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Weapons & Ammunition

The weapons are organized based on what time era they are available in. Each Time Era has access to the weapons in their weapon chart and all weapons from the weapon charts of the Time Eras before it, but not from the Time Eras after it unless the Verse Master decides to introduce certain technology sooner either through advancement, extraterrestrial interactions, or time travelers. Although the weapons and materials in each chart are available, the materials may be rare or hard to find and older weapons should be considered the standard or most common at weapon shops. Current Time Era charts represent the newest productions in technology and therefore the most expensive and rarest and this should be considered when deciding what weapons are available to Characters especially at lower levels.

Prehistoric Weapons
WeaponTypeWeightPrice (p)SmallMediumLargeAttack bonusDamage TypeCritRangeSpecial
Club, EbonyOne Handed3 lbs.301d41d61d80Bludgeoningx25 feetFragile
Combat Knife, CoralOne Handed1 lbs.151d31d41d60Slashingx25 feetFragile
Combat Knife, EbonyOne Handed1 lbs.101d31d41d60Bludgeoningx25 feetFragile, Nonlethal
Combat Knife, StoneOne Handed4 lbs.151d31d41d60Slashingx25 feet
Combat Knife, IvoryOne Handed1 lbs.201d31d41d60Slashingx25 feet
Shortsword, CoralOne Handed2 lbs.451d41d61d81Slashingx25 feetFragile
Shortsword, EbonyOne Handed2 lbs.401d41d61d81Bludgeoningx25 feetFragile, Nonlethal
Shortsword, StoneOne Handed5 lbs.451d41d61d81Slashingx25 feet
Shortsword, IvoryOne Handed2 lbs.501d41d61d81Slashingx25 feet
Longsword, CoralOne Handed4 lbs.751d41d61d82Slashingx210 feetFragile
Longsword, EbonyOne Handed4 lbs.701d41d61d82Bludgeoningx210 feetFragile, Nonlethal
Longsword, IvoryOne Handed4 lbs.801d41d61d82Slashingx210 feet
Longsword, StoneOne Handed7 lbs.751d41d61d82Slashingx210 feet
Baton, EbonyOne Handed1 lbs.401d41d61d80Bludgeoningx25 FeetFragile
Baton, IvoryOne Handed1 lbs.501d41d61d80Bludgeoningx25 Feet
Baton, StoneOne Handed4 lbs.451d41d61d80Bludgeoningx25 Feet
Battle Hammer, CoralOne Handed4 lbs.951d61d81d101Bludgeoningx25 feetBreak, Fragile
Battle Hammer, EbonyOne Handed4 lbs.901d61d81d101Bludgeoningx25 feetBreak, Fragile, Nonlethal
Battle Hammer, IvoryOne Handed4 lbs.1001d61d81d101Bludgeoningx25 feetBreak
Battle Hammer, StoneOne Handed7 lbs.951d61d81d101Bludgeoningx25 feetBreak
Battle Ax, CoralOne Handed3 lbs.951d61d81d102Slashingx25 feetFragile
Battle Ax, EbonyOne Handed3 lbs.901d61d81d102Bludgeoningx25 feetFragile, Nonlethal
Battle Ax, StoneOne Handed6 lbs.951d61d81d102Slashingx25 feet
Battle Ax, IvoryOne Handed3 lbs.1001d61d81d102Slashingx25 feet
Sickle, IvoryOne Handed2 lbs.301d31d41d61Slashingx25 feetTrip
Battle Mace, CoralOne Handed4 lbs.451d41d61d81Bludgeoningx25 feetFragile
Battle Mace, EbonyOne Handed4 lbs.401d41d61d81Bludgeoningx25 feetFragile, Nonlethal
Battle Mace, StoneOne Handed7 lbs.451d41d61d81Bludgeoningx25 feet
Battle Mace, IvoryOne Handed4 lbs.501d41d61d81Bludgeoningx25 feet
Machete, IvoryOne Handed2 lbs.501d41d61d82Slashingx25 Feet
Rapier, CoralOne Handed1 lbs.751d41d61d81Piercingx25 feetFinesse, Fragile
Rapier, EbonyOne Handed1 lbs.701d41d61d81Bludgeoningx25 feetFinesse, Fragile, Nonlethal
Rapier, IvoryOne Handed1 lbs.801d41d61d81Piercingx25 feetFinesse
Flail, CoralOne Handed5 lbs.951d61d81d102Bludgeoningx25 feetTrip, Fragile
Flail, EbonyOne Handed5 lbs.901d61d81d102Bludgeoningx25 feetTrip, Fragile, Nonlethal
Flail, StoneOne Handed8 lbs.951d61d81d102Bludgeoningx25 feetTrip
Flail, IvoryOne Handed5 lbs.1001d61d81d102Bludgeoningx25 feetTrip
Cutlass, CoralOne Handed5 lbs.451d41d61d82Slashingx25 feetFragile
Cutlass, EbonyOne Handed5 lbs.401d41d61d82Bludgeoningx25 feetFragile, Nonlethal
Cutlass, IvoryOne Handed5 lbs.501d41d61d82Slashingx25 feet
Cutlass, StoneOne Handed8 lbs.451d41d61d82Slashingx25 feet
Shillelagh, EbonyTwo Handed5 lbs.901d61d81d101Bludgeoningx210 feetFragile
Broadsword, CoralTwo Handed5 lbs.951d61d81d101Slashingx210 feetFragile
Broadsword, EbonyTwo Handed5 lbs.901d61d81d101Bludgeoningx210 feetFragile, Nonlethal
Broadsword, StoneTwo Handed8 lbs.951d61d81d101Slashingx210 feet
Broadsword, IvoryTwo Handed5 lbs.1001d61d81d101Slashingx210 feet
War Hammer, CoralTwo Handed14 lbs.1152d62d82d102Bludgeoningx210 feetBreak, Fragile
War Hammer, EbonyTwo Handed14 lbs.1102d62d82d102Bludgeoningx210 feetBreak, Fragile, Nonlethal
War Hammer, IvoryTwo Handed14 lbs.1202d62d82d102Bludgeoningx210 feetBreak
War Hammer, StoneTwo Handed17 lbs.1152d62d82d102Bludgeoningx210 feetBreak
War Ax, CoralTwo Handed12 lbs.951d81d101d123Slashingx210 feetFragile
War Ax, EbonyTwo Handed12 lbs.901d81d101d123Bludgeoningx210 feetFragile, Nonlethal
War Ax, IvoryTwo Handed12 lbs.1001d81d101d123Slashingx210 feet
War Ax, StoneTwo Handed15 lbs.951d81d101d123Slashingx210 feet
Scythe, IvoryTwo Handed10 lbs.1001d41d61d82Slashingx210 feetDeadly
War Mace, CoralTwo Handed8 lbs.951d61d81d102Bludgeoningx210 feetFragile
War Mace, EbonyTwo Handed8 lbs.901d61d81d102Bludgeoningx210 feetFragile, Nonlethal
War Mace, IvoryTwo Handed8 lbs.1001d61d81d102Bludgeoningx210 feet
War Mace, StoneTwo Handed11 lbs.951d61d81d102Bludgeoningx210 feet
Pick, StoneTwo Handed6 lbs.451d41d61d81Piercingx25 feet
Pickax, StoneTwo Handed10 lbs.451d41d61d82Slashing & Piercingx25 feet
Escrima Sticks, EbonyDual3 lbs.401d41d61d80Bludgeoningx25 feetFinesse, Fragile
Parrying Daggers, CoralDual2 lbs.451d41d61d80Slashingx25 feetFragile
Parrying Daggers, EbonyDual2 lbs.401d41d61d80Bludgeoningx25 feetFragile, Nonlethal
Parrying Daggers, StoneDual5 lbs.451d41d61d80Slashingx25 feet
Parrying Daggers, IvoryDual2 lbs.501d41d61d80Slashingx25 feet
Butterfly Swords, CoralDual5 lbs.951d61d81d101Slashingx25 feetFragile
Butterfly Swords, EbonyDual5 lbs.901d61d81d101Bludgeoningx25 feetFragile, Nonlethal
Butterfly Swords, IvoryDual5 lbs.1001d61d81d101Slashingx25 feet
Butterfly Swords, StoneDual8 lbs.951d61d81d101Slashingx25 feet
Hook Swords, CoralDual5 lbs.1151d61d81d102Slashingx210 feetTrip, Fragile
Hook Swords, EbonyDual5 lbs.1101d61d81d102Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Fragile, Nonlethal
Hook Swords, IvoryDual5 lbs.1201d61d81d102Slashingx210 feetTrip
Hook Swords, StoneDual8 lbs.1151d61d81d102Slashingx210 feetTrip
Gauntlets, IvoryUnarmed1 lbs.50357Bludgeoningx25 feetUnarmed
Gauntlets, CoralUnarmed4 lbs.40357Bludgeoningx25 feetUnarmed, Fragile
Gauntlets, StoneUnarmed4 lbs.45357Bludgeoningx25 feetUnarmed
Spiked Gauntlets, CoralUnarmed2 lbs.95468Piercingx25 feetUnarmed, Fragile
Spiked Gauntlets, IvoryUnarmed2 lbs.100468Piercingx25 feetUnarmed
Spiked Gauntlets, StoneUnarmed5 lbs.95468Piercingx25 feetUnarmed
Halberd, CoralSpear13 lbs.951d61d81d102Slashing & Piercingx215 feetFragile
Halberd, EbonySpear13 lbs.901d61d81d102Bludgeoningx215 feetFragile, Nonlethal
Halberd, StoneSpear15 lbs.951d61d81d102Slashing & Piercingx215 feet
Halberd, EbonySpear13 lbs.1001d61d81d102Slashing & Piercingx215 feet
Javelin, CoralSpear10 lbs.501d41d61d81Piercingx215 feetFragile
Javelin, IvorySpear10 lbs.501d41d61d81Piercingx215 feet
Javelin, StoneSpear13 lbs.451d41d61d81Piercingx215 feet
Javelin, EbonySpear10 lbs.401d41d61d81Piercing, Fragilex215 feet
Bow Staff, EbonySpear4 lbs.401d41d61d80Bludgeoningx215 feetFragile
Trident, EbonySpear4 lbs.901d61d81d102Piercingx215 feetFragile, Nonlethal
Trident, IvorySpear4 lbs.1001d61d81d102Piercingx215 feet
Trident, CoralSpear4 lbs.951d61d81d102Piercingx215 feetFragile
Trident, StoneSpear7 lbs.951d61d81d102Piercingx215 feet
Channeling Stave, EbonySpear4 lbs.701d31d41d60Bludgeoningx215 feetFragile, Spell Attack +1
Shortbow, CoralRanged2 lbs.401d41d61d81Piercingx250 feetFragile
Shortbow, EbonyRanged2 lbs.401d41d61d81Piercingx250 feetFragile
Shortbow, IvoryRanged2 lbs.501d41d61d81Piercingx250 feet
Longbow, CoralRanged3 lbs.901d41d61d82Piercingx2100 feetFragile
Longbow, EbonyRanged3 lbs.901d41d61d82Piercingx2100 feetFragile
Longbow, IvoryRanged3 lbs.1001d41d61d82Piercingx2100 feet
Crossbow, EbonyRanged5 lbs.901d61d81d102Piercingx275 feetFragile
Slingshot, EbonyRanged1 lbs.201d21d31d40Bludgeoningx220 feetFragile
BlowgunRanged1 lbs.201d21d31d40Piercingx230 feet
Throwing Knife, CoralThrown1 lbs.251d31d41d60Piercingx2ThrowFragile
Throwing Knife, IvoryThrown1 lbs.301d31d41d60Piercingx2Throw
Throwing Ax, CoralThrown2 lbs.251d31d41d60Piercingx2ThrowFragile
Throwing Ax, IvoryThrown2 lbs.301d31d41d60Piercingx2Throw
Claw Blades, CoralExotic2 lbs.451d31d41d61Slashingx25 FeetFragile
Claw Blades, IvoryExotic2 lbs.501d31d41d61Slashingx25 Feet
Meteor Hammer, CoralExotic3 lbs.851d41d61d81Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse
Meteor Hammer, EbonyExotic3 lbs.801d41d61d81Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse
Meteor Hammer, IvoryExotic3 lbs.951d41d61d81Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse
Meteor Hammer, StoneExotic3 lbs.901d41d61d81Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse
Battle PoiExotic2 lbs.801d41d61d81Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse, Fragile
Sword Cane, CoralExotic2 lbs.451d41d61d80Slashingx25 feetFragile
Sword Cane, EbonyExotic2 lbs.401d41d61d80Slashingx25 feetFragile, Nonlethal
Sword Cane, IvoryExotic2 lbs.501d41d61d80Slashingx25 feet
Sword Cane, StoneExotic5 lbs.451d41d61d80Slashingx25 feet
WhipExotic1 lbs.1001d41d61d80Bludgeoningx220 feetTrip, Finesse
Bludgeoning DebrisImprovised1 lbs.201d31d41d60Bludgeoningx25 feet
BranchImprovised1 lbs.51d41d61d80Bludgeoningx25 feetFragile
Bat, EbonyImprovised1 lbs.401d41d61d80Bludgeoningx25 FeetFragile
Small ObjectImprovised1 lbs.101d31d41d60Bludgeoningx25 feetFragile
RockImprovised½ lbs.51d31d41d60Bludgeoningx25 feetFragile
Spare Arrow, EbonyImprovised1/10 lbs.41d21d31d40Piercingx25 feetFragile, Nonlethal
Spare Arrow, IvoryImprovised1/10 lbs.51d21d31d40Piercingx25 feetFragile
Spare Arrow, StoneImprovised2.5/10 lbs.4.51d21d31d40Piercingx25 feetFragile
Spare Arrow, CoralImprovised1/10 lbs.4.51d21d31d40Piercingx25 feetFragile
Ancient Weapons
WeaponTypeWeightPrice (p)SmallMediumLargeAttack bonusDamage TypeCritRangeSpecial
Combat Knife, BronzeOne Handed1 lbs.251d31d41d61Slashingx25 feetFragile
Combat Knife, IronOne Handed3 lbs.301d31d41d61Slashingx25 feet
Combat Knife, ObsidianOne Handed1 lbs.351d31d41d63Slashingx25 feetFragile
