Shape Terrain

Spell Access Level: Uncommon
Mana Cost: >1
Potion / Rune / Scroll / Wand: No / No / No / No
Cast Time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Long
Duration: 1 round / level

The caster warps the landscape around them to perform physical actions. The caster can shape the environment at a rate of 1 cubic feet per 1 MC in order to change the environment physically (ex: a steep ledge can be shaped to have foot holes to climb or a slippery hill can be changed into a staircase). This can also be used to make regular terrain difficult terrain and vice versa. This can only be used on natural environments and not artificial materials or structures unless it is made out of raw earth (i.e. not refined metals). These effects last for 1 round per caster’s level.
Alternatively, the caster can performs attacks using their environment as a ranged CMB (ex: a Grapple may have vines or the ground attempt to grab, trip, pin, or disarm a target or the ground below them may bull rush or reposition them). Any CMB can be made against a target’s CMD as a ranged CMB attack. The amount of MC used into the attack must meet or exceed the target’s CMD with a minimum cost of 1 MC. The target must make a CMB against the Spell DC to break free from the grapple and more MC can be put into the spell to increase the Spell DC. If making a Bull Rush then for every extra 5 MC over the target’s CMD used, the target is pushed one additional 5 foot square back. Grapples last for 1 round per caster’s level.