Soul Swap

Spell Access Level: Very Rare
Mana Cost: See Size Chart
Potion / Rune / Scroll / Wand: No / Yes / Yes / No
Cast Time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Touch
Duration: 1 hour / level

Two creatures swap bodies as their souls switch places. When the caster touches another creature they can have their soul switch with another creature that is being touched with their other hand or it is transferred into an object that is being touched. The caster can also swap their soul with the touched target instead. Creatures placed into items exist within a pocket dimension attached to the item and are helpless to leave except either via another Soul Swap, Nullify, Wish, Astral Projection, or waiting until the spell ends. If a creature is killed while being possessed or if the object a soul is possessing is destroyed, then the soul that was in the vessel dies and the soul of the swapped target remains permanently trapped unless Soul Swap is used on them again or a Wish is used to restore their body and soul together. If a soul is placed inside of an inanimate object then they control the object as per the Possess rules.
All unwilling creatures must make a Constitution Save against the Spell DC. If the target creatures succeed the Save, they become immune to the spell for 24 hours from the same source. If they fail, their soul is forced out of their body and placed into the new vessel. If two unwilling creatures are having their souls swapped and only one fails and the other succeeds, the spell still fails but the creature that failed their Constitution Save is not immune to the spell and can have it attempted on them again with another creature. The amount of MC required depends on the size of the two vessels whose souls are being swapped combined.

Size CategoryMana Cost
< Tiny0