Shortsword, BronzeOne Handed2 lbs.551d41d61d82Slashingx25 feetFragile
Shortsword, IronOne Handed4 lbs.601d41d61d82Slashingx25 feet
Shortsword, ObsidianOne Handed2 lbs.651d41d61d84Slashingx25 feetFragile
Longsword, BronzeOne Handed4 lbs.851d41d61d83Slashingx210 feetFragile
Longsword, IronOne Handed6 lbs.901d41d61d83Slashingx210 feet
Longsword, ObsidianOne Handed4 lbs.951d41d61d85Slashingx210 feetFragile
Baton, IronOne Handed4 lbs.1101d61d81d102Bludgeoningx25 feet
Battle Hammer, BronzeOne Handed4 lbs.1051d61d81d102Bludgeoningx25 feetBreak, Fragile
Battle Hammer, IronOne Handed6 lbs.1101d61d81d102Bludgeoningx25 feetBreak
Battle Hammer, ObsidianOne Handed4 lbs.1151d61d81d104Bludgeoningx25 feetBreak, Fragile
Battle Ax, BronzeOne Handed3 lbs.1051d61d81d103Slashingx25 feetFragile
Battle Ax, IronOne Handed5 lbs.1101d61d81d103Slashingx25 feet
Battle Ax, ObsidianOne Handed3 lbs.1151d61d81d105Slashingx25 feetFragile
Sickle, BronzeOne Handed2 lbs.351d31d41d62Slashingx25 feetTrip, Fragile
Battle Mace, BronzeOne Handed4 lbs.551d41d61d82Bludgeoningx25 feetFragile
Battle Mace, IronOne Handed6 lbs.601d41d61d82Bludgeoningx25 feet
Battle Mace, ObsidianOne Handed4 lbs.651d41d61d83Bludgeoningx25 feetFragile
Machete, ObsidianOne Handed2 lbs.651d41d61d84Slashingx25 FeetFragile
Rapier, BronzeOne Handed1 lbs.851d41d61d82Piercingx25 feetFinesse, Fragile
Flail, BronzeOne Handed5 lbs.1051d61d81d103Bludgeoningx25 feetTrip, Fragile
Flail, IronOne Handed7 lbs.1101d61d81d103Bludgeoningx25 feetTrip
Flail, ObsidianOne Handed5 lbs.1151d61d81d105Bludgeoningx25 feetTrip, Fragile
Cutlass, BronzeOne Handed5 lbs.551d41d61d83Slashingx25 feetFragile
Cutlass, IronOne Handed7 lbs.601d41d61d83Slashingx25 feet
Cutlass, ObsidianOne Handed5 lbs.651d41d61d85Slashingx25 feetFragile
Broadsword, BronzeTwo Handed5 lbs.1051d61d81d102Slashingx210 feetFragile
Broadsword, IronTwo Handed7 lbs.1101d61d81d102Slashingx210 feet
Broadsword, ObsidianTwo Handed5 lbs.1151d61d81d104Slashingx210 feetFragile
War Hammer, BronzeTwo Handed14 lbs.1252d62d82d103Bludgeoningx210 feetBreak, Fragile
War Hammer, IronTwo Handed16 lbs.1302d62d82d103Bludgeoningx210 feetBreak
War Hammer, ObsidianTwo Handed14 lbs.1352d62d82d105Bludgeoningx210 feetBreak, Fragile
War Ax, BronzeTwo Handed12 lbs.1051d81d101d124Slashingx210 feetFragile
War Ax, IronTwo Handed14 lbs.1101d81d101d124Slashingx210 feet
War Ax, ObsidianTwo Handed12 lbs.1151d81d101d126Slashingx210 feetFragile
Scythe, ObsidianTwo Handed10 lbs.1151d41d61d85Slashingx210 feetDeadly, Fragile
War Mace, BronzeTwo Handed8 lbs.1051d61d81d103Bludgeoningx210 feetFragile
War Mace, IronTwo Handed10 lbs.1101d61d81d103Bludgeoningx210 feet
War Mace, ObsidianTwo Handed8 lbs.1151d61d81d105Bludgeoningx210 feetFragile
Pick, IronTwo Handed5 lbs.601d41d61d82Piercingx25 feet
Pickax, IronTwo Handed9 lbs.601d41d61d82Slashing & Piercingx25 feet
Parrying Daggers, BronzeDual2 lbs.551d41d61d81Slashingx25 feetFragile
Parrying Daggers, IronDual4 lbs.601d41d61d81Slashingx25 feet
Parrying Daggers, ObsidianDual2 lbs.651d41d61d83Slashingx25 feetFragile
Butterfly Swords, BronzeDual5 lbs.1051d61d81d102Slashingx25 feetFragile
Butterfly Swords, IronDual7 lbs.1101d61d81d102Slashingx25 feet
Butterfly Swords, ObsidianDual5 lbs.1151d61d81d104Slashingx25 feetFragile
Hook Swords, BronzeDual5 lbs.1251d61d81d103Slashingx210 feetTrip, Fragile
Hook Swords, IronDual7 lbs.1301d61d81d103Slashingx210 feetTrip
Hook Swords, ObsidianDual5 lbs.1351d61d81d105Slashingx210 feetTrip, Fragile
Dueling Revolvers, ClockworkDual10 lbs.2001d81d101d123Piercingx2
50 feetFatal
CaestusUnarmed.5 lb.25123Bludgeoningx25 feet
Gauntlets, BronzeUnarmed1 lbs.55468Bludgeoningx25 feetUnarmed, Fragile
Gauntlets, IronUnarmed3 lbs.60468Bludgeoningx25 feetUnarmed
Gauntlets, ObsidianUnarmed1 lbs.656810Bludgeoningx25 feetUnarmed, Fragile
Spiked Gauntlets, BronzeUnarmed2 lbs.105579Piercingx25 feetUnarmed, Fragile
Spiked Gauntlets, IronUnarmed4 lbs.110579Piercingx25 feetUnarmed
Spiked Gauntlets, ObsidianUnarmed2 lbs.1157911Piercingx25 feetUnarmed, Fragile
Iron KnucklesUnarmed2 lbs.30123Bludgeoningx25 feetUnarmed
Halberd, BronzeSpear12 lbs.1051d61d81d103Slashing & Piercingx215 feetFragile
Halberd, IronSpear14 lbs.1101d61d81d103Slashing & Piercingx215 feet
Halberd, ObsidianSpear12 lbs.1151d61d81d105Slashing & Piercingx215 feetFragile
Javelin, BronzeSpear10 lbs.551d41d61d82Piercingx215 feetFragile
Javelin, IronSpear12 lbs.601d41d61d82Piercingx215 feet
Javelin, ObsidianSpear10 lbs.651d41d61d84Piercingx215 feetFragile
Trident, BronzeSpear4 lbs.1051d61d81d103Piercingx215 feetFragile
Trident, IronSpear4 lbs.1101d61d81d103Piercingx215 feet
Trident, ObsidianSpear4 lbs.1151d61d81d105Piercingx215 feetFragile
Channeling Stave, BronzeSpear6 lbs.1151d41d61d82Bludgeoningx215 feetFragile, Spell Attack +2
Crossbow, ClockworkRanged10 lbs.1001d61d81d102Piercingx275 feet
Blunderbuss, ClockworkRanged8 lbs.1501d81d101d121Bludgeoningx330 feet
Pistol, ClockworkRanged10 lbs.2001d101d122d83Piercing
50 feetFatal
Rifle, ClockworkRanged15 lbs.2501d122d8/+41d204Piercing
100 feetFatal
Sniper Rifle, ClockworkRanged17 lbs.3001d122d81d205Piercing
500 feetFatal
Bomb, BlackpowderThrown3 lbs.1502d62d82d101Explosivex3ThrowDeadly
Throwing Knife, IronThrown3 lbs.401d31d41d61Piercingx2Throw
Throwing Ax, IronThrown5 lbs.401d31d41d61Piercingx2Throw
Smoke GrenadeThrown1 lbs.50Bludgeoning20 sqr feetSmoke
Meteor Hammer, BronzeExotic3 lbs.951d41d61d81Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse
Meteor Hammer, IronExotic4 lbs.1051d41d61d81Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse
Battle Poi, BronzeExotic3 lbs.951d41d61d81Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse, Ignite
Battle Poi, IronExotic4 lbs.1051d41d61d81Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse, Ignite
Claw Blades, BronzeExotic2 lbs.551d31d41d62Slashingx25 FeetFragile
Claw Blades, IronExotic4 lbs.601d31d41d62Slashingx25 Feet
Sword Cane, BronzeExotic2 lbs.551d41d61d81Slashingx25 feetFragile
Sword Cane, IronExotic4 lbs.601d41d61d81Slashingx25 feet
Sword Cane, ObsidianExotic2 lbs.651d41d61d83Slashingx25 feetFragile
Chain Whip, IronExotic4 lbs.1101d41d61d82Bludgeoningx220 feetTrip
Bat, IronExotic4 lbs.901d41d61d82Bludgeoningx25 feet
Spare Arrow, BronzeImprovised1/10 lbs.5.51d21d31d41Piercingx25 feetFragile
Spare Arrow, IronImprovised2/10 lbs.61d21d31d41Piercingx25 feetFragile
Spare Arrow, ObsidianImprovised1/10 lbs.6.51d21d31d43Piercingx25 feetFragile
Spare Bolt, BronzeImprovised3/10 lbs.6.51d21d31d42Piercingx25 feetFragile
Spare Bolt, IronImprovised4/10 lbs.71d21d31d42Piercingx25 feetFragile
Spare Bolt, ObsidianImprovised3/10 lbs.7.51d21d31d44Piercingx25 feetFragile
Medieval Weapons
WeaponTypeWeightPrice (p)SmallMediumLargeAttack bonusDamage TypeCritRangeSpecial
Combat Knife, SteelOne Handed3 lbs.401d31d41d62Slashingx25 feet
Combat Knife, MithralOne Handed1 lbs.451d31d21d62Slashingx25 feet
Shortsword, SteelOne Handed4 lbs.701d41d61d83Slashingx25 feet
Shortsword, MithralOne Handed2 lbs.751d31d61d83Slashingx25 feet
Katana, SteelOne Handed4 lbs.1051d41d61d84Slashingx210 feetKeen, Deadly
Katana, MithralOne Handed4 lbs.1151d41d61d84Slashingx210 feetKeen, Deadly
Longsword, SteelOne Handed6 lbs.1001d41d61d84Slashingx210 feet
Longsword, MithralOne Handed4 lbs.1051d41d61d84Slashingx210 feet
Baton, SteelOne Handed4 lbs.1201d61d81d103Bludgeoningx25 feet
Battle Hammer, SteelOne Handed6 lbs.1201d61d81d103Bludgeoningx25 feetBreak
Battle Hammer, MithralOne Handed4 lbs.1251d61d81d103Bludgeoningx25 feetBreak
Battle Ax, SteelOne Handed5 lbs.1201d61d81d104Slashingx25 feet
Battle Ax, MithralOne Handed3 lbs.1251d61d81d104Slashingx25 feet
Sickle, SteelOne Handed4 lbs.501d31d41d63Slashingx25 feetTrip
Battle Mace, SteelOne Handed6 lbs.701d41d61d83Bludgeoningx25 feet
Battle Mace, MithralOne Handed4 lbs.751d41d61d83Bludgeoningx25 feet
Machete, SteelOne Handed4 lbs.701d41d61d84Slashingx25 Feet
Rapier, MithralOne Handed1 lbs.1051d41d61d83Piercingx25 feetFinesse
Flail, SteelOne Handed7 lbs.1201d61d81d104Bludgeoningx25 feetTrip
Flail, MithralOne Handed5 lbs.1251d61d81d104Bludgeoningx25 feetTrip
Cutlass, SteelOne Handed7 lbs.701d41d61d84Slashingx25 feet
Cutlass, MithralOne Handed5 lbs.751d41d61d84Slashingx25 feet
Broadsword, SteelTwo Handed7 lbs.1201d61d81d103Slashingx210 feet
Broadsword, MithralTwo Handed5 lbs.1251d61d81d103Slashingx210 feet
War Hammer, SteelTwo Handed16 lbs.1402d62d82d104Bludgeoningx210 feetBreak
War Hammer, MithralTwo Handed14 lbs.1452d62d82d104Bludgeoningx210 feetBreak
War Ax, SteelTwo Handed14 lbs.1201d81d101d125Slashingx210 feet
War Ax, MithralTwo Handed12 lbs.1251d81d101d125Slashingx210 feet
Scythe, MithralTwo Handed10 lbs.1251d41d61d84Slashingx210 feetDeadly
War Mace, SteelTwo Handed10 lbs.1201d61d81d104Bludgeoningx210 feet
War Mace, MithralTwo Handed8 lbs.1251d61d81d104Bludgeoningx210 feet
Pick, SteelTwo Handed5 lbs.701d41d61d83Piercingx25 feet
Pickax, SteelTwo Handed9 lbs.701d41d61d83Slashing/Piercingx25 feet
Parrying Daggers, SteelDual4 lbs.701d41d61d82Slashingx25 feet
Parrying Daggers, MithralDual2 lbs.751d41d61d82Slashingx25 feet
Butterfly Swords, SteelDual7 lbs.1201d61d81d103Slashingx25 feet
Butterfly Swords, MithralDual5 lbs.1251d61d81d103Slashingx25 feet
Hook Swords, SteelDual7 lbs.1401d61d81d104Slashingx210 feetTrip
Hook Swords, MithralDual5 lbs.1451d61d81d104Slashingx210 feetTrip
Dueling Revolvers, SteamworkDual10 lbs.2101d81d101d124Piercingx350 feetFatal
Gauntlets, SteelUnarmed3 lbs.70579
Bludgeoningx25 feetUnarmed
Gauntlets, MithralUnarmed1 lbs.75579
Bludgeoningx25 feetUnarmed
Spiked Gauntlets, SteelUnarmed5 lbs.1206810
Piercingx25 feetUnarmed
Spiked Gauntlets, MithralUnarmed2 lbs.1256810
Piercingx25 feetUnarmed
Halberd, SteelSpear14 lbs.1201d61d81d104Slashing & Piercingx215 feet
Halberd, MithralSpear12 lbs.1001d61d81d104Slashing & Piercingx215 feet
Javelin, SteelSpear12 lbs.701d41d61d83Piercingx215 feet
Javelin, MithralSpear10 lbs.751d41d61d83Piercingx215 feet
Naginata, SteelSpear6 lbs.1251d61d81d104Slashing & Piercingx215 feetKeen
Naginata, MithralSpear4 lbs.1301d61d81d104Slashing & Piercingx215 feetKeen
Trident, SteelSpear6 lbs.1201d61d81d104Piercingx215 feet
Trident, MithralSpear4 lbs.1251d61d81d104Piercingx215 feet
Channeling Stave, MithralSpear6 lbs.1251d41d61d83Bludgeoningx215 feetSpell Attack +3
