Ya Su

Ya Su is a mysterious being that appears on multiple worlds which seems to possess a tremendous amount of power. In appearance Ya Su appears as a childish little girl that never ages with time. Her powers range from reality manipulation to mind reading. She has been reported on many different worlds without warning or any apparent reason. Although she rarely meddles in mortal affairs she has been known to alter the entire course of history on various world for fun including causing the end of entire universes all for what seems to be a game to her. Her nature is chaotic and unknown and she rarely lingers in one place for long. It is known that the Akashii have a large distaste for her but rarely seems to interfere with her actions.

The Order of the Child
The Order of the Child is the only known formal religion to worship Ya Su directly. They believe that her power can shape reality as they see fit. Some believe that Ya Su is a messianic savior who can turn any world into a paradise but destroys any world that is unworthy of her paradise. Many worshipers of Ya Su are insane and seek out any way to bring her to their world by getting her attention through sacrifice, ritual, or self-mutilation. The Order is considered dangerous and fanatic although not all members are extremists and instead appeal to her more neutral side, hoping to avoid her wrath due to the immense power she possesses.