Basics & Combat

Learn the basics of combat and how to attack, deal damage, and cast spells. All of the essentials of gameplay are listed here.

Skills, Knowledge, & Training

A detailed list and explanation of all of the Skills, Knowledge, and Training that a character can train in.

Actions & Maneuvers

A detailed list and explanation of all the Combat Actions and Combat Maneuvers that characters and companions can use during combat.


All of the rules and calculations required for crafting including potions, elixirs, runes, enchantments, sigils, scrolls, spell books, wands, staffs, magic seals, and traps as well as the rules for poisons and their antidotes and rules for spell crafting.


A list of all currently available curses that characters can be inflicted with including possession, lycanthropy, and vampirism.


A detailed description for all adventuring scenarios including item hardness, sanity & boredom, grooming & hygiene, nights & sleeping, campsites, hunting & harvesting, fishing, environmental hazards, and campions.

Verse Master Tools

All the tools a Verse Master needs to create and run a campaign including the creatures, races, and deities within it.