Verse Master Tools

Verse Masters (VM) are those who are in control of a campaign. Where Players play as their created Characters, all enemies of the players and all Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) are controlled by and role played by the Verse Master. The representative of the Verse Master themselves within their worlds and campaigns are the Akashii.

The Verse Master sets the rules, determines the Campaign Setting, chooses the Time Era, and informs the Players on what is and isn’t allowed within their worlds. The story, what enemies exist, and the ultimate goals of the players are determined by them. Provided here are various tools to make the job of the Verse Master easier for creating custom content. Players are also welcome to create their own content but it is up to the Verse Master as to whether they allow it in their campaign or not.

Campaign Building

Every Verse Master must build their Campaign and typically from scratch. The Campaign Building rules gives the Verse Master the ability to build entire worlds and planets, choose the Time Era they belong in, and decide on the type of Campaign Setting. The rules also provide Settlement Creation rules that allow the Verse Master to decide detailed specifics about governments, economics, and structures of a civilization including the ability to have kingdoms battle and fight over resources.

Creature Creation

The Creature Creation rules gives the Verse Master and Players the ability to create any custom monster, race, construct, or creature they can imagine. The rules are versatile and flavor text is added by the creatures instead of the rules to permit very unique creatures. Two creatures may both have Claw attacks but what kind of creature that is created determines how the Claw attacks are used and only the one who created the creature can determine this.

Vehicle Creation

The Vehicle Creation rules gives the Verse Master and Players the ability to create any custom artificial Ride in the form of technological vehicles regardless of the Time Era they are from. The types of vehicles range from the most simplistic such as a Canoe or Raft to the most extreme such as giant mechanical robots to space stations the size of moons. The tools are designed to provide the specific mechanics while the flavor dictates the exact appearance and idea of its creator.

Deity Creation

The Deity Creation Rules allow for a Verse Master to create an entire pantheon of deities with various Domains they can rule over and even a Ranking system that lets them organize them in levels of strength and hierarchy. These rules can also be used for Players who may achieve divinity the status of deity within the Verse Masters campaign or even allow the Verse Master to have an entire campaign of deities battling for control over a universe.

Encounter Generator

The Encounter Generator allows the Verse Master to randomly generate encounters for Players while they are out adventuring, traveling long distances, or entering a new area or town. This provides quick building rules for NPCs, Dungeons, Events, and Anomalies that can be used at any time the Verse Master needs.