Transmute Affinity

Spell Access Level: Abnormal
Mana Cost: >1
Potion / Rune / Scroll / Wand: No / No /No/ Yes
Cast Time: 1 Standard Action
Range: Close
Duration: Instant

The caster transmutes one affinity into a different affinity that the caster knows. Whenever a spell is cast with an affinity or if an item is enchanted with an affinity, the caster can change the affinity it possesses into a different affinity that the caster has. Which affinity it is changed to depends on the Mana Affinity or Emotion Affinity of the caster. Once changed, the spell gains all effects of the new affinity depending on what the spell is. The amount of MC required depends on the amount of MC the original spell was cast with and the caster must meet or overcome the Spell DC of the original spell, enchanted item, or rune in order to change it’s affinity.