The Naga’s lower bodies are that of a snake while their upper bodies are that of a human. Many races abhor the naga and view them largely as abominations which has made them have a reputation for being hostile. However, many naga live simple lives in large communities with other naga in the swamps. Some venture outside of their native homes to travel or live as outsiders in large cities although this is rare.


Verse: Hella
Health Die:
Mana Die: 1d8
Physical Traits: Serpentine, Hybrid, Mammal, Reptile
Defensive Traits: Scales (+3 to Physical Reduction), Sweat (+2 vs heat)
Offensive Traits: Punch (1UD bludgeoning), Constrict (2UD bludgeoning)
Size: Medium
Age: Posthuman
Vision / Hearing / Smell: Medium / Medium / Medium
Languages: Common, Hellene
Genders: 31% male, 68% female, 1% intersex