Rashid’s Bazaar


“I am Rashid and this is my bazaar. You can find anything and everything that you need from across the Verse from the most mundane to the most exotic. Let me give you a tour!”

Wealth & Trade

“Here you can find a detailed description of how money and inflation works as well as be able to purchase Trade Goods and even Poisons that you may find while adventuring.”

Items & Gear

“Here are all of the most mundane of items, clothing, cosmetics, and kits that contain survival tools and gear for adventuring and every day use.”

Weapons, Armor, & More

“Here you can purchase all currently known Weapons, Armor, and Shields from across time and space from any Time Era including their accessories and ammunition. You will also be able to receive Cybernetic Implants and browse the currently available Manatech.”

Magic Items & Artifacts

“Here can be found numerous magical items including enchanted items and weapons, potions and elixirs, scrolls, wands, and even unexplainable artifacts.”


“Here you can see all the available rides in the form of vehicles and mounts that can be found across the Verse from any Time Era.”