Player Tools

All tools that a Player needs to be able to create characters is located on this page for ease of access.

Verse Inn

The Verse Inn is the community forum that players can use to share custom content, ask questions, role play, and interact directly with the Akashic Court.

Character Sheets

All currently available character sheets are available here for download so Players can print them out to play with friends. The sheets include those meant for character creation as well as other useful sheets including a Combat Tracker and Campaign Notes!

Character Creation

This guide will help players create their characters with step-by-step instructions and advice for new players.

Leveling System

The leveling system provides detailed instructions on how and when characters can level up and how to use the Build Point system. This also explains the type of campaign settings that a Verse Master can use for their leveling system and gives guidelines and instructions on ways to assign experience or milestones.


All currently available careers are detailed here. All characters need a career in order to make money, gain bonuses to their skills, and to perform special career abilities.

Class Templates

The class templates are designed to provide straightforward and traditional classes and players can use as a guideline to leveling their characters. Build Points are predetermined making it easy to use for new players or quick builds.