Shortbow, MithralRanged2 lbs.751d41d61d83Piercingx250 feet
Longbow, MithralRanged3 lbs.1251d41d61d84Piercingx2100 feet
Crossbow, MithralRanged5 lbs.1251d61d81d104Piercingx275 feet
Crossbow, SteamworkRanged10 lbs.1101d61d81d103Piercingx275 feet
Blunderbuss, SteamworkRanged8 lbs.1601d81d101d122Bludgeoningx330 feet
Pistol, SteamworkRanged10 lbs.2101d101d122d84Piercingx350 feetFatal
Rifle, SteamworkRanged15 lbs.2601d122d81d205Piercingx3100 feetFatal
Sniper Rifle, SteamworkRanged17 lbs.3101d122d81d206Piercingx3500 feetFatal
Rocket Launcher, SteamworkRanged14 lbs.40,00015d615d815d100Explosivex330 feetFatal
GrenadeThrown1 lbs.1502d62d82d102Explosivex3ThrowDeadly
Throwing Knife, SteelThrown3 lbs.501d31d41d62Piercingx2Throw
Throwing Axe, SteelThrown4 lbs.501d31d41d62Piercingx2Throw
Meteor Hammer, SteelExotic4 lbs.1101d41d61d82Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse
Meteor Hammer, MithralExotic3 lbs.1201d41d61d82Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse
Battle Poi, SteelExotic4 lbs.1101d41d61d82Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse, Ignite
Battle Poi, MithralExotic3 lbs.1201d41d61d82Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse, Ignite
Blade Boot, SteelExotic5 lbs.501d31d41d62Piercingx25 feet
Claw Blades, SteelExotic4 lbs.701d31d41d63Slashingx25 Feet
Claw Blades, MithralExotic2 lbs.751d31d41d63Slashingx25 Feet
Sword Cane, SteelExotic4 lbs.701d41d61d82Slashingx25 feet
Sword Cane, MithralExotic2 lbs.751d41d61d82Slashingx25 feet
Chain Whip, SteelExotic4 lbs.1201d41d61d83Bludgeoningx220 feetTrip
Bat, SteelImprovised4 lbs.1001d41d61d83Bludgeoningx25 feet
Spare Arrow, SteelImprovised2/10 lbs.71d21d31d42Piercingx25 feetFragile
Spare Arrow, MithralImprovised1/10 lbs.7.51d21d31d42Piercingx25 feetFragile
Spare Bolt, SteelImprovised4/10 lbs.81d21d31d43Piercingx25 feetFragile
Spare Bolt, MithralImprovised3/10 lbs.8.51d21d31d43Piercingx25 feetFragile
Modern Weapons
WeaponTypeWeightPrice (p)SmallMediumLargeAttack bonusDamage TypeCritRangeSpecial
Combat Knife, TitaniumOne Handed2 lbs.501d31d41d63Slashingx25 feet
Combat Knife, NitinolOne Handed3 lbs.551d31d41d63Slashingx25 feetDurable
Shortsword, TitaniumOne Handed3 lbs.801d41d61d84Slashingx25 feet
Shortsword, NitinolOne Handed4 lbs.851d41d61d84Slashingx25 feet
Katana, TitaniumOne Handed5 lbs.951d41d61d85Slashingx210 feetKeen, Deadly
Katana, NitinolOne Handed5 lbs.1051d41d61d85Slashingx210 feetKeen, Deadly, Durable
Longsword, TitaniumOne Handed5 lbs.801d41d61d85Slashingx210 feet
Longsword, NitinolOne Handed6 lbs.851d41d61d85Slashingx210 feetDurable
Baton, TitaniumOne Handed3 lbs.1301d61d81d104Bludgeoningx25 feet
Battle Hammer, TitaniumOne Handed5 lbs.1301d61d81d104Bludgeoningx25 feetBreak
Battle Hammer, NitinolOne Handed6 lbs.1351d61d81d104Bludgeoningx25 feetBreak, Durbale
Battle Ax, NitinolOne Handed5 lbs.1351d61d81d105Slashingx25 feetDurable
Battle Ax, TitaniumOne Handed4 lbs.1301d61d81d105Slashingx25 feet
Sickle, NitinolOne Handed4 lbs.651d31d41d64Slashingx25 feetTrip, Durable
Battle Mace, NitinolOne Handed6 lbs.851d41d61d84Bludgeoningx25 feetDurable
Battle Mace, TitaniumOne Handed5 lbs.801d41d61d84Bludgeoningx25 feet
Machete, TitaniumOne Handed3 lbs.801d41d61d85Slashingx25 Feet
Rapier, TitaniumOne Handed2 lbs.1101d41d61d84Piercingx25 feetFinesse
Flail, NitinolOne Handed7 lbs.1351d61d81d105Bludgeoningx25 feetTrip, Durable
Flail, TitaniumOne Handed6 lbs.1301d61d81d105Bludgeoningx25 feetTrip
Cutlass, NitinolOne Handed7 lbs.851d41d61d85Slashingx25 feetDurable
Cutlass, TitaniumOne Handed6 lbs.801d41d61d85Slashingx25 feet
Broadsword, NitinolTwo Handed7 lbs.1351d61d81d104Slashingx210 feetDurable
Broadsword, TitaniumTwo Handed6 lbs.1301d61d81d104Slashingx210 feet
War Hammer, NitinolTwo Handed16 lbs.1552d62d82d106Bludgeoningx210 feetBreak, Durable
War Hammer, TitaniumTwo Handed15 lbs.1502d62d82d106Bludgeoningx210 feetBreak
War Ax, NitinolTwo Handed14 lbs.1351d81d101d126Slashingx210 feetDurable
War Ax, TitaniumTwo Handed13 lbs.1301d81d101d126Slashingx210 feet
Scythe, TitaniumTwo Handed11 lbs.1301d41d61d85Slashingx210 feetDeadly
War Mace, NitinolTwo Handed10 lbs.1351d61d81d105Bludgeoningx210 feetDurable
War Mace, TitaniumTwo Handed9 lbs.1301d61d81d105Bludgeoningx210 feet
Pick, TitaniumTwo Handed4 lbs.801d41d61d84Piercingx25 feet
Pickax, TitaniumTwo Handed8 lbs.801d41d61d84Slashing & Piercingx25 feet
Escrima Sticks, TitaniumDual4 lbs.801d41d61d83Bludgeoningx25 feetFinesse
Parrying Daggers, NitinolDual4 lbs.851d41d61d83Slashingx25 feetDurable
Parrying Daggers, TitaniumDual3 lbs.801d41d61d83Slashingx25 feet
Butterfly Swords, NitinolDual7 lbs.1351d61d81d104Slashingx25 feetDurable
Butterfly Swords, TitaniumDual6 lbs.1301d61d81d104Slashingx25 feet
Hook Swords, NitinolDual7 lbs.1551d61d81d105Slashingx210 feetTrip, Durable
Hook Swords, TitaniumDual6 lbs.1501d61d81d105Slashingx210 feetTrip
Dueling Revolvers, ModernworkDual5 lbs.2201d81d101d125Piercing
50 feetFatal
Gauntlets, NitinolUnarmed3 lbs.856810Bludgeoningx25 feetUnarmed, Durable
Gauntlets, TitaniumUnarmed2 lbs.806810Bludgeoningx25 feetUnarmed
Spiked Gauntlets, NitinolUnarmed4 lbs.1357911Piercingx25 feetUnarmed, Durable
Spiked Gauntlets, TitaniumUnarmed3 lbs.1307911Piercingx25 feetUnarmed
Tactical Gauntlet, ModernworkUnarmed1 lbs.50246Bludgeoningx25 feetUnarmed
Sparring Gloves, ModernworkUnarmed1 lbs.501d41d61d80Bludgeoningx25 feetNonlethal
Halberd, NitinolSpear14 lbs.1351d61d81d105Slashing & Piercingx215 feetDurable
Halberd, TitaniumSpear13 lbs.1301d61d81d105Slashing & Piercingx215 feet
Javelin, NitinolSpear12 lbs.851d41d61d84Piercingx215 feetDurable
Javelin, TitaniumSpear11 lbs.801d41d61d84Piercingx215 feet
Bow Staff, TitaniumSpear5 lbs.801d41d61d83Bludgeoningx215 feet
Naginata, TitaniumSpear6 lbs1451d61d81d105Slashing & Piercingx215 feetKeen
Naginata, NitinolSpear5 lbs.1551d61d81d105Slashing & Piercingx215 feetKeen, Durable
Trident, NitinolSpear6 lbs.1351d61d81d105Piercingx215 feetDurable
Trident, TitaniumSpear5 lbs.1301d61d81d105Piercingx215 feet
Channeling Stave, TitaniumSpear7 lbs.1301d41d61d84Bludgeoningx215 feetSpell Attack +4
Shortbow, FiberglassRanged2 lbs.651d41d61d82Piercingx250 feet
Longbow, FiberglassRanged3 lbs.1151d41d61d83Piercingx2100 feet
Crossbow, ModernworkRanged5 lbs.1201d61d81d104Piercingx275 feet
Blunderbuss, ModernworkRanged3 lbs.1701d81d101d123Bludgeoningx330 feet
Pistol, ModernworkRanged5 lbs.2201d101d122d85Piercing
50 feetFatal
Rifle, ModernworkRanged10 lbs.2701d122d81d206Piercing
100 feetFatal
Sniper Rifle, ModernworkRanged12 lbs.3201d122d81d207Piercing
500 feetFatal
Rocket Launcher, ModernworkRanged14 lbs.45,00015d615d815d102Explosive
30 feetFatal
Rail Gun, ModernworkRanged20 lbs.200,00012d812d1012d122Piercing
100 feetFatal
Throwing Knife, TitaniumThrown2 lbs.601d31d41d63Piercingx2Throw
Throwing Ax, TitaniumThrown3 lbs.601d31d41d63Piercingx2Throw
Flash GrenadeThrown1 lbs.100Bludgeoning10 sqr feetFlash
Meteor Hammer, TitaniumExotic4 lbs.1001d41d61d83Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse
Meteor Hammer, NitinolExotic5 lbs.1201d41d61d83Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse
Battle Poi, TitaniumExotic4 lbs.1001d41d61d83Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse, Ignite
Battle Poi, NititnolExotic5 lbs.1201d41d61d83Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse, Ignite
Blade Boot, NitinolExotic5 lbs.651d31d41d63Piercingx25 feetDurable
Claw Blades, TitaniumExotic3 lbs.801d31d41d64Slashingx25 Feet
Claw Blades, NitinolExotic4 lbs.851d31d41d64Slashingx25 FeetDurable
Sword Cane, NitinolExotic4 lbs.851d41d61d83Slashingx25 feetDurable
Sword Cane, TitaniumExotic3 lbs.801d41d61d83Slashingx25 feet
Chain Whip, TitaniumExotic3 lbs.1301d41d61d84Bludgeoningx220 feetTrip
Bat, TitaniumImprovised3 lbs.1101d41d61d84Bludgeoningx25 feet
Spare Arrow, NitinolImprovised2/10 lbs.8.51d21d31d43Piercingx25 feet
Spare Arrow, TitaniumImprovised1.5/10 lbs.81d21d31d43Piercingx25 feetFragile
Spare Arrow, FiberglassImprovised1/10 lbs.6.51d21d31d41Piercingx25 feetFragile
Spare Bolt, NitinolImprovised4/10 lbs.9.51d21d31d44Piercingx25 feet
Spare Bolt, TitaniumImprovised3.5/10 lbs.91d21d31d44Piercingx25 feetFragile
Spare Bolt, FiberglassImprovised3/10 lbs.7.51d21d31d42Piercingx25 feetFragile
Near Future Weapons
WeaponTypeWeightPrice (p)SmallMediumLargeAttack bonusDamage TypeCritRangeSpecial
Combat Knife, MeteoricOne Handed1 lbs.601d31d41d64Slashingx25 feet
Combat Knife, AdamantiteOne Handed3 lbs.651d31d41d64Slashingx25 feetDurable
Shortsword, MeteoricOne Handed2 lbs.901d41d61d85Slashingx25 feet
Shortsword, AdamantiteOne Handed4 lbs.951d41d61d85Slashingx25 feetDurable
Katana, MeteoricOne Handed4 lbs1251d41d61d86Slashingx210 feetKeen, Deadly, Durable
Katana, AdamantiteOne Handed6 lbs.1301d41d61d86Slashingx210 feetKeen, Deadly, Durable
Longsword, MeteoricOne Handed4 lbs.1201d41d61d86Slashingx210 feet
Longsword, AdamantiteOne Handed6 lbs.1251d41d61d86Slashingx210 feetDurable
Baton, AdamantiteOne Handed4 lbs.1451d61d81d105Bludgeoningx25 feetDurable
Battle Hammer, MeteoricOne Handed4 lbs.1401d61d81d105Bludgeoningx25 feetBreak
Battle Hammer, AdamantiteOne Handed6 lbs.1451d61d81d105Bludgeoningx25 feetBreak, Durable
Battle Ax, MeteoricOne Handed3 lbs.1401d61d81d106Slashingx25 feet
Battle Ax, AdamantiteOne Handed5 lbs.1451d61d81d106Slashingx25 feetDurable
Sickle, MeteoricOne Handed2 lbs.701d31d41d65Slashingx25 feetTrip
Battle Mace, AdamantiteOne Handed6 lbs.951d41d61d85Bludgeoningx25 feetDurable
Battle Mace, MeteoricOne Handed4 lbs.901d41d61d85Bludgeoningx25 feet
Machete, MeteoricOne Handed2 lbs.901d41d61d86Slashingx25 Feet
Rapier, MeteoricOne Handed1 lbs.1201d41d61d85Piercingx25 feetFinesse
Flail, AdamantiteOne Handed7 lbs.1451d61d81d106Bludgeoningx25 feetTrip, Durable
Flail, MeteoricOne Handed5 lbs.1401d61d81d106Bludgeoningx25 feetTrip
Cutlass, AdamantiteOne Handed7 lbs.951d41d61d86Slashingx25 feetDurable
Cutlass, MeteoricOne Handed5 lbs.901d41d61d86Slashingx25 feet
Broadsword, AdamantiteTwo Handed7 lbs.1451d61d81d105Slashingx210 feetDurable
Broadsword, MeteoricTwo Handed5 lbs.1401d61d81d105Slashingx210 feet
War Hammer, AdamantiteTwo Handed16 lbs.1652d62d82d106Bludgeoningx210 feetBreak, Durable
War Hammer, MeteoricTwo Handed14 lbs.1602d62d82d106Bludgeoningx210 feetBreak
War Ax, AdamantiteTwo Handed14 lbs.1451d81d101d127Slashingx210 feetDurable
