Ogres live in small tribes and communities in the wild and are mostly nomadic. Because of their stature and intimidating appearances they have a reputation for being hostile or even evil however, this is only a misconception. Some live in cities playing the part of body guards or laborers but most live simple lives and are often recruited by militaries for their strength and intimidating appearances.


Verse: Meropis
Health Die:
Mana Die: 1d4
Physical Traits: Humanoid, Mammal
Defensive Traits: Sweat (+2 vs heat)
Offensive Traits: Punch (1UD slashing), Bite (1UD piercing)
Size: Large
Age: Subhuman
Vision / Hearing / Smell: Lesser / Medium / Medium
Languages: Common, Meropian
Gender: 58% male, 40% female, 2% intersex