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Latest Updates

Update 7/15/2022: New Creatures added to the Bestiary! New Items added to Rashid’s Bazaar!

Update 7/10/2022: Updates to Weapons & Armor, Feats, & Bestiary!

Update 12/2/2021: New Physical Trait “Expandable Stomach” was added under Creature Creation! The new Magical Creature “Grimm Wolf” was added to the Bestiary with more Grimm creatures coming!

Update 10/25/2021: All Mana spells have been updated with Emotion Affinity effects!

Update 10/13/2021: New Feat Categories – Archetype Feats & Career Feats added as well as the two new General Feats: Teacher and Self Taught! New Cantrip: Emotion Affinity! Character Traits added now too!

Future Content

COMING SOON: The Castle Skye Campaign! New Magic Items, Artifacts, Deities, a Boon System, Guild Systems, and Verse Guides!

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