Shabti are stone and wood constructs that were mythically created by the deities of Kemet. The appearances of the shabti vary depending on how they were created and are made out of wood, stone, mudbricks, or reinforced papyrus. Because of how they were created, they can have different appearances and genders including the likeness of any race or a mix. For example, some have human bodies with an animal head while others are a mix-match of different animals however, they are always bipedal. Their facial features look as if they were painted on making them capable of having unique paint patterns that act as tattoos. They have historically acted as priests at temples or servants to the Pharaohs of Kemet.


Verse: Kemet
Health Die: 1d10
Mana Die: 1d8
Physical Traits: Bipedal, Artificial
Defensive Traits: Construct (+5 to Physical Reduction)
Offensive Traits: Varies (See Description)
Size: Medium
Age: Subfey
Vision / Hearing / Smell: Lesser / Lesser / Lesser
Languages: Common, Kemetic
Gender: 25% male, 25% female, 25% intersex, 25% genderless