War Ax, MeteoricTwo Handed12 lbs.1401d81d101d127Slashingx210 feet
Scythe, MeteoricTwo Handed10 lbs.1401d41d61d86Slashingx210 feetDeadly
War Mace, AdamantiteTwo Handed10 lbs.1451d61d81d106Bludgeoningx210 feetDurable
War Mace, MeteoricTwo Handed8 lbs.1401d61d81d106Bludgeoningx210 feet
Pick, AdamantiteTwo Handed5 lbs.951d41d61d85Piercingx25 feetDurable
Pickax, AdamantiteTwo Handed9 lbs.951d41d61d85Slashing & Piercingx25 feetDurable
Parrying Daggers, AdamantiteDual4 lbs.951d41d61d84Slashingx25 feetDurable
Parrying Daggers, MeteoricDual2 lbs.901d41d61d84Slashingx25 feet
Butterfly Swords, AdamantiteDual7 lbs.1451d61d81d105Slashingx25 feetDurable
Butterfly Swords, MeteoricDual5 lbs.1401d61d81d105Slashingx25 feet
Hook Swords, AdamantiteDual7 lbs.1651d61d81d106Slashingx210 feetTrip, Durable
Hook Swords, MeteoricDual5 lbs.1601d61d81d106Slashingx210 feetTrip
Dueling Revolvers, CyberworkDual5 lbs.2301d81d101d126Piercing
50 feetFatal
Gauntlets, AdamantiteUnarmed3 lbs.957911
Bludgeoningx25 feetUnarmed, Durable
Gauntlets, MeteoricUnarmed1 lbs.907911
Bludgeoningx25 feetUnarmed
Spiked Gauntlets, AdamantiteUnarmed4 lbs.14581012
Piercingx25 feetUnarmed, Durable
Spiked Gauntlets, MeteoricUnarmed2 lbs.14081012
Piercingx25 feetUnarmed
Halberd, AdamantiteSpear14 lbs.1451d61d81d106Slashing & Piercingx215 feetDurable
Halberd, MeteoricSpear12 lbs.1401d61d81d106Slashing & Piercingx215 feet
Javelin, AdamantiteSpear12 lbs.951d41d61d85Piercingx215 feetDurable
Javelin, MeteoricSpear10 lbs.901d41d61d85Piercingx215 feet
Naginata, MeteoricSpear6 lbs.1501d61d81d106Slashing & Piercingx215 feetKeen, Durable
Naginata, AdamantiteSpear10 lbs.1451d61d81d106Slashing & Piercingx215 feetKeen, Durable
Trident, AdamantiteSpear6 lbs.1451d61d81d106Piercingx215 feetDurable
Trident, MeteoricSpear4 lbs.1401d61d81d106Piercingx215 feet
Channeling Stave, MeteoricSpear6 lbs.1401d41d61d85Bludgeoningx215 feetSpell Attack +5
Crossbow, AdamantiteRanged7 lbs.1451d61d81d106Piercingx275 feetDurable
Crossbow, CyberworkRanged5 lbs.1301d61d81d105Piercingx275 feet
Pistol, CyberworkRanged5 lbs.2301d101d122d86Piercing
50 feetFatal
Rifle, CyberworkRanged10 lbs.2801d122d81d207Piercing
100 feetFatal
Sniper Rifle, CyberworkRanged12 lbs.3301d122d81d208Piercing
500 feetFatal
Rocket Launcher, CyberworkRanged14 lbs.50,00015d615d815d104Explosive
30 feetFatal
Rail Gun, CyberworkRanged20 lbs.205,00012d812d1012d123Piercing
100 feetFatal
Anti-Matter Gun, CyberworkRanged5 lbs.500,00020d1020d1020d103Explosivex230 feetFatal
Throwing Knife, MeteoricThrown1 lbs.701d31d41d64Piercingx2Throw
Throwing Ax, MeteoricThrown2 lbs.701d31d41d64Piercingx2Throw
Meteor Hammer, MeteoricExotic3 lbs.1301d41d61d84Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse
Meteor Hammer, AdamantiteExotic5 lbs.1401d41d61d85Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse
Battle Poi, MeteoricExotic3 lbs.1301d41d61d84Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse, Ignite
Battle Poi, AdamantiteExotic5 lbs.1401d41d61d85Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse, Ignite
Blade Boot, AdamantiteExotic5 lbs.751d31d41d64Piercingx25 feetDurable
Claw Blades, AdamantiteExotic4 lbs.951d31d41d65Slashingx25 FeetDurable
Claw Blades, MeteoricExotic2 lbs.901d31d41d65Slashingx25 Feet
Sword Cane, AdamantiteExotic4 lbs.951d41d61d84Slashingx25 feetDurable
Sword Cane, MeteoricExotic2 lbs.901d41d61d84Slashingx25 feet
Chain Whip, AdamantiteExotic4 lbs.1451d41d61d85Bludgeoningx220 feetTrip, Durable
Bat, AdamantiteImprovised4 lbs.1251d41d61d85Bludgeoningx25 feetDurable
Spare Arrow, AdamantiteImprovised2/10 lbs.9.51d21d31d44Piercingx25 feet
Spare Arrow, MeteoricImprovised1/10 lbs.91d21d31d44Piercingx25 feetFragile
Spare Bolt, AdamantiteImprovised4/10 lbs.10.51d21d31d45Piercingx25 feet
Spare Bolt, MeteoricImprovised3/10 lbs.101d21d31d45Piercingx25 feetFragile
Far Future Weapons
WeaponTypeWeightPrice (p)SmallMediumLargeAttack BonusDamage TypeCritRangeSpecial
Combat Knife, PhotoniteOne Handed1 lbs.701d31d41d65Slashingx25 feetUnbreakable
Shortsword, PhotoniteOne Handed2 lbs.1001d41d61d86Slashingx25 feetUnbreakable
Katana, PhotoniteOne Handed4 lbs.1401d41d61d87Slashingx210 feetKeen, Deadly, Unbreakable
Longsword, PhotoniteOne Handed4 lbs.1301d41d61d87Slashingx210 feetUnbreakable
Baton, PhotoniteOne Handed1 lbs.1501d61d81d106Bludgeoningx25 feetUnbreakable
Battle Hammer, PhotoniteOne Handed4 lbs.1501d61d81d106Bludgeoningx25 feetBreak, Unbreakable
Battle Ax, PhotoniteOne Handed3 lbs.1501d61d81d107Slashingx25 feetUnbreakable
Sickle, PhotoniteOne Handed2 lbs.801d31d41d66Slashingx25 feetTrip, Unbreakable
Battle Mace, PhotoniteOne Handed4 lbs.1001d41d61d86Bludgeoningx25 feetUnbreakable
Machete, PhotoniteOne Handed2 lbs.1001d41d61d87Slashingx25 FeetUnbreakable
Rapier, PhotoniteOne Handed1 lbs.1301d41d61d86Piercingx25 feetFinesse, Unbreakable
Flail, PhotoniteOne Handed5 lbs.1501d61d81d107Bludgeoningx25 feetTrip, Unbreakable
Cutlass, PhotoniteOne Handed5 lbs.1001d41d61d87Slashingx25 feetUnbreakable
Broadsword, PhotoniteTwo Handed5 lbs.1501d61d81d106Slashingx210 feetUnbreakable
War Hammer, PhotoniteTwo Handed14 lbs.1702d62d82d107Bludgeoningx210 feetBreak, Unbreakable
War Ax, PhotoniteTwo Handed12 lbs.1501d81d101d128Slashingx210 feetUnbreakable
Scythe, PhotoniteTwo Handed10 lbs.1501d41d61d87Slashingx210 feetDeadly, Unbreakable
War Mace, PhotoniteTwo Handed8 lbs.1501d61d81d107Bludgeoningx210 feetUnbreakable
Pick, PhotoniteTwo Handed3 lbs.1001d41d61d86Piercingx25 feetUnbreakable
Pickax, PhotoniteTwo Handed7 lbs.1501d41d61d86Slashing & Piercingx25 feetUnbreakable
Escrima Sticks, PhotoniteDual3 lbs.1001d41d61d85Bludgeoningx25 feetFinesse, Unbreakable
Parrying Daggers, PhotoniteDual2 lbs.1001d41d61d85Slashingx25 feetUnbreakable
Butterfly Swords, PhotoniteDual5 lbs.1501d61d81d106Slashingx25 feetUnbreakable
Hook Swords, PhotoniteDual5 lbs.1701d61d81d107Slashingx210 feetTrip, Unbreakable
Dueling Revolvers, NaniteDual5 lbs.2501d81d101d128Piercingx250 feetFatal, Self Repairing
Gauntlets, PhotoniteUnarmed1 lbs.10081012
Bludgeoningx25 feetUnarmed, Unbreakable
Spiked Gauntlets, PhotoniteUnarmed2 lbs.15091113
Piercingx25 feetUnarmed, Unbreakable
Halberd, PhotoniteSpear12 lbs.2001d61d81d107Slashing/Piercingx215 feetUnbreakable
Javelin, PhotoniteSpear10 lbs.1001d41d61d86Piercingx215 feetUnbreakable
Bow Staff, PhotoniteSpear4 lbs.1001d41d61d85Bludgeoningx215 feetUnbreakable
Naginata, PhotoniteSpear5 lbs.2101d61d81d107Slashing/Piercingx215 feetKeen, Unbreakable
Trident, PhotoniteSpear4 lbs.1501d61d81d107Piercingx215 feetUnbreakable
Channeling Stave, PhotoniteSpear6 lbs.1501d41d61d86Bludgeoningx215 feetUnbreakable, Spell Attack +6
Shortbow, NaniteRanged2 lbs.901d41d61d85Piercingx250 feetSelf Repairing
Longbow, NaniteRanged3 lbs.1401d41d61d86Piercingx2100 feetSelf Repairing
Crossbow, NaniteRanged5 lbs.1401d61d81d107Piercingx275 feetSelf Repairing
Pistol, NaniteRanged5 lbs.2401d101d122d87Piercingx250 feetFatal, Self Repairing
Rifle, NaniteRanged10 lbs.2901d122d81d208Piercingx2100 feetFatal, Self Repairing
Sniper Rifle, NaniteRanged12 lbs.3401d122d81d209Piercingx2500 feetFatal, Self Repairing
Rocket Launcher, NaniteRanged14 lbs.60,00015d615d815d105Explosivex230 feetFatal, Self Repairing
Rail Gun, NaniteRanged20 lbs.210,00012d812d1012d124Piercingx2100 feetFatal, Self Repairing
Anti-Matter Gun, NaniteRanged5 lbs.500,00020d1020d1020d104Explosivex230 feetFatal, Self Repairing
Throwing Knife, PhotoniteThrown1 lbs.801d31d41d65Piercingx2ThrowUnbreakable
Throwing Ax, PhotoniteThrown2 lbs.801d31d41d65Piercingx2ThrowUnbreakable
Meteor Hammer, PhotoniteExotic4 lbs.1101d61d81d105Bludgeoningx210 feetTrip, Finesse, Unbreakable
Battle Poi, PhotoniteExotic4 lbs.1101d41d61d85Explosivex210 feetTrip, Finesse
Blade Boot, PhotoniteExotic3 lbs.801d31d41d65Piercingx25 feetUnbreakable
Claw Blades, PhotoniteExotic2 lbs.1001d31d41d66Slashingx25 FeetUnbreakable
Sword Cane, PhotoniteExotic2 lbs.1001d41d61d85Slashingx25 feetUnbreakable
Chain Whip, PhotoniteExotic2 lbs.1501d41d61d86Bludgeoningx220 feetTrip, Unbreakable
Spare Arrow, PhotoniteImprovised1/10 lbs.101d21d31d45Piercingx25 feetUnbreakable
Spare Bolt, PhotoniteImprovised3/10 lbs.111d21d31d46Piercingx25 feetUnbreakable
Arrows & Crossbow Bolts Ammunition
Arrow & Bolt BundlesPrice (p)WeightAttack BonusSpecialTime Era
Arrows, Ebony (10)401 lbs0Fragile, NonlethalPrehistoric
Arrows, Coral (10)451 lbs0FragilePrehistoric
Arrows, Ivory (10)501 lbs0
Arrows, Stone (10)452.5 lbs0
Arrows, Bronze (10)551 lbs1FragileAncient
Bolts, Bronze (10)653 lbs2FragileAncient
Arrows, Iron (10)602 lbs1
Bolts, Iron (10)704 lbs2
Arrows, Obsidian (10)651 lbs3FragileAncient
Bolts, Obsidian (10)753 lbs4FragileAncient
Arrows, Mithral (10)751 lbs2
Bolts, Mithral (10)853 lbs3
Arrows, Steel (10)702 lbs2
Bolts, Steel (10)804 lbs3
Arrows, Fiberglass (10)651 lbs1
Bolts, Fiberglass (10)753 lbs2
Arrows, Nitinol (10)852 lbs3DurableModern
Bolts, Nitinol (10)954 lbs4DurableModern
Arrows, Titanium (10)801.5 lbs3
Bolts, Titanium (10)903.5 lbs4
Arrows, Adamantite (10)952 lbs4DurableNear Future
Bolts, Adamantite (10)1054 lbs5DurableNear Future
Arrows, Meteoric (10)901 lbs4
Near Future
Bolts, Meteoric (10)1003 lbs5
Near Future
Arrows, Photonite (10)1001 lbs5UnbreakableFar Future
Bolts, Photonite (10)1103 lbs6UnbreakableFar Future
Cartridge Ammunition
Cartridge BundlesPrice (p)WeightAttack BonusSpecialTime Era
Pistol Cartridge, Mithral (10)1002 lbs2
Rifle Cartridge, Mithral (30)1103 lbs3
Pistol Cartridge, Steel (10)954 lbs2
Rifle Cartridge, Steel (30)1055 lbs3
Pistol Cartridge, Nitinol (10)1102 lbs4FMJModern
Rifle Cartridge, Nitinol (30)1203 lbs5FMJModern
Pistol Cartridge, Titanium (10)1053 lbs3
Rifle Cartridge, Titanium (30)1154 lbs4
Pistol Cartridge, Adamantite (10)1204 lbs5FMJNear Future
Rifle Cartridge, Adamantite (30)1305 lbs6FMJNear Future
Pistol Cartridge, Meteoric (10)1152 lbs4
Near Future
Rifle Cartridge, Meteoric (30)1253 lbs5
Near Future
Pistol Cartridge, Photonite (10)1252 lbs8Tracer, Hollow PointFar Future
Rifle Cartridge, Photonite (30)1353 lbs9Tracer, Hollow PointFar Future
Rocket (1)15010 lbs0
Rail Bit, Nitinol (5)2005 lbs3
Rail Bit, Adamantite (5)2105 lbs4
Near Future
Rail Bit, Photonite (5)2205 lbs6TracerFar Future
Anti-Matter Round (1)5002 lbs0
Near Future
Weapon Accessories

