Soul Split

Spell Access Level: Very Rare
Mana Cost: >10
Potion / Rune / Scroll / Wand: No / Yes / No / No
Cast Time: Full Round Action
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 round / level

The caster has portions of a target’s soul split and transferred into another target. In doing so, the target’s Constitution Score decreases however, the HP of the target does not decrease. If the target’s soul is put into another target creature then the other creature has its Constitution Score increased by the amount shared. If the target’s soul is put into an inanimate object the the object gains a Constitution Score equal to the amount put into it. The original target’s soul can be split into multiple different targets.
The original target cannot be killed unless all of the split souls are also killed. If the target’s HP reaches 0 then they fall unconscious for 24 hours. If their body is destroyed, it regenerates where it was destroyed after 24 hours. If the caster’s split soul is in a creature then the creature it was split into must be completely killed or take Constitution damage equal to the amount split into it before that portion of the soul is killed.
If the soul was split into an object then the object must either be destroyed or be given the broken condition or take Constitution damage equal to the amount split into it before that portion of the soul is killed. The original target is aware of this happening in either case. The split portions of soul return to the original target in 24 hours if the original target is not entirely killed until then. If all of the target’s soul is split up to having 0 Constitution then they are treated as if having no Constitution Score instead of a Constitution Score of 0 and are immune to Constitution effects and Constitution Saves as if undead.
If all of a target creature’s soul is put into one inanimate object at once then the object becomes a phylactery and the original target creature becomes a lich and therefore no longer ages and cannot die from old age in addition to all other effects gained from having their soul split. If the phylactery is destroyed or is broken or takes Constitution damage equal to the original target’s Constitution then the original target creature immediately dies. Phylacteries and other objects that have a split soul are capable of making Constitution Saves against spells and effects that require them. If soul split is made into a rune then the target’s soul is split into the rune itself requiring it to be ruined if made permanent.
The amount of MC required to split a soul is 10 MC per 1 Constitution point that is split and can only be split into another touched target. If cast on an unwilling target then they receive a Constitution Save against the spell. If they are successful then they are immune to the spell from the same source for 24 hours otherwise, their soul is split into the chosen target. The spell lasts for 1 round per caster’s level.