Known as the Goddess of Rebirth, Nira acts as the final authority on what happens with the soul of all deceased creatures who are outside of a World. She decides if they should be reborn or broken down and returned to the Garden as pure Mana. When a spirit appears before her Nira pulls a book from within that spirit. This book is a detailed chronicle of everything that creature did in its life.

If the spirit is to be reborn, Nira will lead her to her Soul Forge. Here, she transforms the spirit into an other worldy substance and works it into a new form suited to the reincarnation Nira has chosen for them. The few beings who have had the privilege of seeing this forging process claim that Nira transforms the spirit like a master blacksmith making iron into the finest weapon.

Nira typically appears as a tall woman wearing a hooded black cloak bordered with ever shifting runes stitched out in gold. Her face is made of the purest shadow, with eyes that glow a brilliant sheen of gold and a gold symbol of an eight-pointed star. No one has seen the rest of her form, but it is said that looking too long on the form of her courts oblivion, for who can look upon pure Life and Death without being destroyed? It is believed that whenever a deity of death within a World dies their essence is returned to Nira for repurposing of even harvesting and feasting. Some even believe that all the deities of death are either created by Nira or manifestations of her within a given World.

The Order of Shadows

The Order of Shadows is the primary religion of Nira. This order is made up of individuals who have proven themselves worthy of Nira. They are skilled assassins who train to be able to take out targets that no one believes can be killed abd are usually corrupt figures of great renown or beings who have dared to claim themselves as immortals. Kills made by the Order of Shadows have a dagger placed through their heart, a dagger made of dark metal with a golden eight-pointed star engraved on the blade.

The Light of Rebirth

The Light of Rebirth is a church dedicated to honoring the life giving abilities of Nira. The priests of this church wear black robes with a golden eight-pointed star at the crown of the hood. Priests of The Light of Rebirth extol the virtues of Nira, offer guidance to any who feel they are on in the wrong path in life, and heal anyone whom they believe the Goddess of Rebirth would have greater plans for.