Price: 10 p
Weight: 1 lbs.
Holds two one-handed weapons or dual blades on the wearers back in a crossed X shape.

Leg Holster
Price: 5 p
Weight: 1 lbs.
Holds one pistol in a holster on the leg to keep it hidden. Can be accessed as a Move Action.

Ammo Clip Belt
Price: 50 p
Weight: 2 lbs.
Holds 4 cartridges for pistols and rifles to access as an Immediate Action.

Quiver, Small
Price: 20 p
Weight: 1 lbs.
Holds up to 50 arrows or bolts for bows and crossbows. Can be worn on back or on belt for access as an Immediate Action.

Quiver, Medium
Price: 40 p
Weight: 3 lbs.
Holds up to 150 arrows or bolts for bows and crossbows. Can be worn on back or on belt for access as an Immediate Action.

Quiver, Large
Price: 60 p
Weight: 5 lbs.
Holds up to 300 arrows or bolts for bows and crossbows. Can be worn on back or on belt for access as an Immediate Action.

Price: 50 p
Weight: 5 lbs.
Sling belt that goes across the chest that can carry a full clip of ammunition for a rifle or 10 explosives. This provides access to them as an Immediate Action.

Price: 10 p Weight: 1 lbs.
A bag containing enough pronged metal spikes to cover a 5 foot area. Any creature attempting to pass through or fight in an area covered with these takes 1 point of damage per round. If they are wearing plated armor then the ground is treated as Difficult Terrain instead.

Weapon Special Properties

In the “Special” column of each weapon chart is listed the weapon’s special property. Different weapons have different effects for when they land a critical hit or have special abilities they can do during combat for offense or defense. Listed below are the details on these special properties.

Whenever a weapon with the break special property lands a successful critical hit on a target it causes the broken condition to the target whenever performed in a called-shot and can also be used to break or shatter objects outside of combat.


Whenever a weapon with the deadly special property lands a successful critical hit on a target that is prone it instantly kills the target creature.

Weapons with the durable special property are capable of withstanding a single “Break” made against it. However, the weapon will be considered Fragile instead of broken until repaired.

Whenever a weapon with the fatal special property lands a successful critical hit on a target it instantly kills the target creature.

Weapons with the finesse special property can use Dexterity when calculating damage instead of Strength.

Weapons with the flash special property inflict blindness and deafness to all creatures that are within the weapon’s range.

Ammunition with the FMJ special property have moderately increased penetration power providing a +1 to attack.

Whenever a fragile weapon lands a successful critical hit, the weapon automatically breaks and gains the broken condition making it unable to be used properly. Instead, it becomes equivalent to the “Bludgeoning Debris” weapon until repaired properly.

Hollow Point
Ammunition with the hollow point special property have greatly increased penetration power providing a +2 to attack.

Weapons with the ignite special property can be lit on fire, making their weapon deal Fire damage in addition to their normal damage type, but they also shed light as a torch.

Weapons with the keen special property have an additional +2 to their attack bonus.

Weapons with the nonlethal special property only deal nonlethal damage instead of lethal.

Self Repairing
Weapons with the self repairing special property are capable of recovering from the Break condition on their own. Whenever such a weapon gains the broken condition, the weapon immediately repairs itself after 1 round and no longer has the broken condition.

Weapons with the smoke special property create a cloud of smoke the size of the weapon’s range originating from the weapon’s location and provides total concealment to all targets within the smoke and blindness to those within.

Spell Attack
Weapons with the spell attack special property provide a bonus to spell attacks when used to make ranged spell attacks equal to the bonus number next to “Spell Attack” as a + bonus.

Ammunition with the tracer property glow while being fired providing extra accuracy with a +1 bonus to attack. However, targets who fire tracer rounds lose any stealth or hidden conditions they had and targets become aware of their position.

Whenever a weapon with the trip special property lands a successful hit on a target, the wielder can immediately attempt the Trip combat maneuver using the weapon.

Weapons with the unarmed special property only provide bonuses to a natural attack’s damage and are added to the Unarmed Die (UD) and can be worn while wielding other weapons.

Weapons with the unbreakable special property are immune to the break condition and cannot be broken.


The armors are organized based on what time era they are available in. Each Time Era has access to the armors in their armor chart and all armors from the armor charts of the Time Eras before it, but not from the Time Eras after it unless the Verse Master decides to introduce certain technology sooner either through advancement, extraterrestrial interactions, or time travelers. Although the armors and materials in each chart are available, the materials may be rare or hard to find and older weapons should be considered the standard or most common at armor shops. Current Time Era charts represent the newest productions in technology and therefore the most expensive and rarest and this should be considered when deciding what armorss are available to Characters especially at lower levels.

