fire damage and provides the Burned condition and ignites flammable objects on the helpless target.
  • Earth – The web deals earth damage and provides a protection from physical attacks with a hardness equal to the Spell DC to the helpless target.
  • Water – The web deals water damage and provides the Soaked condition to the helpless target.
  • Air – The web deals air damage and ranged and thrown items are thrown back at targets that fire at the grappled target and it provides a soft landing to falling targets so they do not take fall damage.
  • Electricity – The web deals shock damage and provides the Shocked condition to the helpless target.
  • Cold – The web deals cold damage and provides the Chilled condition to the helpless target.
  • Acid – The web deals acid damage and provides the Burned condition to the helpless target and the Fragile condition to any items on the helpless creature.
  • Light – The web deals light damage and provides the Brightened condition to the helpless target.
  • Shadow – The web deals shadow damage and provides total concealment to the helpless target.
  • Ethereal – The web deals ethereal damage and makes ethereal targets gain the Helpless condition.
  • Psychic – The web deals psychic damage and provides the Shaken condition to the helpless target.
  • Qi – The web deals qi damage and provides the Nauseated condition to the helpless target.
  • Life – The web heals the target’s HP instead of damage and provides the Stabilize condition to the helpless target.
  • Death – The web deals death damage and provides the Decayed condition to the helpless target.
  • Time – The web deals time damage and provides the Fatigued condition to the helpless target.
  • Gravity – The web deals gravity and provides the Encumbered condition to the helpless target.
  • Null – The web deals damage to the target’s MP instead of HP and and Nullifies any spell, rune, or magic item whose Spell DC is less than the MC used in the spell on the helpless target.
  • Joy – The web deals joy damage and provides a +1 bonus per 1 MC used to Empathy Save for 1 round per 1 additional MC used to the helpless target.
  • Sorrow – The web deals sorrow damage and provides the Flat Footed condition to the helpless target.
  • Fear – The web deals fear damage and provides the Frightened condition to the helpless target.
  • Anger – The web deals anger damage and provides the Enraged condition to the helpless target.
  • Love –The web deals love damage and makes the helpless target Favorable towards the caster.
  • Hate –The web deals hate damage and makes the helpless target Unfavorable towards the caster.
  • Neutral – The web deals neutral damage and provides the Tranquil condition to the helpless target.
Size CategoryMana Cost
< Tiny0