Weren are humanoids that resemble upright wolves. They have sharp teeth and claws and are covered in fur whose colors range from brown to grey to black. The weren are tribe and family focused and live mostly civilized lives guarding their territories and protecting their own. Although cautious of outsiders, the weren are not entirely opposed to those who are friendly and especially bring gifts. Outsiders tend to view them as serious and intimidating but they are very playful amongst themselves and love games. According to legend, the were-curse originated from the weren but in what capacity is unknown.


Verse: Aztlan
Health Die:
Mana Die: 1d8
Physical Traits: Humanoid, Mammal
Defensive Traits: Sweat (+2 vs heat), Fur (+2 vs cold)
Offensive Traits: Claw (1UD slashing), Bite (2UD piercing)
Size: Medium
Age: Human
Vision / Hearing / Smell: Medium / Greater / Major
Special: Low Light Vision, Scent
Languages: Common, Nahuatl
Gender: 49% male, 50% female, 1% intersex