Prehistoric Armor
ArmorHardnessWeight (lb)Price (p)Physical Reduct.Spell Reduct.FitSlotSpecial Properties
Helmet, EbonyHard (DC 30)515044FullHeadFragile
Helmet, CoralHard (DC 30)66053FullHeadFragile
Helmet, HempSoft (DC 20)24044FullHeadFlammable
Helmet, LeatherModerate (DC 25)410043FullHead
Helmet, IvoryHard (DC 30)517553FullHead
Helmet, FurSoft (DC 20)34533FullHeadCold Resist +2
Half Helm, EbonyHard (DC 30)39033PartialHeadFragile
Half Helm, HempSoft (DC 20)12033PartialHeadFlammable
Half Helm, CoralHard (DC 30)55042PartialHeadFragile
Half Helm, LeatherModerate (DC 25)25032PartialHead
Half Helm, IvoryHard (DC 30)310542PartialHead
Half Helm, FurSoft (DC 20)23022PartialHeadCold Resist +1
Cowl, CottonSoft (DC 20)1500FullHeadHeat Resist +2
Cowl, WoolSoft (DC 20)11001FullHeadHeat Resist +2
Cowl, LeatherModerate (DC 25)25010FullHeadHeat Resist +2
Cowl, FurSoft (DC 20)11500FullHeadHeat Resist +2, Cold Resist +2
Plated Cowl, StoneVery Hard (DC 35)520052FullHeadHeat Resist +2
Mask, CoralHard (DC 30)33042FullFaceFragile
Mask, EbonyHard (DC 30)26033FullFaceFragile
Mask, HempSoft (DC 20)12033FullFaceFlammable
Mask, LeatherModerate (DC 25)25032FullFace
Mask, IvoryHard (DC 30)27042FullFace
Mask, FurSoft (DC 20)11522FullFaceCold Resist +2
Mask, StoneVery Hard (DC 35)416052FullFace
Half Mask, CoralHard (DC 30)1.51531PartialFaceFragile
Half Mask, EbonyHard (DC 30)13022PartialFaceFragile
Half Mask, HempSoft (DC 20)0.51022PartialFaceFlammable
Half Mask, LeatherModerate (DC 25)12521PartialFace
Half Mask, IvoryHard (DC 30)13531PartialFace
Half Mask, FurSoft (DC 20)0.57.511PartialFaceCold Resist +1
Half Mask, StoneVery Hard (DC 35)28041PartialFace
Cape, HempSoft (DC 20)24011FullShoulderConcealment, Flammable
Cape, LeatherModerate (DC 25)37510FullShoulderPartial Concealment
Cape, FurSoft (DC 20)34500FullShoulderPartial Concealment, Cold Resist +2
Cape, CottonSoft (DC 20)21000FullShoulderPartial Concealment
Cape, WoolSoft (DC 20)22001FullShoulderPartial Concealment
Pauldron, EbonyHard (DC 30)26022PartialShoulderFragile
Pauldron, CoralHard (DC 30)33031PartialShoulderFragile
Pauldron, HempSoft (DC 20)12022PartialShoulderFlammable
Pauldron, LeatherModerate (DC 25)25021PartialShoulder
Pauldron, IvoryHard (DC 30)27031PartialShoulder
Pauldron, FurSoft (DC 20)11511PartialShoulderCold Resist +1
Cuirass, EbonyHard (DC 30)1236066FullTorsoFragile
Cuirass, CoralHard (DC 30)1515075FullTorsoFragile
Cuirass, HempSoft (DC 20)816066FullTorsoFlammable
Cuirass, LeatherModerate (DC 25)1025065FullTorso
Cuirass, IvoryHard (DC 30)1138575FullTorso
Cuirass, FurSoft (DC 20)913555FullTorsoCold Resist +2
Cloak, LeatherModerate (DC 25)717510FullTorso
Cloak, FurSoft (DC 20)69000FullTorsoCold Resist +2
Cloak, HempSoft (DC 20)510011FullTorsoFlammable
Cloak, CottonSoft (DC 20)31500FullTorso
Cloak, WoolSoft (DC 20)33001FullTorso
Plated Cloak, StoneVery Hard (DC 35)1144052FullTorso
Robe, LeatherModerate (DC 25)717510FullTorso
Robe, FurSoft (DC 20)69000FullTorsoCold Resist +2
Robe, HempSoft (DC 20)510011FullTorsoFlammable
Robe, CottonSoft (DC 20)31500FullTorso
Robe, WoolSoft (DC 20)33001FullTorso
Plated Robe, StoneVery Hard (DC 35)1144052FullTorso
Tunic, LeatherModerate (DC 25)717510FullTorso
Tunic, FurSoft (DC 20)69000FullTorsoCold Resist +2
Tunic, HempSoft (DC 20)510011FullTorsoFlammable
Tunic, CottonSoft (DC 20)31500FullTorso
Tunic, WoolSoft (DC 20)33001FullTorso
Gauntlet, EbonyHard (DC 30)515044FullHandsFragile
Gauntlet, CoralHard (DC 30)76053FullHandsFragile
Gauntlet, HempSoft (DC 20)24044FullHandsFlammable
Gauntlet, LeatherModerate (DC 25)410043FullHands
Gauntlet, IvoryHard (DC 30)517553FullHands
Gauntlet, FurSoft (DC 20)34533FullHandsCold Resist +2
Arm Bracer, EbonyHard (DC 30)39033PartialHandsFragile
Arm Bracer, CoralHard (DC 30)22042PartialHandsFragile
Arm Bracer, HempSoft (DC 20)11033PartialHandsFlammable
Arm Bracer, LeatherModerate (DC 25)24032PartialHands
Arm Bracer, IvoryHard (DC 30)310542PartialHands
Arm Bracer, FurSoft (DC 20)23022PartialHandsCold Resist +2
Gloves, HempSoft (DC 20)12022PartialHandsFlammable
Gloves, LeatherModerate (DC 25)12521PartialHands
Gloves, FurSoft (DC 20)11511PartialHandsCold Resist +2
Gloves, CottonSoft (DC 20)0.52.511PartialHands
Gloves, WoolSoft (DC 20)0.5512PartialHands
Kilt, LeatherModerate (DC 25)25010FullWaist
Kilt, FurSoft (DC 20)11500FullWaistCold Resist +2
Kilt, HempSoft (DC 20)12011FullWaistFlammable
Kilt, CottonSoft (DC 20)0.8400FullWaist
Kilt, WoolSoft (DC 20)0.8801FullWaist
Plated Kilt, StoneVery Hard (DC 35)312041FullWaist
Pteruges, LeatherModerate (DC 25)12521PartialWaist
Pteruges, HempSoft (DC 20)0.51022PartialWaistFlammable
Greaves, EbonyHard (DC 30)721055FullLegsFragile
Greaves, CoralHard (DC 30)99064FullHeadFragile
Greaves, HempSoft (DC 20)48055FullHeadFlammable
Greaves, LeatherModerate (DC 25)615054FullHead
Greaves, IvoryHard (DC 30)724564FullHead
Greaves, FurSoft (DC 20)57544FullHeadPartial Concealment, Cold Resist +2
Battle Skirt, LeatherModerate (DC 25)12532FullWaistPartial Concealment
Battle Skirt, FurSoft (DC 20)11522FullWaistPartial Concealment, Cold Resist +2
Battle Skirt, HempSoft (DC 20)0.81633FullWaistPartial Concealment, Flammable
Battle Skirt, CottonSoft (DC 20)0.52.522FullWaistPartial Concealment
Battle Skirt, WoolSoft (DC 20)0.5523FullWaistPartial Concealment
Plated Battle Skirt, StoneVery Hard (DC 35)28063FullWaistPartial Concealment
Battle Short Skirt, LeatherModerate (DC 25)0.82021PartialWaistPartial Concealment
Battle Short Skirt, FurSoft (DC 20)0.81211PartialWaistPartial Concealment, Cold Resist +2
Battle Short Skirt, HempSoft (DC 20)0.51022PartialWaistPartial Concealment, Flammable
Battle Short Skirt, CottonSoft (DC 20)0.251.2511PartialWaistPartial Concealment
Battle Short Skirt, WoolSoft (DC 20)0.252.512PartialWaistPartial Concealment
Plated Battle Short Skirt, StoneVery Hard (DC 35)14052PartialWaistPartial Concealment
Boots, EbonyHard (DC 30)412044FullFeetFragile
Boots, CoralHard (DC 30)66053FullFeetFragile
Boots, HempSoft (DC 20)12044FullFeetFlammable
Boots, LeatherModerate (DC 25)25043FullFeet
Boots, IvoryHard (DC 30)414053FullFeet
Boots, FurSoft (DC 20)23033FullFeetCold Resist +2
Leg Bracer, EbonyHard (DC 30)26033PartialFeetFragile
Leg Bracer, CoralHard (DC 30)33042PartialFeetFragile
Leg Bracer, HempSoft (DC 20)0.51033PartialFeetFlammable
Leg Bracer, LeatherModerate (DC 25)12532PartialFeet
Leg Bracer, IvoryHard (DC 30)27042PartialFeet
Leg Bracer, FurSoft (DC 20)11522PartialFeetCold Resist +2
Ancient Armor
ArmorHardnessWeight (lb)Price (p)Physical Reduct.Spell Reduct.FitSlotSpecial Properties
Helmet, ObsidianModerate (DC 25)522545FullHeadFragile
Helmet, IronVery Hard (DC 35)1030063FullHead
Helmet, BronzeHard (DC 30)816053FullHead
Half Helm, ObsidianModerate (DC 25)313534PartialHeadFragile
Half Helm, IronVery Hard (DC 35)515052PartialHead
Half Helm, BronzeHard (DC 30)48042PartialHead
Plated Cowl, ObsidianModerate (DC 25)29023FullHeadHeat Resist +2, Fragile
Plated Cowl, BronzeHard (DC 30)36031FullHeadHeat Resist +2
Plated Cowl, IronVery Hard (DC 35)412041FullHeadHeat Resist +2
Mask, ObsidianModerate (DC 25)14534FullFaceFragile
Mask, BronzeHard (DC 30)12042FullFace
Mask, IronVery Hard (DC 35)23052FullFace
Half Mask, ObsidianModerate (DC 25)0.522.523PartialFaceFragile
Half Mask, BronzeHard (DC 30)0.51031PartialFace
Half Mask, IronVery Hard (DC 35)13041PartialFace
Pauldron, ObsidianModerate (DC 25)14523PartialShoulderFragile
Pauldron, BronzeHard (DC 30)12031PartialShoulder
Pauldron, IronVery Hard (DC 35)26041PartialShoulder
Cuirass, ObsidianModerate (DC 25)1149567FullTorsoFragile
Cuirass, BronzeHard (DC 30)1326075FullTorso
Cuirass, IronVery Hard (DC 35)1545085FullTorso
Plated Cloak, ObsidianModerate (DC 25)313534FullTorsoFragile
Plated Cloak, BronzeHard (DC 30)36042FullTorso
Plated Cloak, IronVery Hard (DC 35)412052FullTorso
Plated Robe, ObsidianModerate (DC 25)313534FullTorso
Plated Robe, BronzeHard (DC 30)36042FullTorso
Plated Robe, IronVery Hard (DC 35)412052FullTorso
Chain Mail, ObsidianModerate (DC 25)313523PartialTorsoPiercing Protection
Chain Mail, BronzeHard (DC 30)36031PartialTorsoPiercing Protection
Chain Mail, IronVery Hard (DC 35)412041PartialTorsoPiercing Protection
Gauntlet, ObsidianModerate (DC 25)522545FullHands
Gauntlet, BronzeHard (DC 30)1020053FullHands
Gauntlet, IronVery Hard (DC 35)824063FullHands
Arm Bracer, ObsidianModerate (DC 25)2.5112.534PartialHands
Arm Bracer, BronzeHard (DC 30)510042PartialHands
Arm Bracer, IronVery Hard (DC 35)412052PartialHands
Plated Kilt, ObsidianModerate (DC 25)14523FullWaist
Plated Kilt, BronzeHard (DC 30)12031FullWaist
Plated Kilt, IronVery Hard (DC 35)1.54541FullWaist
Greaves, ObsidianModerate (DC 25)731556FullLegs
Greaves, BronzeHard (DC 30)1020064FullLegs
Greaves, IronVery Hard (DC 35)1236074FullLegs
Plated Battle Skirt, ObsidianModerate (DC 25)0.522.545FullLegsPartial Concealment
Plated Battle Skirt, BronzeHard (DC 30)0.51053FullLegsPartial Concealment
Plated Battle Skirt, IronVery Hard (DC 35)13063FullLegsPartial Concealment
Plated Battle Short Skirt, ObsidianModerate (DC 25)0.522.534PartialLegs
Plated Battle Short Skirt, BronzeHard (DC 30)0.51042PartialLegs
Plated Battle Short Skirt, IronVery Hard (DC 35)0.7522.552PartialLegs
Leg Bracer, ObsidianModerate (DC 25)29034PartialLegs
Leg Bracer, BronzeHard (DC 30)33042PartialLegs
Leg Bracer, IronVery Hard (DC 35)412052PartialLegs
Boots, ObsidianModerate (DC 25)418045FullFeet
Boots, BronzeHard (DC 30)612053FullFeet
Boots, IronVery Hard (DC 35)824063FullFeet
Medieval Armor
ArmorHardnessWeight (lb)Price (p)Physical Reduct.Spell Reduct.FitSlotSpecial Properties
Helmet, SteelVery Hard (DC 35)1050073FullHead
Helmet, MithralVery Hard (DC 35)848066FullHead
Half Helm, SteelVery Hard (DC 35)525062PartialHead
Half Helm, MithralVery Hard (DC 35)318055PartialHead
Plated Cowl, SteelVery Hard (DC 35)420051FullHeadHeat Resist +2
Plated Cowl, MithralVery Hard (DC 35)212044FullHeadHeat Resist +2
Mask, SteelVery Hard (DC 35)15062FullFace
Mask, MithralVery Hard (DC 35)0.53055FullFace
Half Mask, SteelVery Hard (DC 35)0.52551PartialFace
Half Mask, MithralVery Hard (DC 35)0.251544PartialFace
Pauldron, SteelVery Hard (DC 35)210051PartialShoulder
Pauldron, MithralVery Hard (DC 35)16044PartialShoulder
Cuirass, SteelVery Hard (DC 35)1575095FullTorso
Cuirass, MithralVery Hard (DC 35)1378088FullTorso
Plated Cloak, SteelVery Hard (DC 35)420062FullTorso
Plated Cloak, MithralVery Hard (DC 35)212055FullTorso
Plated Robe, SteelVery Hard (DC 35)420062FullTorso
Plated Robe, MithralVery Hard (DC 35)212055FullTorso
Chain Mail, SteelVery Hard (DC 35)420051PartialTorsoPiercing Protection
Chain Mail, MithralVery Hard (DC 35)212044PartialTorsoPiercing Protection
Gauntlet, SteelVery Hard (DC 35)840073FullHands
Gauntlet, MithralVery Hard (DC 35)636066FullHands
Arm Bracer, SteelVery Hard (DC 35)420062PartialHands
Arm Bracer, MithralVery Hard (DC 35)318055PartialHands
Plated Kilt, SteelVery Hard (DC 35)1.57551FullWaist
Plated Kilt, MithralVery Hard (DC 35)0.754544FullWaist
Greaves, Steel1260084FullLegs
Greaves, MithralVery Hard (DC 35)1060077FullLegs
Plated Battle Skirt, SteelVery Hard (DC 35)15073FullLegsPartial Concealment
Plated Battle Skirt, MithralVery Hard (DC 35)0.53066FullLegsPartial Concealment
Plated Battle Short Skirt, SteelVery Hard (DC 35)0.52562PartialLegs
Plated Battle Short Skirt, MithralVery Hard (DC 35)0.251555PartialLegs
Leg Bracer, SteelVery Hard (DC 35)420062PartialLegs
Leg Bracer, MithralVery Hard (DC 35)318055PartialLegs
Boots, SteelVery Hard (DC 35)840073FullFeet
