Shajem are humanoid shadow elementals that have the unique ability to merge with shadows as a move action. In appearance, they look identical to shadows, except with glowing eyes that are usually green, red, or white. They appear as solid shadows that can be difficult for other races to comprehend and their genders are difficult to differentiate, especially since their voices have less range than other races. Where the Shajem originated from is largely a mystery. They prefer living in dark and hidden areas, sometimes even living in other people’s homes without them realizing it.


Verse: Agartha
Health Die: 1d6
Mana Die: 1d10
Physical Traits: Humanoid, Elemental
Defensive Traits: Affinity Body
Offensive Traits: Claw (1UD slashing), Kick (1UD bludgeoning) Bloodline (Shadow)
Size: Medium
Age: Subfey
Vision / Hearing / Smell: Greater / Medium / Lesser
Special: Dark Vision
Languages: Common, Agarthan
Gender: 33% male, 35% female, 8% intersex, 24% genderless