Oni are demonic creatures with horned heads, sharp teeth, and long hair whose skin tones are shades of red, blue, or green. Their sharp teeth protrude from their mouths and they have sharp horns that grow from their heads. They are considered a plague to many people because of their mischievous and sometimes malicious natures.


Verse: Nihonis
Health Die:
Mana Die: 1d8
Physical Traits: Humanoid, Mammal, Horns
Defensive Traits: Sweat (+2 vs heat)
Offensive Traits: Claw (1UD slashing), Bite (2UD piercing), Gorge (2UD piercing)
Size: Medium
Age: Fey
Vision / Hearing / Smell: Medium / Medium / Greater
Special: Low Light Vision
Languages: Common, Nihonite