Boots, MithralVery Hard (DC 35)636066FullFeet
Modern Armor
ArmorHardnessWeight (lb)Price (p)Physical Reduct.Spell Reduct.FitSlotSpecial Properties
Helmet, NitinolReinforced (DC 40)1166067FullHead
Helmet, KevlarModerate (DC 25)420073FullHeadSlashing Protection
Helmet, TitaniumReinforced (DC 40)1290086FullHead
Helmet, RubberSoft (DC 20)312033FullHeadElectricity Reduction 20%
Half Helm, NitinolReinforced (DC 40)5.533056PartialHead
Half Helm, KevlarModerate (DC 25)210062PartialHeadSlashing Protection
Half Helm, TitaniumReinforced (DC 40)645075PartialHead
Half Helm, RubberSoft (DC 20)1.56022PartialHeadElectricity Reduction 10%
Cowl, KevlarModerate (DC 25)210040FullHeadHeat Resist +2, Slashing Protection
Cowl, RubberSoft (DC 20)14000FullHeadHeat Resist +2, Electricity Reduction 20%
Plated Cowl, NitinolReinforced (DC 40)530045FullHeadHeat Resist +2
Plated Cowl, TitaniumReinforced (DC 40)752564FullHeadHeat Resist +2
Mask, NitinolReinforced (DC 40)212056FullFace
Mask, KevlarModerate (DC 25)15062FullFaceSlashing Protection
Mask, TitaniumReinforced (DC 40)322575FullFace
Mask, RubberSoft (DC 20)0.52022FullFaceElectricity Reduction 10%
Half Mask, NitinolReinforced (DC 40)16045PartialFace
Half Mask, KevlarModerate (DC 25)0.52551PartialFaceSlashing Protection
Half Mask, TitaniumReinforced (DC 40)1.5112.564PartialFace
Half Mask, RubberSoft (DC 20)0.251011PartialFaceElectricity Reduction 5%
Cape, KevlarModerate (DC 25)15040FullShoulderPartial Concealment, Slashing Protection
Cape, RubberSoft (DC 20)0.52000FullShoulderPartial Concealment, Electricity Reduction 20%
Pauldron, NitinolReinforced (DC 40)318045PartialShoulder
Pauldron, KevlarModerate (DC 25)210051PartialShoulderSlashing Protection
Pauldron, TitaniumReinforced (DC 40)430064PartialShoulder
Pauldron, RubberSoft (DC 20)14011PartialShoulderElectricity Reduction 5%
Cuirass, NitinolReinforced (DC 40)1696089FullTorso
Cuirass, KevlarModerate (DC 25)1050095FullTorsoSlashing Protection
Cuirass, TitaniumReinforced (DC 40)171275108FullTorso
Cuirass, RubberSoft (DC 20)936055FullTorsoElectricity Reduction 20%
Cloak, KevlarModerate (DC 25)525040FullTorsoSlashing Protection
Cloak, RubberSoft (DC 20)416000FullTorsoElectricity Reduction 20%
Plated Cloak, NitinolReinforced (DC 40)742056FullTorso
Plated Cloak, TitaniumReinforced (DC 40)860075FullTorso
Robe, KevlarModerate (DC 25)525040FullTorsoSlashing Protection
Robe, RubberSoft (DC 20)416000FullTorsoElectricity Reduction 20%
Plated Robe, NitinolReinforced (DC 40)742056FullTorso
Plated Robe, TitaniumReinforced (DC 40)860075FullTorso
Tunic, KevlarModerate (DC 25)525040PartialTorsoSlashing Protection
Tunic, RubberSoft (DC 20)416000PartialTorsoElectricity Reduction 10%
Chain Mail, NitinolReinforced (DC 40)742045PartialTorsoPiercing Protection
Chain Mail, TitaniumReinforced (DC 40)860064PartialTorsoPiercing Protection
Gauntlet, NitinolReinforced (DC 40)954067FullHands
Gauntlet, KevlarModerate (DC 25)416073FullHandsSlashing Protection
Gauntlet, TitaniumReinforced (DC 40)1075086FullHands
Gauntlet, RubberSoft (DC 20)312033FullHandsElectricity Reduction 20%
Arm Bracer, NitinolReinforced (DC 40)4.527056PartialHands
Arm Bracer, KevlarModerate (DC 25)28062PartialHandsSlashing Protection
Arm Bracer, TitaniumReinforced (DC 40)537575PartialHands
Arm Bracer, RubberSoft (DC 20)1.56022PartialHandsElectricity Reduction 10%
Gloves, KevlarModerate (DC 25)15051PartialHandsSlashing Protection
Gloves, RubberSoft (DC 20)0.52011PartialHandsElectricity Reduction 5%
Pteruges, KevlarModerate (DC 25)15051PartialWaistSlashing Protection
Pteruges, RubberSoft (DC 20)0.753011PartialWaistElectricity Reduction 5%
Kilt, KevlarModerate (DC 25)15040FullWaistSlashing Protection
Kilt, RubberSoft (DC 20)0.753000FullWaistElectricity Reduction 10%
Plated Kilt, NitinolReinforced (DC 40)212045FullWaistSlashing Protection
Plated Kilt, TitaniumReinforced (DC 40)2.5187.564FullWaist
Greaves, NitinolReinforced (DC 40)1378078FullLegs
Greaves, KevlarModerate (DC 25)630084FullLegsSlashing Protection
Greaves, TitaniumReinforced (DC 40)14105097FullLegs
Greaves, RubberSoft (DC 20)520044FullLegsElectricity Reduction 20%
Battle Skirt, KevlarModerate (DC 25)15062FullLegsPartial Concealment, Slashing Protection
Battle Skirt, RubberSoft (DC 20)14022FullLegsPartial Concealment, Electricity Reduction 20%
Plated Battle Skirt, NitinolReinforced (DC 40)212067FullLegsPartial Concealment
Plated Battle Skirt, TitaniumReinforced (DC 40)322586FullLegsPartial Concealment
Battle Short Skirt, KevlarModerate (DC 25)0.52551PartialLegsSlashing Protection
Battle Short Skirt, RubberSoft (DC 20)0.52011PartialLegsElectricity Reduction 10%
Plated Battle Short Skirt, NitinolReinforced (DC 40)16056PartialLegs
Plated Battle Short Skirt, TitaniumReinforced (DC 40)1.5112.575PartialLegs
Leg Bracer, NitinolReinforced (DC 40)530056PartialLegs
Leg Bracer, KevlarModerate (DC 25)15062PartialLegsSlashing Protection
Leg Bracer, TitaniumReinforced (DC 40)645075PartialLegs
Leg Bracer, RubberSoft (DC 20)0.52022PartialLegsElectricity Reduction 10%
Boots, NitinolReinforced (DC 40)954067FullFeet
Boots, KevlarModerate (DC 25)210073FullFeetSlashing Protection
Boots, TitaniumReinforced (DC 40)1075086FullFeet
Boots, RubberSoft (DC 20)14033FullFeetElectricity Reduction 20%
Near Future Armor
ArmorHardnessWeight (lb)Price (p)Physical Reduct.Spell Reduct.FitSlotSpecial Properties
Helmet, MeteoricVery Hard (DC 35)1080068FullHead
Helmet, NaniteReinforced (DC 40)880094FullHead
Helmet, AdamantiteReinforced (DC 40)101500106FullHead
Helmet, NanoSoft (DC 20)470077FullHead Self Mending 3
Half Helm, MeteoricVery Hard (DC 35)540057PartialHead
Half Helm, NaniteReinforced (DC 40)440083PartialHead
Half Helm, AdamantiteReinforced (DC 40)575095PartialHead
Half Helm, NanoSoft (DC 20)235066PartialHead Self Mending 3
Cowl, NanoSoft (DC 20)235044FullHeadHeat Resist +2, Self Mending 3
Plated Cowl, MeteoricVery Hard (DC 35)432046FullHeadHeat Resist +2
Plated Cowl, NaniteReinforced (DC 40)220072FullHeadHeat Resist +2
Plated Cowl, AdamantiteReinforced (DC 40)460084FullHeadHeat Resist +2
Mask, MeteoricVery Hard (DC 35)18057FullFace
Mask, NaniteReinforced (DC 40)0.757583FullFace
Mask, AdamantiteReinforced (DC 40)115096FullFace
Mask, NanoSoft (DC 20)0.2543.7566FullFace Self Mending 3
Half Mask, MeteoricVery Hard (DC 35)0.54046PartialFace
Half Mask, NaniteReinforced (DC 40)0.252572PartialFace
Half Mask, AdamantiteReinforced (DC 40)0.57584PartialFace
Half Mask, NanoSoft (DC 20)0.1526.2555PartialFace Self Mending 3
Cape, NanoSoft (DC 20)117544FullShoulderPartial Concealment, Self Mending 3
Pauldron, MeteoricVery Hard (DC 35)216046PartialShoulder
Pauldron, NaniteReinforced (DC 40)110072PartialShoulder
Pauldron, AdamantiteReinforced (DC 40)230084PartialShoulder
Pauldron, NanoSoft (DC 20)0.587.555PartialShoulder
Cuirass, MeteoricVery Hard (DC 35)151200810FullTorso
Cuirass, NaniteReinforced (DC 40)131300116FullTorso
Cuirass, AdamantiteReinforced (DC 40)152250128FullTorso
Cuirass, NanoSoft (DC 20)9157599FullTorso Self Mending 3
Cloak, NanoSoft (DC 20)235044FullTorso Self Mending 3
Plated Cloak, MeteoricVery Hard (DC 35)432057FullTorso
Plated Cloak, NaniteReinforced (DC 40)330083FullTorso
Plated Cloak, AdamantiteReinforced (DC 40)460095FullTorso
Robe, NanoSoft (DC 20)235044FullTorso Self Mending 3
Plated Robe, MeteoricVery Hard (DC 35)432057FullTorso
Plated Robe, NaniteReinforced (DC 40)330083FullTorso
Plated Robe, AdamantiteReinforced (DC 40)460094FullTorso
Tunic, NanoSoft (DC 20)235044PartialTorso Self Mending 3
Chain Mail, MeteoricVery Hard (DC 35)432046PartialTorsoPiercing Protection
Chain Mail, NaniteReinforced (DC 40)330072PartialTorsoPiercing Protection
Chain Mail, AdamantiteReinforced (DC 40)460084PartialTorsoPiercing Protection
Chain Mail, NanoSoft (DC 20)117555PartialTorsoPiercing Protection, Self Mending 3
Gauntlet, MeteoricVery Hard (DC 35)1080068FullHands
Gauntlet, NaniteReinforced (DC 40)880094FullHands
Gauntlet, AdamantiteReinforced (DC 40)101500106FullHands
Gauntlet, NanoSoft (DC 20)470077FullHands Self Mending 3
Arm Bracer, MeteoricVery Hard (DC 35)540057PartialHands
Arm Bracer, NaniteReinforced (DC 40)440083PartialHands
Arm Bracer, AdamantiteReinforced (DC 40)575095PartialHands
Arm Bracer, NanoSoft (DC 20)235066PartialHands Self Mending 3
Gloves, NanoSoft (DC 20)117555PartialHands Self Mending 3
Pteruges, NanoSoft (DC 20)117555PartialWaistSelf Mending 3
Kilt, NanoSoft (DC 20)0.2543.7544FullWaist Self Mending 3
Plated Kilt, MeteoricVery Hard (DC 35)1.512046FullWaist
Plated Kilt, NaniteReinforced (DC 40)110072FullWaist
Plated Kilt, AdamantiteReinforced (DC 40)1.522584FullWaist
Greaves, MeteoricVery Hard (DC 35)1296079FullLegs
Greaves, NaniteReinforced (DC 40)101000105FullLegs
Greaves, AdamantiteReinforced (DC 40)121800117FullLegs
Greaves, NanoSoft (DC 20)6105044FullLegsSelf Replicating
Battle Skirt, NanoSoft (DC 20)0.587.566FullLegsPartial Concealment, Self Mending 3
Plated Battle Skirt, MeteoricVery Hard (DC 35)18068FullLegsPartial Concealment
Plated Battle Skirt, NaniteReinforced (DC 40)0.757594FullLegsPartial Concealment
Plated Battle Skirt, AdamantiteReinforced (DC 40)1150106FullLegsPartial Concealment
Battle Short Skirt, NanoSoft (DC 20)0.2543.7555PartialLegs Self Mending 3
Plated Battle Short Skirt, MeteoricVery Hard (DC 35)0.756057PartialLegs
Plated Battle Short Skirt, NaniteReinforced (DC 40)0.55083PartialLegs
Plated Battle Short Skirt, AdamantiteReinforced (DC 40)0.75112.595PartialLegs
Leg Bracer, MeteoricVery Hard (DC 35)432057PartialLegs
Leg Bracer, NaniteReinforced (DC 40)330083PartialLegs
Leg Bracer, AdamantiteReinforced (DC 40)445095PartialLegs
Leg Bracer, NanoSoft (DC 20)117566PartialLegs Self Mending 3
Boots, MeteoricVery Hard (DC 35)848068FullFeet
Boots, NaniteReinforced (DC 40)660094FullFeet
Boots, AdamantiteReinforced (DC 40)81200106FullFeet
Boots, NanoSoft (DC 20)235077FullFeetSelf Mending 3
Far Future Armor
ArmorHardnessWeight (lb)Price (p)Physical Reduct.Spell Reduct.FitSlotSpecial Properties
Helmet, PhotoniteReinforced (DC 40)816001111FullHead
Half Helm, PhotoniteReinforced (DC 40)36001010PartialHead
Plated Cowl, PhotoniteReinforced (DC 40)240099FullHeadHeat Resist +2
Half Mask, PhotoniteReinforced (DC 40)0.255099PartialFace
Mask, PhotoniteReinforced (DC 40)0.51001010FullFace
Pauldron, PhotoniteReinforced (DC 40)120099PartialShoulder
Cuirass, PhotoniteReinforced (DC 40)1326001313FullTorso
Plated Cloak, PhotoniteReinforced (DC 40)24001010FullTorso
Plated Robe, PhotoniteReinforced (DC 40)24001010FullTorso
Chain Mail, PhotoniteReinforced (DC 40)240099PartialTorsoPiercing Protection
Gauntlet, PhotoniteReinforced (DC 40)612001111FullHands
Arm Bracer, PhotoniteReinforced (DC 40)36001010PartialHands
Plated Kilt, PhotoniteReinforced (DC 40)0.7515099FullWaist
Greaves, PhotoniteReinforced (DC 40)1020001212FullLegs
Plated Battle Skirt, PhotoniteReinforced (DC 40)0.51001111FullLegsPartial Concealment
Plated Battle Short Skirt, PhotoniteReinforced (DC 40)0.25501010PartialLegs
Leg Bracer, PhotoniteReinforced (DC 40)48001010PartialLegs
Boots, PhotoniteReinforced (DC 40)612001111FullFeet
ShieldHardnessPrice (p)Time EraPhys. Reduct.Spell Reduct.MassWeightSpecial
BucklerHard50Any7  20 lbs. 
KlarHard50Any7   15 lbs. 
Tower ShieldHard150Any13  50 lbs.Partial Concealing
Light Steel ShieldHard 100Any10   10 lbs. 
Ballistic ShieldVery Hard 500Modern25 25 75 lbs.Explosive Protection, Concealing
Nano ShieldModerate 200Future15   10 lbs. Self Mending 3
Force ShieldModerate 300Future1715  5 lbs. 
Armor & Shield Special Properties

