Shed are devilish beings that are hideous monstrous beings with horned heads, sharp teeth, and bat wings to fly with. Their skin tones are shades of crimson with tufts of thick grey, black, or red hair. They embody in every way the idea of demonic visage. The shed are in an unending war with the malakim for control over Avalon and are constantly trying to recruit others to their cause.


Verse: Avalon
Health Die:
Mana Die: 1d10
Physical Traits: Humanoid, Mammal, Horns, Wings
Defensive Traits: Sweat (+2 vs heat)
Offensive Traits: Claw (2UD slashing), Bite (1UD piercing)
Size: Medium
Age: Fey
Vision / Hearing / Smell: Greater / Greater / Greater
Special: Dark Vision, Scent
Languages: Common, Avalonian
Gender: 42% male, 42% female, 6% intersex