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Latest Updates

Update 8/30/2023: Updates have been added to the Trade Goods, Creature Materials, and Spells!

Update 7/30/2023: Updates to Weapons & Armor, Feats, Bestiary, Spells & Rashid’s Bazaar!

Update 5/31/2023: Updates to Weapons & Armor, Basics & Combat, Spells, Creature Materials (Mimic Slime Core, Phoenix Ash, Wereape Arm Bone, Werebat Echolocater, Werebear Claws, Werewolf Fang, Sorcerer King Pants), & Bestiary!

Update 4/18/2023: Updates have been added to the Trade Goods, Creature Materials (Dragon Core, Dragon Fang, Unicorn Blood), Addiction, Spells, Mana Halo, Share Senses, and Haste!

Future Content

COMING SOON: The Castle Skye Campaign! New Magic Items, Artifacts, Deities, a Boon System, Guild Systems, and Verse Guides!

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