Partial Concealment
Armors that have the concealing special property provide 20% concealment while the wielder is in a defensive stance. If more than one equipped armor has this properties then the effects do stack and the percentages are added together.

Piercing Protection
Armors that have the piercing protection special property make the wearer immune to critical effects from piercing damage and are immune to all piercing damage that is dealt as a Called Shot to the equipped slot.

Slashing Protection
Armors that have the piercing slashing special property make the wearer immune to critical effects from slashing damaged are immune to all slashing damage that is dealt as a Called Shot to the equipped slot.

Electricity Reduction
Armors that have the electricity reduction special property provides a reduction to all Electricity damage received by the percentage provided and makes the equipped slot immune to electricity effects. If more than one equipped armor has this properties then the effects do stack and the amounts are added together.

Heat or Cold Resistance
Armor that has the heat or cold resistance special property provides a Resistance equal to the amount listed. If more than one equipped armor has this properties then the effects do stack and the amounts are added together.

Self Mending
Armor that has the self mending special property is capable of self repairing any damage dealt to it’s hardness equal to the listed bonus per round.

Armor that has the fragile special property is brittle and any successful Critical Hit made against it during a Called Shot will automatically give the armor the Broken condition regardless of its Hardness causing it to have a +0 to Physical & Spell Reduction and lose any other special properties it has until it is mended and fixed.

Armor that has the flammable special property will catch of fire and ignite when exposed to fire that causes flammable objects to catch on fire. This will ruin the armor and give it the Broken condition and will be unrepairable.

Cybernetic Implants

Characters can receive various cybernetic implants that grant them various abilities and enhancements. They must be surgical installed and surgically removed by special cybernetic surgeons. Although Cybernetic Implants are typically limited to Near and Far Future Time Eras, the Verse Master may decide to use them in other Time Eras. The technology used for these implants will vary with each Time Era as follows: Ancient uses Clockwork, Medieval uses Steam & Tesla Coil Electricity, Modern uses Electronics, Near Future uses Cybernetics, and the Far Future uses Photonite and Quantum State technology.

Cybernetic Implants

A.I. Programming
50,000 p
Prerequisite: Cranial Computer
The character’s cranial computer has been updated with an A.I. that provides a visual HUD for the character granting them various abilities including a constant compass, a visual display map, the Health and Mana of creatures in their visual range, and a companion to keep them company whenever alone to stave off boredom. It can also be asked questions to provide a +5 bonus to Insight for puzzles or to solve mysteries. The A.I. can also look up information if the Character has Ethernet Access which if done to look up information, the character will not be Distracted.

Adamantite Bones
5,000 p
The character’s bones are reinforced with Adamantite which doubles their carrying capacity.

Arm Join Stabilizers
30,000 p
The character’s arm joints having been stabilized giving them a +5 accuracy bonus to all attacks.

Artificial Dual Lung
Price: 12,000 p
The character’s lungs allow them to breathe under water.

Artificial Limb
The character’s arm, leg, or tail is replaced with an Adamantite copy of it either as an upgrade or to replace a missing limb.

Attachment Cable
25,000 p
Prerequisite: Cranial Computer
The character’s arm has a retractile cable that can be used to jack into any computer with a port in order to access the computer in order to download or upload information and files from other computers.

Audio Enhancers
8,000 p
The character’s hearing range is doubled regardless of the hearing category and grants them a +10 to Perception (Hearing). This also grants them the Echo Location special ability.

Biological Augmentation
Price: 5,000 – 10,000 p
The character can have any limbs or external parts surgically added onto them. If the limb provided an Offensive Trait, it now deals the same UD it normally would. If it was a Defensive Trait, it now adds the same bonuses it normally would. Alternatively, the character can have a permanent biological copy of any Augmentation Trait from the “Mana Augmentation Traits List” grafted onto their body with the same bonuses applying as a natural limb being replaced or added. The limbs added may have additional bonuses or penalties with the Verse Master’s discretion.

Cranial Computer
80,000 p
The character’s brain has a compute installed that increases their Intellect by 2 and allows them to use the computer with their mind. The computer can perform computations for the character increasing their ability to process information and react to situations giving them a +10 to Insight and a +5 to Dexterity.

Defensive Wings
40,000 p
The character has wings implanted on them, or has their natural ones replaced with mechanical ones, that are hardened for defense. These wings still grant the Fly ability, but can also be wielded as a Tower Shield.

Enhanced Nerves
10,000 p
The character’s nerves have been enhanced to allow for greater reaction speeds, granting a +5 to Dexterity Saves and Initiative.

Ethernet Access
30,000 p
Prerequisite: Cranial Computer
The character’s cranial computer gains the ability to access information on the Ethernet. This gives them the ability to search any information and therefore gain the ability to make any Knowledge check with the result indicating how well the searched for the information using the Ethernet. This can also be used to access videos and games to provide entertainment to stave off boredom. While accessing the Ethernet, the character is considered Distracted.

Hidden Compartments
7,000 – 20,000 p
The character’s arm, leg, or tail is replaced with an Adamantite copy of it either as an upgrade or to replace a missing limb.

Implanted Shield
15,000 p +Shield cost
The character’s arm, leg, or tail is replaced with a mechanical copy that has a shield hidden inside it that can be deployed as a swift action. The implanted shield can not weigh more than 15lbs.

Implanted Weapon
15,000 p +Weapon cost
The character’s arm, leg, or tail is replaced with a mechanical copy that has a weapon hidden inside it that can be deployed as a swift action. The implanted weapon can not be categorized as Improvised, Spear, or Two Handed. Dual weapons can only be implanted if they are hosed in two limbs and the character must pay for the second limb to be replaced as well.

Leg Implants
15,00 p
The character’s legs have been implanted with springs granting them the ability to jump high as per the spell High Jump.

Leg Joint Stabilizers
8,000 p
The character’s leg joints have been stabilized granting them the ability to move quicker providing a +10 to their Move Speed.

Lung Filters
10,000 p
The character’s lungs filters any toxins in the air making them immune to smoke and gas effects.

Manatech Skin
15,000 p
Various parts of the character’s body have Manatech plates installed giving them a +5 bonus to their Spell Reduction.

Mechanical Augmentations
10,000 – 100,000 p
The character can have any limbs or external parts replaced with cybernetic or mechanical versions of them. If the limb provided an Offensive Trait, it now deals double the UD it normally would. If it provided a Base Speed, that speed now increases by 10. If it was a Defensive Trait, it now deals an additional +1 to Physical Reduction. Alternatively, the character can have a permanent mechanical copy of any Augmentation Trait from the “Mana Augmentation Traits List” installed onto their body with the same bonuses applying as a natural limb being replaced.

Multi-Tool Hand
20,000 p
The character’s hand has multiple different tools installed into it that can be accessed as a Swift Action. This also provides a +10 to Precision checks.

Nanobot Bloodstream
Price: 50,000 p
The character has microscopic robots in their blood that providing Fast Healing +2. The nanobots also automatically stabilize any character who gains the Bleed condition.

Optical Enhancers
8,000 p
The character gains the ability to see in the thermal range with Heat Vision and the ability to see in the dark granting them Dark Vision. This also doubles their visual range regardless of the visual category and grants them a +10 to Perception (Visual).

Plated Body
10,000 p
Various parts of the character’s body have plates installed giving them a +5 bonus to their Physical Reduction.

Polygot Implant
Price: 20,000 p
Prerequisite: Cranial Computer
The character’s cranial computer has been updated with an A.I. that provides translation of spoken languages, allowing the character to hear and speak the language of any being they come into contact with. If this is a unique, uncommon, or encoded language, the character needs to make a Linguistics check for the Cranial Computer to be able to assimilate that new language into its lexicon.

Reinforced Feet
5,000 p
The character’s feet have been reinforced making them immune to terrain effects including difficult terrain.

Smelling Enhancers
8,000 p
The character’s smelling range is doubled regardless of the smelling category and grants them a +10 to Perception (Smell). This also grants them the Scent special ability.

Stomach Filter
10,000 p
The character’s stomach is reinforced and given special filters that allow the character to eat raw meats that have not been cooked without any consequence or threat of illness.

Temperature Moderation Implants
5,000 p
The character’s skin has special implants that moderate their body temperature making them immune to environmental heat and cold effects.

Toxin Filter
30,000 p
The character’s stomach and liver have toxin filters that make them immune to natural poisons.

Vital Reinforcement
25,000 p
The vital parts of the character’s body have been reinforced with plating making the character immune to Critical Effects.

Weaponized Wings
40,000 p
The character has wings implanted on them, or has their natural ones replaced with mechanical ones, that are razor sharp. These wings still grant the Fly ability, but can also be wielded as a Dual weapon in combat. Damage is 1D6 for Small, 1D8 for Medium, and 1D10 for Large.


Manatech is technology that runs off of Mana and is accessible in any time era. Pure Mana is harnessed to run technology and connected through an Ether Net wirelessly gathering its information and energy from the ether around it make it universally accessible regardless of distance. Information relayed via the ether net is transferred instantaneously by using the ether itself for travel instead of space making communication across entire star systems or even universes possible and hypothetically, time itself. Because ether tech uses Mana to transfer information, physical objects can be transferred and downloaded via the ether net by sending the blueprints of the objects along with the required Mana. The larger the object being sent the more Mana required and the longer it takes. Devices that print objects via the ethernet must be large enough to print it, however, making larger objects require even larger printers or devices capable of printing in pieces at a time which takes even longer to download.

Mana Weapons

Mana weapons use Mana energy to function making Mana weaponized in combination with technology. Regardless of the type of the Mana weapon, it is always used against a target’s Physical Dodge while dealing damage against the target’s Spell Reduction as the Mana is equivalent to a spell and therefore has the same resistances as any other spell. Therefore, armor and amulets that protect against spells work equally well against a Mana weapon and all Mana weapon attacks are treated as if they were Spell Attacks regardless of the technology being used or how the attack is performed. All Mana weapons require Mana to use whenever activated. The amount of Mana the weapon requires per minute varies weapon to weapon.
The Mana it consumes typically comes from Mana batteries which can be reloaded as a movie action. If a weapon runs out of Mana, they can be charged from a Character’s Mana Pool if they are willing to use the Mana cost. Mana weapons that are in range of an Ether Tower are automatically charged and do not consume Mana from either a Character’s Mana Pool or from any Mana batteries loaded into it. Once the source of Mana is consumed and it no longer has any Mana to run then the Mana weapon will no longer function and cannot be used anymore until recharged. All Mana weapons use diminutive sized Mana batteries. Activating and deactivating (or turning on and off) a Mana weapon is considered a Swift Action. Mana weapons can be enchanted but only to grant wound effects and elemental attributes.

WeaponTypeWeightPrice (p)SmallMediumLargeCritRange (ft)Mana Cost / MinuteSpecial
Mana BatonOne Handed2 lbs401d6/+01d8/+01d10/+0x254
Mana ShortswordOne Handed2 lbs501d4/+01d8/+01d10/+0x252 
Mana KnifeOne Handed1 lbs201d3/+01d4/+01d6/+0x251 
Mana LongswordOne Handed4 lbs801d4/+21d8/+21d10/+2x2104 Deadly
Mana KatanaTwo Handed3 lbs1501d6/+21d8/+21d10/+2x3105 
Mana Battle AxOne Handed3 lbs1001d6/+21d8/+21d10/+2x254 
Mana War AxTwo Handed12 lbs1001d8/+31d10/+31d12/+3x2105 
Mana War HammerTwo Handed16 lbs.1502d6/+32d8/+32d10/+3x21010Break, Durable
Mana SaiDual2 lbs1001d4/+11d6/+11d8/+1x252 
Mana Dueling RevolversDual5 lbs2001d8/+31d10/+31d12/+3x3504 
Mana GauntletsUnarmed3 lbs.856810x255Unarmed, Durable
Mana HalberdSpear5 lbs1501d6/+21d8/+21d10/+2x3155
Mana TridentSpear4 lbs1001d6/+31d8/+31d10/+3x2155 
Mana CrossbowRanged5 lbs1001d6/+21d8/+21d10/+2x27510 
Mana PistolRanged5 lbs2001d10/+31d12/+32d8/+3 508Fatal
Mana RifleRanged10 lbs2501d12/+42d8/+41d20/+4 10015Fatal
Mana Sniper RifleRanged12 lbs3001d12/+52d8/+51d20/+5 50020Fatal
Mana BombThrown3 lbs1502d6/+12d8/+12d10/+1x3Throw5Deadly
Mana Throwing KnifeThrown1 lbs301d3/+01d4/+01d6/+0x2Throw1 
Mana Meteor HammerExotic5 lbs601d8/+21d10/+22d8/+2x3108Trip, Finesse
Mana WhipExotic1 lbs1001d4/+11d6/+11d8/+1x2204Trip, Finesse
Mana Sword CaneExotic2 lbs501d4/+01d6/+01d8/+0x252 
Spare Mana ArrowImprovised1/10 lbs101d2/+01d3/+01d4/+0x251Fragile
Mana Arrow (10)Ammunition1 lbs501
Mana Gear

Mana Tablet
5,000 p
Mana Battery Size:
The Mana tablet is capable of communicating to other tablets over the ether net allowing people to communicate over vast distances. Messages and letters can be sent over the ether-mail (e-mail for short) along with pictures, videos, and music. Maps can be used on the tablets and can even be used to mark locations for others to see and navigate or to send quests, bounties, or contracts over with their locations marked. The Mana tablet is capable of downloading and printing diminutive sized objects including money that is transferred through the ether net.

Mana Lamp
500 p
Mana Battery Size: Tiny
Mana lamps are used to provide lighting in buildings or other dark areas such as in caves or at night continuously by using Mana.

Ether Tower
Ether towers harness Mana from the ether and transfer it over a given area providing continuous charging and energy to manatech within its area without the need of Mana batteries including buildings, vehicles, and personal devices.

Mana Batteries

Mana batteries provide continuous Mana to an object or even spells or Runes that requires Mana. They can be used to charge spells and Runes or to run Mana tech for extended amounts of time as well as being drained to refill a caster’s Mana Pool.

SizeChargePrice (p)WeightMana
Per Round
Diminutive1021/10 lbs.10
Diminutive50101/10 lbs.10
Diminutive100201/10 lbs.10
Tiny250501 lbs.30
Tiny5001001 lbs.30
Tiny1,0002001 lbs.30
Small2,50050050 lbs50
Small5,0001,00050 lbs50
Small10,0002,00050 lbs50
Medium25,0005,000100 lbs75
Medium50,00010,000100 lbs75
Medium75,00015,000100 lbs75
Large100,00020,000500 lbs100
Large250,00050,000500 lbs100
Large500,000100,000500 lbs100
Huge750,000150,0001 ton150
Huge1,000,000200,0001 ton150
Huge2,500,000500,0001 ton150